15 Christian Blogs to Inspire and Help You Grow

15 Christian Blogs to Inspire and Help You Grow

I have been blogging here on #Transformed for six years now. Sometimes I’m on a roll, posting about 3 or 4 times a month…other times…like right now…I give y’all long stretches of silences. Things at work have been changing over the last year.

We called a new Pastor in April (after an 18mth process). Had to let go two of our staff and I’ve had to take on more responsibilities. While one of those responsibilities is to actually post about once or twice a month, time just has not been on my side. My heart and brain haven’t been on my side either!

You know when you have an incredible idea around 2:00am and you lie to yourself thinking, “I’ll remember this in the morning.”? I think I’ve had two of those moments in the last three months. Despite how much I read and pray, I haven’t thought of anything to worth writing about to share with you…yet.

The only post I’ve had in the works is this one your reading right now…and I started it in May! This is where you come in. Can you help me finish this post?

Of all the blogs you subscribe to, which one or ones to read regularly? Leave a comment with a link to your favorite blog and why it’s your favorite.

While I have subscribed to probably 30 different blogs, these are the four I read on a regular basis. 

1.     Wendy Blight

You must be new if you are surprised by this first blog. I have known Wendy since 2010 and every time she posts, I pop over and read it right away. She posts about once a month unless she is leading an online study, in which case she posts every week. If you are looking for heart changing prayers, online Bible studies which will deepen your faith, and encouragement, then get yourself over to Wendy’s blog and subscribe right now. In addition to blogging, Wendy has authored three books: Hidden Joy, Living So That, and I Know His Name. You can find a review of each book on my #BookReview page. You can also find her writings as a contributor to Proverbs 31 Ministries’ Daily Devotions and Life Letter Cafe.

2.     The Melody In Malady – Lori Sas Bechok

Not sure where to start with Lori. I met Lori a few years ago through an email prayer group. Her story is heartbreaking and inspiring. Going from a highly energetic and vibrant soul, Lori’s health turn a turn for the worst.

My personality has dimmed from pure exhaustion. Medical bills usurp wardrobe funds, and special diets ban restaurants and treasured family recipes. Pain robs me of my humor, and restricted schedules put a lock on my free spirit and spontaneity.

Through it all, Lori’s faith has remained rooted in Christ and her blog is a beautiful picture of trust through the darkest of times. If you have ever found yourself in the midst of circumstances outside of yourself which have robbed you of yourself…then, please, stop by The Melody in Malady. *Note. Lori is taking a little sabbatical from writing to deal with some real issues, but I know you will find her previous posts exactly what the doctor ordered.

3.     Gwen Smith

You may recognize the name, Gwen is the co-founder of Girlfriends in God, author of Broken into Beautiful and I Want It All, and musical artist (girl can sing!). Gwen is a spitfire with a heart for God and His Word. When  you read her blog or catch one of her devotions on Girlfriends in God, you will laugh and leave with a new song in your heart. In her own words,

I am a car-pooling, coffee-craving, dark chocolate lover who struggles like many with dirty dishes, messy piles, mountains of laundry, complicated relationships and cellulite. I play guitar and live to lose myself in worship at the piano. Volleyball is my sport of choice. Love. That. Game.

I can always count on Gwen for great insights and she typically joins in me in a good laugh at something silly.

4.     Relevant Magazine

Relevant is more than a simple blog. They are an all out magazine you can read online, or subscribe to their print version (you can receive a digital copy as well). Just as their title suggests, Relevant seeks to bring faith into every aspect of our daily living. With articles like, What to Do When You Stop Liking your Church, Obama Will Not Apologize for America’s Bombing of Hiroshima During Visit, Forgiveness Doesn’t Mean Forgetting, How Pentecost Sunday Changed Everything, and  The Story Behind dc Talk’s Reunion Cruise, Relevant covers just about everything you would expect. Definitely a site and magazine I encourage you to check out. It’s especially great for youth so that they can see just how…relevant…faith is every day.


Be sure to share this post with your friends so that they can add to the list or find a new blog to follow.

One thought on “15 Christian Blogs to Inspire and Help You Grow

  1. Heather, I’m honored to be included among your favorite blogs. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I do love to teach God’s Word, and it blesses me to know the Lord uses the teachings He gives to me to speak to your heart. Thank you!

    Love you,



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