Why Aren’t You Using Facebook Ads?!?! #TechTuesday

Why arent you using facebook adsDo you know about this?  Facebook Ads are amazing. They’re truly ridiculous and your organization/ministry should’ve been using them last month. They’re a cheap, budget based way to get you’re face out on the ‘Book. Here’s how it works (simplified):

1.   Get some money. Not a bunch of money. Just some money.

2.   Tell Facebook how much money you want to spend and how long you want to run your ad.

3.   Design your ad.

4.   Watch the Likes roll your way.

It doesn’t take much money to run a FB ad campaign.  I started mine with a $5 a day budget that ran all month(and netted me with about 5000 likes due to my very broad targets audience). Mind you it doesn’t have to run all month. For instance,you have a choice of setting this daily budget for a 7 days, 14 days, 28 days, or continuously.

The way the budgeting works is like this- You agree to let the Big Blue “F” run your ad for the allotted time and under a certain budget.  Facebook will stop your ad when you reach the maximum number of Likes for that budget or when the time runs out; whatever comes first.

When I ran my first month’s ad I set a $5 budget for 30 days so my estimated ad campaign total would’ve been $150, but since I did not reach the maximum amount of likes for the campaign FB only charged my $129 at the end of the month.

Now, what exactly did I get for giving up my Starbucks for an ad campaign every morning?  I got about 30 page likes per day. this resulted in a weekly post reach of between 1500 to 2000 people. Every time I posted a “New Blog Post!” it would give me 20-40 visitors to my page. By the end of the month I had gained 1000 likes and only had 3 total “unfollows” or “dislikes” (this was probably due to inconsistent content).

Facebook Ads GlossaryOn a side note, when going through your analytics either for your page or for your ad there can be some pretty confusing words. HERE is a nice little glossary that Facebook put together to help better clarify what certain terms mean.

So, what does this mean for your ministry or organization?  It means that a very small part of your advertising/marketing budget can be used to reach the people you NEED to talk to.  It means that you can target the exact micro-demographic that you are seeking out and move them to you Facebook page. This can, over time, lead to web-page hits and visitors.

Having a Facebook business page and not running ads limits you to what is called “organic reach,” or reach that people see because page members already share. This is extremely limiting and can effectively stagnate you presence on Facebook.  “Paid reach” I am convinced is the way to go, and the fact that Facebook has made if so affordable to have your content reach so many people makes me wonder, “Why haven’t I been using FB ads?!?!?!”

For more detailed info Buffer has a complete walk-through that is pretty simple to understand (and pictures!) HERE. Plus, Facebook Ads can be sent to Instagram and have ads running in both places.

One word of caution. Facebook Ad images cannot have more than 20% text overlay. To test your image, upload it to their handy grid tool HERE.

Five reasons to use Facebook Ads for your ministry:

1.   Promote special worship services to people within Xmiles from your church.

2.   Do you have a school? Focus your ad to your chosen demographic within Xmiles of your campus during Open House season, or during registration. Our school ran an ad for three days with a $100 budget and reached over 48,000 people.

3.   Youth going on a trip? Boom! Invite more people to join in the fun!

4.   Want to reach out to your audience with prayer? Boost a prayer post inviting others to share their prayer needs.

5.   Boost online sermons or live stream worship. Have a great post that no one is seeing? Boost it for $5!

Bottom line, advertising doesn’t have to break the bank so why not use an affordable tool to reach more people for Christ?


Mike Miessler:

MikeMike is a millennial that lives in a magical place called Orlando. After spending his early 20’s traveling the US and playing with race cars for a living he moved back to Florida to be closer to his core group of friends and family. He got involved with youth ministry at his local church and a new passion for youth ministry and outreach was realized. He now spends his time using what he learned as an IT major to bring churches and communities closer with the use of technology. Mike is a car geek, foodie, and Netflix addict.

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