Email’s Not Dead – #TechTuesday

MailChimpEmail, by workplace tech standards, is pretty ancient.  Its been used since it was popularized back in the mid 1990’s.  It has gone from being a simple messaging application to coming chock full of toys and features.  Throughout the last decade or so marketers good and bad  have come to use email as a way of reaching out to current and prospective customers. Today it is more than just text on a screen. Its is an opportunity for your ministry or organization to reach a targeted audience directly where they spend approx. 11 hours a day (Nielsen), on their electronic devices.  So, how do you get to these people?

MailChimp, that’s how! MailChimp is one of a several email marketing services out there that let you create, manage and analyze your email marketing strategies.  The service starts off free but will only support a limited amount of email per month, which can be increased if you’re willing to pay. Simply put, the more you pay the more emails you can send.  To be honest though you DO get a good value for your dollar. Besides the shear amount of emails you can send for not very much money you get full tech support, video tutorials that show you how to get it done properly (and are easy to understand), and easy to construct email templates.

These templates are actually my favorite part of the service. They help you create professional looking emails to send out.  Emails that aren’t just text with a couple attached images.  They give you the ability to create top-notch newsletters or offers that wont be ignored, which if you’re not artistically inclined like me is a HUGE benefit.

Templates and tutorials aren’t the only thing that makes this great for your organisation or ministry, the option to include embedded signup forms on your website or blog is probably the biggest plus. These forms can be coded into your site (rather easily and there’s tutorials) as either a link or a pop-up style ad. It can even be added to your Facebook page with a “Sign-Up” button. For an example of what these “sign-ups” would feel like, check out how my buddies Adam and Justin use them in their blog and FB page (Facebook HERE and Blog HERE ).

Finally, analytics.  Data is always great for helping you fine-tune your marketing approach. an old instructor of mine once said, “Without data and feedback, all you’re doing is guessing.”  I love this saying and its as true today as ever before.  MailChimp offers analytics similar that help you track the success of all your individual campaigns and fine-tune your approach to ensure success with future ones.


Hi y’all! Heather chiming in here, MailChimp truly is an amazing email engine. I personally use it weekly for my Children and Youth Ministry Newsletter, Confirmation Class mailing list, and recently set one up for our online sermons at church.

Another handy MailChimp tool is their automated emails. This feature isn’t free, but if you have a series of emails you want people to receive…liiiiiike a five day devotional or mini Bible study lessons. You can even automate a birthday email! This is a fantastic way to share a free resource from your ministry!

Bloggers also use MailChimp to send out posts to their readers, but did you know you can set up different feeds for different post categories on your site? Readers can subscribe to just your posts on prayer, Matthew, health, or whatever category you want to set up! This gives you incredible insight to what kind of audience your website is bringing to the table! Pretty cool!

Do you use MailChimp? Or is there a different service you prefer?

Plans and Pricing:


Up to 2,000 mail subscribers and 12000 sent emails a month.

Not-So-Free-(Growing Subscription= $10.00 /month)

Subscribers                                          Emails Per Month                              Monthly Cost

0-2000                                                          12000                                                 Free

0-500                                                           Unlimited                                           $10

501-1000                                                     Unlimited                                           $15

1001-1500                                                    Unlimited                                          $20

1501-2000                                                    Unlimited                                           $25

Actually Costs Money- (Pro Subscription = $199.00)

Subscribers                                          Emails Per Month                              Monthly Cost

0-2000                                                          12000                                                 Free

0-500                                                           Unlimited                                           $10

501-1000                                                     Unlimited                                           $15

1001-1500                                                   Unlimited                                          $20

1501-2000                                                   Unlimited                                           $25


Mike Miessler:

MikeMike is a millennial that lives in a magical place called Orlando. After spending his early 20’s traveling the US and playing with race cars for a living he moved back to Florida to be closer to his core group of friends and family. He got involved with youth ministry at his local church and a new passion for youth ministry and outreach was realized. He now spends his time using what he learned as an IT major to bring churches and communities closer with the use of technology. Mike is a car geek, foodie, and Netflix addict.

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