It All Comes Back To Church

It All Comes Back to ChurchI was thinking to myself on my commute home the other day about where I am in life. I started tracing the cause/effect paths that got me to exactly where I was in that moment.  After a solid 5mins of introspective highway-hypnosis, it occurred to me, everyone that I have met, everything I have done, all the places I have gone, somehow somewhere was connected to my relationship with the church.

I won’t be going into the creamy nougat-filled details but I will outline my thought process here. I find it absolutely fascinating to see exactly how God has played such an intimate role in my development as His child.

The world is full of connections. I had gotten to thinking about all the people that got me in the motorsports world and how the various initial reactions had played out. Had I not gone to UCF and participated in the FSAE program I wouldn’t have dropped out and gone to tech school; where I rented a room from a member of a former church. Without tech school, I would never have gotten into the motorsports world (I really just wanted to be a dealership mechanic). The rent was so cheap I was able to afford my tuition and groceries too. This really was a God-sent blessing.

The hardest part of working for a racing team, for me, wasn’t just the long hauls on the road or the incredibly long hours. The hardest part was missing church and fellowship due to work. Our busiest days were our weekends and the weekdays were spent fixing what we broke on the weekends.

After a while, I began to crave church and Christian fellowship just as one craves certain foods when malnourished.

One of the things that kept me going during those years was finding out that some of the driving instructors I worked with were also devout Christians and cultural Lutherans like myself. The interactions I had with them, the inside jokes and the shared memories served to satisfy that craving for Christian fellowship until I could attend church; however infrequent that was.

One winter, I was hard up for a place to live after moving from Lime Rock, CT back down south to Sebring, FL. If it wasn’t for an older church member reaching out to me I wouldn’t have been able to afford such a cheap studio apartment and experience some of the best neighbors I can remember. Even though I was the young guy in the complex (easily by some 40 years), I was welcomed into a great family of friends and neighbors that shared stories and coffee out on our front porches every evening.

Church got me back into blogging. Had I not been working with LiveUCF and Billy Brath, I would never have been introduced to the world-famous Heather Bleier. I wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to help some old church friends build their van for their blog. I wouldn’t have been re-inspired to start blogging again, which, coming full-circle, would re-connect me to both the church world that I grew up in but also the motorsports world that at one time seemed to be fading away.

Heather and I spoke about how God guides our lives, she reminded me of God’s hand in Joseph’s life throughout Genesis. After a bit of an “Oh Yeah” moment, I went back and re-read the story. Its great Biblical evidence that through thick and thin God is leading you through life. He is there to taking care of you and making sure you are given opportunities that help you grow closer to Him and stronger as the person He wants you to be, not necessarily whom you thought you’d be.

Just like Joseph, everything we have gained and lost; our possessions, relationships, titles and occupations we have had, EVERYTHING we have was truly God-given. No matter how we look back, no matter what paths we trace it all is blatantly apparent that God has been involved through His church.

I am confident that He is just as involved intricately weaving and your life path, and molding you to be great at whatever He has planned for you.

Looking back at your life, where have You seen God at work guiding your path to where you find yourself today? Share your story below!


Mike Miessler

Mike MiesslerMike is a millennial that lives in a magical place called Orlando. After spending his early 20’s traveling the US and playing with race cars for a living he moved back to Florida to be closer to his core group of friends and family. He got involved with youth ministry at his local church and a new passion for youth ministry and outreach was realized. He now spends his time using what he learned as an IT major to bring churches and communities closer with the use of technology. Mike is a car geek, foodie, and Netflix addict.

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