46 Days of #Prayer

Tomorrow Ash Wednesday kicks off the 40Day season of Lent. Traditionally, Christians around the world take these next 40Days and give up something they enjoy so that they can focus their hearts on Jesus and His sacrifice.

Last year, I made a switch. Instead of giving up coffee or chocolate, I chose to take on 40Days of strengthening my marriage by showing my husband 40Days of acts of kindness (click to read last year’s post). Here is the chart I made for last year, which went over very well with my husband:

40 Ways to Love Your HusbandFor 2016, I’ve created a new chart for 40Days of Prayer and I would LOVE for you to join me this Lenten season as we take a few moments of each day to pray. I’ve divided the chart into 6 groups with 8 items each; Sundays, Family, Friends, Nation, Military, and World.

Now, I’m no wiz at math, but 6 times 8 does not equal 40. There is a method to my madness for adding the extra days. You see, Sunday isn’t counted into the 40Days of Lent. Yep. Sunday’s don’t count. Why? Because every Sunday is a “Little Easter,” an opportunity for us to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, no matter what season we find ourselves.

I still wanted to add in a little something on Sundays to help us remember the gift we have of our church. Thus we have 46 Days of Prayer.

If you click on the image below, a PDF version of the chart will open making it easier for you to print or save to your device. There are no dates on this chart and you are free to lift up these prayer in any order you choose or even create your own!

Choose one item each day of the week and pray over that item. You can do them in any order you want! The only day that is assigned is the Sunday column.


I hope you enjoy this wonderful season of the Church and will share this opportunity with your family, friends, and even your Bible study group. What group or items would you add to this prayer chart?

40 Days of Prayer.jpg

6 thoughts on “46 Days of #Prayer

  1. What a wonderful idea, Heather. Rather than giving something up, choosing something to draw closer to God and deepen your walk with Him. AND also keeps you in a constant state of anticipation to see how God will work in and through your prayers. Thank you for sharing!



    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome Wendy 😄! I hope this truly would be an opportunity for everyone to walk with Him during Lent. Plus, people can use this chart whenever they want since there are no dates!
      – Heather


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