Evernote and Google Docs – #TechTuesday

This week, Mike and I decided to have a little showdown with Evernote and Google Docs. Both are productivity tools that also allow you to collaborate with others on projects or simply keep your thoughts and recipes organized. Let’s see how they stack up against each other…

EvernoteBefore turning the conversation over to my buddy Mike, it’s important to know that we used Evernote to collaborate on this post. So…one point to Evernote! Plus I made a ScreenCast.

Here are anther 100 reasons to use Evernote (click to enlarge the image). PLUS, Evernote has a wonderful blog to keep you up-to-date with how-to’s and new features. #customerservice!
100 Reasons to Use Evernote

Google Docs::Picks up mic::

It’s Thursday morning and I have no idea what my high school youth Bible study lesson for this Sunday is going to be about. I’m at my desk in downtown Orlando and my ministry partner, Laura, is behind her desk somewhere on the other side of the city. Not the best situation to be in for team that collaborates on practically everything. Thanks to Google Drive (and text, and Snapchat, and Skype) and its suite of web-based applications Laura and I actually, miraculously, get work done while we’re supposed to be doing our actual jobs.

Before I started volunteering to help run my church’s youth group, I didn’t see much benefit or purpose for using Google Drive, but now I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Drive is a pretty simple to use tool that is great for workplaces and businesses both traditional and no-traditional.

Drive syncs up with your Google account (if you don’t already have one get one!) and keeps rack of various documents that you have the freedom to create as well. Native to the Drive app are Docs (Microsoft Word clone), Sheets (Microsoft Excel clone), Slides (Powerpoint clone), Drawings (Visio clone), and Forms (Excel Surveys clone). As you can see there isn’t much lacking in the Google Drive suite of apps and they come with the added benefit of being free instead of paying a pretty penny on licensing those Microsoft or Apple options.

Speaking of Apple, Google Drive is a free download that syncs all documents not only to the web storage at Google but also to whatever the Drive app is downloaded to, this includes Apple products. I currently have Drive installed on all my devices and it works seamlessly. I can add and edit documents from mu laptop, android phone, and iPad with no hiccups. Just like Heather’s beloved Evernote, everything in Drive, Docs, Sheets etc. is shareable and allows for simultaneous teams editing. Meaning, I can see that my teammate Laura is editing the same document that I am editing in real time. She pops up as another separate colored cursor in the document. This can only happen if I choose to share the document with her or in our case she has access to the Google account.

So, there you have it. The ability to write and edit pretty much any document collaboratively across time and space, well maybe just space. It is cross-platform, meaning that it can be used whether your an Apple person, Windows person, Android person, but if your a Linux person your going to be let down (although there is a client option supposedly). Drive is a great way to work on documents remotely, say if you and your ministry partner are working across the city from each other and you need to get that high school youth Bible study written.


Whether you use Evernote or Google Docs, we have incredible resources at our fingertips to help increase our productivity, organize our thoughts, and even help us work together for a common goal!

What tools do you use as you gather your ideas and collaborate with others?

What fun tech would you like to learn about next?

2 thoughts on “Evernote and Google Docs – #TechTuesday

  1. Thank you so much for this post! I use Evernote, but I didn’t know these features you had in your video. You are such a gift. I love how God has created your amazing mind. And I love you… just because 🙂 xoxo


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