Why Edgar is replacing Hootsuite and Buffer – #TechTuesday

Technology is meant to make our lives easier. Social Media, while an incredible tool, can also become overwhelming. There are a variety of Social Media tools meant to make managing everything from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Tumbler less of a chore, especially if you use these outlets for ministry or business.

Some of you may not think these tools are worth your while or the cost, but think of them as an employee you hire for an hour a week to make sure your posts are ready to go. When you have multiple platforms and a message to share, it’s important to use your time wisely and efficiently. These tools help you do just that so that you can focus on the message and not the nitty-gritty details.

For churches and those leading their own ministries, Social Media is a vital, underutilized Outreach tool. We’ve already explored Buffer and Hootsuite, but today I want to share a tool that, I think, leaves Buffer and *Hootsuite in the dust and saves you the precious gift of time by allowing you to build a library of posts.

My friend Marc Bigbie from The Front Row is one of Buffer’s BETA testers for their upcoming “Library” feature and here’s what he has to share so far:

As I mentioned in the short post, the new feature has a “Library” tab (currently it still has “BETA” beside it) added where you can add posts that you wish to use more than once. You can then choose to “Recur Post.” On the call I was told they haven’t settled on calling it that and asked my feedback on what I’d call it. After you select to Recur a post, the typical looking Buffer window pops up with that post already in it. You can choose which accounts it should go out on, if you have multiple accounts attached to Buffer, then tell it to share it “1-10” times over “1-90” days. That’s pretty much it for the way it currently sits. You can’t schedule more or further out than that and there is no way to tell how many of each post are left, if they’ve all been posted, etc, so it has a little ways to go to be what I’d consider a full feature, but hopefully with my feedback and some others that are Beta users, they’ll get it to where it should be.

I’m thinking this “Library” option from Buffer will give Edgar some stiff competition, especially when you take into account the price tag. Plus, limiting a post to 1-10 time over 1-90 days helps ensure posts stay fresh.

Social Oomph also allows you to create post libraries and includes Pinterest in the mix for roughly $40 a month. So why do I use Edgar instead of Social Oomph? Frankly, I happened to find Edgar first and their interface is very easy to work with even on my phone.

*I still use my Hootsuite account since it’s the only one I can use to schedule Instagram posts.

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