Five ways to spend more time with family

It’s Friday in Texas, which means football!

Shortly, I’ll be heading out to one of the last games of the season, but I won’t be going alone. Both my kiddos will go with me so that we can hang out. (Daniel would go too, but he’s working late. #bummer)

You see, I work with youth and that can take me away from my family…sometimes more than I should let it. #myfault

I take youth out for coffee or ice cream, go to games and other events. Building relationships, talking through life and faith. You know. The kind of thing we should do with my own kids.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t always do those things with my daughter. Granted she’s only five, but she’ll fifteen before I can blink.

So how do we as parents make time for our kids and still get our work accomplished? I mean let’s face it, our paid gig isn’t the only work on our plate. Those dishes won’t wash themselves, you can only order so much takeout, and someone has to transform the piles of dirty laundry into wearables.

Here are my five go-to ways to spend more time with my family:

1. Do chores together. Doesn’t sound glamorous, but it works. And it works better if you’re doing the chores without the TV on 😉.

2. Schedule time. We schedule other appointments, so what’s stopping us from making an appointment for our family? Tomorrow I have zero planned. Chores can wait and our family is spending the entire day together (probably going to the Disney Store).

3. Get out of the house. I can get distracted by the incomplete tasks begging for my attention. To focus on my family, I’ll take my daughter to McDonald’s for a .99 cent🍦 and my undivided attention. You could also go for a quick walk around the block, but I prefer my sweet treats.

4. Run errands together. This is like combining #1 and #3. Just be sure and take your time. You don’t want to run errands and rush the whole time, telling them to hurry up every two minutes.

5. Family meal. I get it. Schedules are insane, but we can still manage to have one meal together. It could be breakfast, an after-school snack, or even a full dinner at the actual dinner table.

*BONUS. Play games. Good old fashion board games, playing cards, or some Mario Kart! Unplug from the TV and plug into each other. Our favorite right now is Uno!

How about you? What are some ways you spend time with your family?

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