#Designfeed, graphic design for the creatively challenged! – #TechTuesday

I have been itching to share with you my new favorite design tool for graphics. Over the past two weeks I have been playing and falling in love with Designfeed. I’m so excited, I made #TechTuesday a day early!

OMGoodness, move over Canva there is a new cat in town!

Whether you are a design expert who is crunched for time, have absolutely no design sense, or are color blind, Designfeed was created for you. With Designfeed, all you need is some text, subtitle, and whatever you want in the footer.



Gorgeous graphics!

You can even have your logo automatically added to every graphic and preset your footer with your website or social media handle. Easy peasy.

Unlike Canva where a work account ($120 annually) is required in order to resize your graphic for multiple platforms, Designfeed provides exactly what you need for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumbler…for FREE. Even in it’s Beta state, Designfeed rocks!

Canva is still a wonderful resource especially if you have additional design elements you need to add, but let me show you how amazing Deignfeed is and why I can’t wait for you to get your own account.

Click to ACTIVATE your Designfeed Beta account.

Some people will have to wait, but YOU don’t have to! The link above lets you SKIP the line. Courtesy of my friends at Designfeed. Enjoy!


#TechTuesday Bonus: This video was used with FREE software called Screencast-O-Matic. I’ve tried many…many software programs and this one is hands down the easiest to use. I have not had a single glitch! You can create 15min videos for free and as you can see, you have the option of recording your screen and webcam at the same time! Visit their website here.

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