Walk Through HIS Garden

Walk Through His GardenI’ve recently taken up hiking, a way to de-stress and shrug off my day. I’m lucky enough to have several great trails no more than 30mins from where I live in Orlando. Since they’re free parks, why not go for a hike instead of melting into the couch and binge-watching 30 Rock re-runs?

Learning to Fly Fish…

I love fishing. I never catch anything, but I love fishing and I’ve always been enamored with fly-fishing.  It looked so graceful; standing there in a small mountain stream casting away while taking in all that God has created. I’ve gotten lucky and caught some small bream but for the most part, my fly’s get caught in some nearby tree and I have to start a ritualistic tug-of-war with a live oak. It’s not as graceful as I had hoped.

I got a fly-rod last year for my birthday. It was one of those random gifts that I didn’t understand or see much use for until recently when I started using it. I opened it, smiled, said thank you and acted surprised. I really did appreciate the gift , but the object itself seemed a bit out of place until recently. It is now second to my Camel-Back as one of my favorite and most useful things.

Fly fishing as it turns out isn’t one of those things that you can just do.  It’s not a cast and wait thing. You have to actively watch the water, feeling your line. I’m constantly re-casting to a new place in hopes that one of the fish down there will think my lure is something tasty.  It takes patience and persistent practice, just like a prayer routine.

Constantly, obsessively doing something for just a couple days will result in the creation of habit.  Constant prayer is a routine,a habit that you should strive for.  This, much like my fly-fishing, takes patience, practice and constant attention (and the occasional fight with a tree).

Getting some “Me and God” time…

I’m not going to go into a rant about using and protecting public lands and the conservation thereof, but rather I think everyone should take the time to get out and enjoy creation. Part of taking care of creation is enjoying it.  You wouldn’t want to care for something that you don’t enjoy right?

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” Genesis 2:15

Whether I’m hiking out to a new fishing spot on the Econ River or just going for a walk through the woods there is always a bunch of time for me to think, reflect and meditate on life the universe and everything. This also happens to be the time when I have some of my most intimate, honest, and passionate talks with God.

This is really what the draw of these walks are.  It’s easy to get distracted by life when trying to find time to sit down and pray or have devotions.  When life gets busy and noisy, retreat and solitude can be a great way to refocus yourself through prayer.

So, whether or not you have a nice network of trial nearby or if it just a narrow sidewalk through a quiet neighborhood. I challenge you to go outside for a walk with no phone, no iPod, no nothing. Just you, your thoughts and prayers, and God.  Go out and enjoy Creation because taking care of something doesn’t have to be work, it can be enjoyment as well. If anything, it’s at least really pretty outside.


Mike Miessler

Mike MiesslerMike is a millennial that lives in a magical place called Orlando. After spending his early 20’s traveling the US and playing with race cars for a living he moved back to Florida to be closer to his core group of friends and family. He got involved with youth ministry at his local church and a new passion for youth ministry and outreach was realized. He now spends his time using what he learned as an IT major to bring churches and communities closer with the use of technology. Mike is a car geek, foodie, and Netflix addict.

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