#TechTuesday – iPrayU

iPrayUThis up and coming prayer App may not look like much, in fact…this first round of the App is a bit rough, but it has the potential to pack a powerful punch.

iPrayU connects prayer requests with the nearest active prayer ministry.

Let’s say you meet Sam and they are in need of prayer, so you take a few moments to pray with Sam. However, you don’t know if you’ll ever see them again and would like to connect them to an ongoing prayer ministry. iPrayU will give you an opportunity to not only connect Sam with a prayer team, but that same team will check in with Sam and see how things are going! The best part is, you can connect Sam to a prayer ministry closest to their home…which means there is an opportunity to not only connect Sam with a prayer ministry, but to a church as well.

Of course, Sam would have to agree to share his or her contact information if they decide they want to be contacted. Sam’s request will be sent regardless if additional information is provided.

If Sam decides not to share their information, you can give Sam the information of the church you are sending the request. Church information includes, address, phone, website, and service times. Then Sam can decide on their next step.

OR, when your church signs up for iPrayU, you can send your own requests straight to the pastor and prayer team.

Rest assured, all churches who signup with iPrayU via http://ahouseofprayer.net/ are interviewed before they are added to the database. The App creator, Rev. Jim Buckman, himself contacts the Pastor listed to ensure the prayer team is active and valid. (I know this first hand, because our church signed up to a part of this ministry and yours can too!)

Once a prayer request is added for your ministry, the Pastor is notified immediately of the request and the church’s prayer ministry database is updated. Prayer team members are given a code to login so that they can access the prayer requests left for their ministry.


iPrayU is currently available for download via iTunes and Android for free. You can also visit the website directly at http://ahouseofprayer.net/ to leave a request.


What an amazing opportunity to connect others to the power of prayer and the Body of Christ!

Rev. James (creator of the iPrayU App) shares an incredible story which I encourage you to read HERE.

I invite you to share this post with your pastor, or prayer team coordinator. The more churches who sign up with this App the more opportunities we have of connecting people with the Body of Christ! Check it out and see what churches near you are already active.

What do you think about this App and it’s potential to encourage others through prayer?

2 thoughts on “#TechTuesday – iPrayU

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I was trying to think of a way to bring this to Pastor Jeff and our prayer warriors. This is perfect. I love your blog but am really enjoying tech Tuesdays. Heather this is awesome. !

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