50 Personalized Bible Verses – #FaithFriday

50 Personalized Bible versesWhether you call it a Bible Box, Blessing Box, Promise Jar, or Scripture jar, giving the gift of God’s Word is priceless.

I want to make it easy for you to share His Word and encourage others in their faith walk, or even begin their walk! I have scoured Scripture and created a list of 50 Bible Verses you can personalize for yourself or for someone else.

To download yours, simply subscribe to #transformed via email in the side bar to your right.

Open the document and do a “Find and Replace” for the word INSERTNAME, print them on pretty paper (cardstock is more durable), cut, fold, and place in a pretty box or jar. Pull one out anytime you need a boost. Feel free to play with the font and font sizing to fit your personal touch.

I bet if you said pretty please, I’d happily do a “Find and Replace” for you, for one name of your choice and email you the completed list.

If you would like put your craft skills to work, here are four ways to make your verses extra purty; especially if you plan to give them as a gift.

DT1.     This first one requires a steady hand. Pick up jumbo gems from the DollarTree and a container of Mod Podge. Using a pencil, lightly trace the gems on paper and carefully write the verses or just the reference (you can use different color paper or ink for an extra touch). Then cut out the paper to fit the gem and mod podge it according to the directions on the bottle. I highly recommend writing only a few at a time to reduce boo-boos, smudges, and reduce cutting them too big/small.

2.     Using permanent markers, write the personalized verses on river rocks from the DollarTree; the bigger to rock, the longer the verse you can write. Add embellishments with metallic sharpies or stickers. Be sure you gift them in a box rather than a glass container.

3.     Pick up a pack of tongue depressors, they are bigger than popsicle sticks and will make your life so much easier…unless you really enjoy a challenge. Mark off about 1-2 inches on one end of the stick with a bit of clear tape and write the verses with a fine tip sharpie or pen; leaving the 1-2 inches empty. You can then paint the remaining portion or decorate with washi tape. Place the sticks in a jar and viola! They can reach over and grab a random stick whenever they want!

More like 20 years ago, but whatever…

4.     Purchase or create postcards and hand write the verses on each one. Mail the cards throughout the year. This is especially great if you have a loved one living far away, but I imagine everyone loves receiving a little something in the mail.

5.     Choose any one of the above, but don’t personalize the verses. Instead, write the verses as they stand and leave them in a container by your front door. As friends and family leave, invite them to take a blessing with them! Replenish as needed.

50 Bible verses


If you know someone who would like to make a gift with Bible verses, I would love for you to share this post with them. Thank you in advance!

29 thoughts on “50 Personalized Bible Verses – #FaithFriday

  1. I have seen this done before but not with these verses. So many wonderful new verses to use. Thanks, Heather!! Praying God’s living and active Word is LIFE TRANSFORMING!!



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  2. I got a new journal fro Christmas in the letter shape of M which stands for my name. I wanted to do something special with it, and now I know that will be inserting my name into the verses. So I will leave my email for you. I also paint words on rocks. Thank you so much! Marilyn

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  3. I love this post! I will definitely be doing this right away for a gift! Tip: First I copy and pasted this into a document and then I clicked, “Edit: Find and Replace” You can type in every “INSERTNAME” and type in the person’s name. It will replace all of them all at once!

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  4. WOW, this is just what I’m looking for. My son just got deployed 1/1/16 and I’m clinging to God’s Word, now I’ll be gripping a mason jar. Thank you for being essential in my answer to tangible prayer crafts. Love, Love! Blessings to you!

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    1. Thankful this post has been helpful to you! If you would like, my church has a ministry called M.O.S.T. (Military Overseas Support Team) and if you would like to email me your son’s deployment address I’ll have him added to their list. M.O.S.T. sends care packages to our soldiers on a regular basis. If you are interested, let me know and I will send you an email.


  5. I’m a first time reader of your blog. I came here because of the 50 verses. I saw a photo on FB in one of the groups I’m involved with for Bible Journaling. The poster had made the tongue depressor version. I want to do this for my 77 yo mother. I also want to do it for me. I cannot figure out the Find and Replace feature, though. Is that a Microsoft thing? I’m a diehard Mac user. I would love to have your help with this. I want to do Karen for me and Jean for my Mom.

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    1. Karen, I will happily email you the verses with your name and your mom’s! I deleted your email from your comment, so that you don’t get any unsolicited emails (I have your email from when you left your comment). You will receive the email later this afternoon. have a wonderful day!

      I would love to hear more about your FB group! Y’all may be interested in another post I wrote covering #VerseMapping: http://heatherbleier.com/2015/11/20/versemapping/


  6. Hi Heather! I just subscribed to #transformed. I would love to download the personalized verses. I don’t see the document to download it. It is probably staring me in the face 😉 Can you please point me in the right direction? I love this idea and look forward to doing it!! Blessings!


    1. Hi Jennifer! Check your email for the link or go to the top right of the page where you subscribed and you should see the link there. Let me know if you have any trouble and I’ll email it to you directly :). Enjoy and share!


  7. These verses make a wonderful gift! I have some friends that I would LOVE to share personalized verses with, but their first language is Spanish, so I am trying to find a Spanish version to make it a little more special for them. Any clues? Thanks!

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    1. The only idea I have is to visit http://www.biblegateway.com and look at the Spanish translation they have and copy the verses from there. I don’t know enough about Spanish to know where the name would be inserted. Perhaps one of your friends would be able to help you? I’ll see if one of my Spanish speaking friends would be able to make a Spanish version to add here.


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