How to Start a Bible Study in Your Home

How to Start a Bible Study in Your HomeOne of my favorite Bible study groups I participated in, didn’t meet in a church. We met at a friend’s house and it was honestly the best Bible study group I have ever joined! We had Lutherans (woot-woot), Catholics, and I think we had a Baptist or two in our group of about 12.

I was the “kiddo,” even though I was in my early 20s. Others were in their 30s and 40s. We had no “leader” of the group and no one was our designated “teacher.” We learned from and taught each other.

We gathered with a common purpose, excited to dig into His Word. We did Beth Moore Bible studies and even read (most) of the Screwtape Letters (sorry C.S. Lewis, we got bored).

Did you know, you are fully equipped to host a Bible study in your own home too? Y’all, can host a Bible study in your own home and I have no doubt in my mind you will be blessed beyond measure if you do!

I’ll show you just how simple it is to start a study at home with your friends.

1.    Invite your friends and pick a study

A few years after moving to Florida, I decided to start my own home Bible study group. I talked with a few of the ladies on staff and at church who were interested in joining me and we settled on a Beth Moore study called Believing God, then a few other studies after that. As we got to know one another a little deeper, we chose Hidden Joy by Wendy Blight to challenge our hearts and dig in deep. After the Hidden Joy study was over so was our season of studying together. Due to life changes, we have not been able to restart the same group. But as a new season comes around, so will a new home Bible study.

2.    Choose the best night and time

Working with schedules can be difficult, but we were able to each settle on and commit to Monday nights. The study would begin around 6:30pm and I was able to open my home a bit early to allow for a time of fellowship. We never really had a defined ending time, though 8:00pm seemed to happen naturally.

3.    Create a snack schedule

Yes, this is vital. Simply rotate between everyone in the group to bring snacks to share. I always provided the drinks; coffee, water, or tea, but everyone had an opportunity to share the responsibility of snacks.

4.    What is the rest of your family up to?

In my first home study back in Texas when we met at Kathy’s, all the kids would hang out and had a great play-date every week. We had a youth serve as a babysitter as well; parents chipped in to make sure they were paid. Here in Florida, my husband would use that time to go to the gym. You could always invite your family members to join in the study when possible too!

See? Starting a Bible study at home is seriously easy-peasy! If you are interested in starting your own, here are a few extra Bible study tips:

  • Choose a study with a DVD companion to help lead.
  • Choose a relatable study!
  • A study with homework is helpful, but be mindful of how much homework will be required.
  • Set aside time for prayer and keep a prayer journal for the group.
  • Include a time of worship, perhaps a song or two. You can play one on your CD player or from a computer.

Have you lead or been a part of a home Bible study? What other tips and advice would you share with some one who is looking to start a home Bible study?

If you’ve never been a part of a home Bible study, what other questions do you have about getting one started?




One thought on “How to Start a Bible Study in Your Home

  1. There’s nothing like being in the comfort of someone’s home while being blanketed with God’s love! Thank you for these doable Bible study ideas! Xo

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