I’m Still Here…

This year has been flying by so fast and boy howdy, it’s been an eventful one. My family and I moved from South Florida to Central Texas so that I could serve at ACTS Church Leander as their first Missionary to Students. One month into serving and our incredible pastor took a Call to a church in Michigan. A few months later, Daniel and I discovered that we’re expecting baby number two in December. My amazing husband has been a stay at home daddy up until a week ago when he started working for a home remodeling company…which may or may not actually work out. The new pastor we Called, accepted the Call last Friday and he’ll be starting in November, which we are so stoked about!

Doesn’t seem like much when it’s all crammed into a few sentences, but these are all major events all in one year. Between a new ministry, new state, and prepping for another little one, I haven’t found much time to write…not that I was very consistent to begin with anyway. I haven’t logged into my blog in months. #KindaSad

I’m praying about the next stage in my bloggging life. Lord knows this blog has been everywhere. Spiritual growth, book reviews, web tech, health tips, mommy stuff, and just about everything in between. This poor blog has been through quite an identity crisis or schizophrenia; not sure which. Until today.

This morning I had the joy to share #VerseMapping with an entirely new group of youth workers at our monthly cluster meeting. It reminded me how much I love to help others dig into God’s Word on a deeper level, to be transformed in His presence. I want to get back to that purpose here on #Transformed.

Now that my daughter is back in daycare, I’ll actually have more time to actually research and write…well, at least until #LittleTexan shows up sometime around December 9. I hope to focus my writing on tools to help all of us grow in our faith. Whether you rotate through those tools, or latch onto your favorite one and use that one a regular basis. I’ll probably still throw in some book reviews because most of the books I read are of a Christian nature; hopefully with a giveaway attached. And I’ll bring in some guest writers and authors. All with a more focused approach.

I’m looking forward to refueling my love for writing; maybe even work on writing better, LOL! I hope you’ll stick around and see what happens next!


Heather Bleier

3 thoughts on “I’m Still Here…

  1. So glad you’re still here 😊 And so excited to see what the next chapter looks like… with your growing family… your blog… YOU! I love you sis and I thank God for you in my life 💜

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