I hope to #Finish 2016!

2016I have never been very good at keeping long term commitments. Something in me tends to get bored with the same ole thing. Or I flat out forget what I said “yes” to (MUST write things down). More often than not, something shiny takes its place on my priority list and my heart zeroes in hard core on that shimmer until…I get bored. I have probably a dozen, half finished books on my nightstand. Great books, but something shiny has taken their place. Then of course there’s the lovely online study on the Commandments I never finished (so embarrassing). I have another half-dozen posts sitting in my EverNote files begging me to finish.


Call it what you will. Laziness, lack of drive, ADHD, whatever, but after 30 some odd years, I’m starting to be comfortable with my shortcomings…not sure if that is a good thing or not…

Needless to say, when it comes to choosing a resolution I’m supposed to carry on for 12 whole months I am like a dear in headlights. Frozen with the fear of failing before I have even begun!

The last few years have been a little different, a bit better. Instead of choosing something like losing weight (these extra 10lbs have kept me warm, so I think I’ll let them stick around) or sending out birthday cards before someone’s birthday…or at all, I have opted for the My One Word route.

It’s a fairly simple concept. Prayerfully choose a word and an accompanying Bible verse to guide you through out the year. Here is my track record…

  • 2013 Create – Get out of the way and let God be the one leading my heart. – Psalm 51:10
  • 2014 Commit – Say “yes” and give it my all. – Proverbs 16:3
  • 2015 Fizzle – I planned to quit, end, peter out, fail, abort, and, especially just say “no.” – I Corinthians 10:23a

Funny thing about my word for 2015, fizzle, sometime around probably April I saw something shiny and though every once in a while I remembered my word…I did an awful job living it out. Then again…the word was fizzle…so…I guess I did succeed?

This year will be my fourth year giving this One Word resolution a try. And I wonder just how well I will do. Will I fizzle out like I did this year or actually finish what I’ve put my heart and mind to completing?

I want so much to be a “finisher,” that FINISH is my word for 2016. As an accompanying verse, I thought I might snag the first one I thought of, but then again John 19:30 isn’t what I had in mind. After a bit of digging, my heart settled on II Corinthians 8:11 ESV:

So now finish doing it as well, so that your readiness in desiring it may be matched by your completing it out of what you have.

In other words…Finish what you start.

II Cor

New prospects get me excited quickly and before I’ve properly thought out the commitment I am making, I jump up with a “yes.” Though I have gotten better about pausing first, this verse reminds me to finish what I’ve started. I could always pull up Colossians 3:23 for an extra measure and motivation to give my yes, my all.

For 2016, I also want to add in one little step to help get this year started by creating a few goals to help.

  • Release my ebook #transformed by March. I reached the halfway mark already, I simply need to see it through.
  • Complete reading my unfinished books. One book a month.
  • Outline and begin my #DigitalOutreach ebook. Release the ebook before Conference in September.
  • Finish the Chronological Bible by the end of 2016. I already have my reading plan…because I started reading in January of 2015…I’m on Day 60 out of 365 ::face palm::

I hope that by having a few tangible goals I will have a chance to see these through and feel a sense of actual accomplishment once December 2016 rolls around and I begin praying about 2017!


I would simply LOVE to hear how you are planning on focusing your year. Do you have a resolution or a few goals? Or perhaps a Bible verse you plan to use to guide you this year?

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