#GodIsNotDead – Do you ever doubt your faith in Jesus?

doubt JesusRecently one of my classes shocked me when half or more professed they didn’t believe in Jesus, that the Bible is filled with mistakes, and have serious doubts that God even exists. What makes this so shocking?

I teach in a Christian school and I have had some of these students for more than two years.

I thanked them for their honesty and I could tell a few of them were embarrassed to voice their doubts. Though my heart broke, I am thankful to have been placed here to help tackle these doubts head on while they are receptive to discovering the Truth.

Setting aside my planned curriculum, the class and I can dig into a few of their biggest questions. How you ever had doubts like these?

  • If God is real, where is the proof? We can’t know for a “fact” God exists.
  • How do we know the Bible is telling the Truth? How can it be accurate after all this time?
  • How do we know the people in the Bible existed?
  • What if Jesus was lying about being the Son of God?
  • What about evolution, dinosaurs, and aliens?
  • If God “loves” us, why did He create hell?
  • If you’ve never heard of God…do you go to hell?
  • What makes Christians think that out of the hundreds of other religions, Christianity is the only one that is right?

These are only a few of the questions they raised. Over the next few weeks, I will help chip away at these doubts and bring them to the cross where they can meet Jesus for themselves. I would like to share some of the answers on #transformed as I present them to the class. It will be a slow process. They want quick answers to deep spiritual truths, but I first need to help them see the Bible itself as a reliable source of Truth. Hard to say, “let’s see that the Bible has to say,” when they don’t believe the Bible!

I had my share of doubts growing up and the Bible has no shortage of people holding on to their doubts. The Pharisees doubted Jesus was the Messiah, even the Disciples doubted Jesus’ power. Though few Pharisees worked through their doubts, we know the Disciples (for the most part) followed Christ despite not fully understanding.

I have my work cut out for me. I am no expert in archaeology or ancient literature, but I am an expert on Google and checking my references for reliability and accuracy. I’ve studied other major religions in depth; Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Bahai, Shintoism, and a handful of others to help me understand how and why Christ is different. (Thinking about having guests from other faiths come share their beliefs as a part of #FaithFriday.) Praying I find the right resources to help my students know and love God.

Heck, I’m always excited to learn something new about the One I love!

Before I delve into #GodisNotDead (yes, hijacking this hashtag), I’d like to know what questions or doubts you have had along the way and how you overcame them. Perhaps, you have some lingering doubts. How do you actively combat them?
If you have any you would like to share, I would certainly be happy to add them to the list. And of course, if you have any answers…I totally covet links or books I should pick up!

4 thoughts on “#GodIsNotDead – Do you ever doubt your faith in Jesus?

  1. I love this so much Heather. My own doubts have led me to a deeper faith in ways that nothing else could. Have you read Letters from a Skeptic? If not, i will send it to you. Love you, my friend and beautiful teacher. xo

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  2. Heather, your students are so blessed that you have ears to hear them and a heart to respond. I know the Lord will teach you so that you can teach them. I think teaching them the trustworthiness of Scripture/The Bible will be a key to what you are doing. Knowing the book they are reading is legit and true and validated in history will be a big step!! Our pastor will be teaching on much the same topic through January, so you may find his teachings helpful. You can watch them at Foresthill.org throughout January. Perfect timing for you because I’m sure he has also done research. You can use some of his. 🙂

    Merry Christmas, sweet friend.



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