#FriendFriday – The Ministry of Motherhood

Me, a Mom? I dreamed of this role as a child and then doubted it would happen as a single woman in my mid-twenties. God had a plan I didn’t understand or expect…He first drew me to Himself, my Heavenly Father, and then connected me with my husband, Job, who would be my kids’ earthly father. We’ve been married 14+ years and enjoy our J Crew!

Motherhood is more than I expected…the blessings are BIG and the work is endless. The joys fill me up and the responsibility can wear me down. As we move past the toddler years I realize motherhood changes, but the work remains. I’m no longer changing diapers, but I am driving to practices. I’m no longer finding a sippy cup, but currently we’re searching for a lost AWANA book. My kids sleep through the night, but sometimes thoughts of the future wake me up. The other day I was visiting with a friend, who just recently became an empty-nester – motherhood has clearly changed for her, but as she spoke of her kids, their spouses and children, I was reminded it never really ends. The ages change and stages do too, but there’s still noise, needs and calls for help.


So friend, no matter where you are at on this journey, let me remind you (and me) that motherhood isn’t about the work or the title, it really is a ministry.

One of my favorite Bible verses is 2 Timothy 4:5, “But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.” Years ago, God used these words to speak to my heart as He called me to write and led me into women’s ministry, but lately He’s been using them to talk to me about my role as Mom.

What better advice could you give to a Mom? (And friend, if you’re not a Mom, I believe you can apply this same advice to all the roles we play.)

1.  Keep your head in all situations.

Oh and there are situations aren’t there?!?! Times of trial, fighting, frustration, worry and fear – motherhood has it all! Daily, Moms are tempted to lose it, feel guilty or angry, unappreciated and underpaid, but whatever the situation we must keep our heads. Other versions refer to this as being self-controlled, keeping a clear mind and being sober. As a Mom, pray about this and ask God to help you do it!

 2. Endure hardship.

Again hardship comes with the job…motherhood is a blessing, but it includes challenges and work. There can be big struggles and daily little ones…both can cause you to want to quit or leave you thinking you’re not enough. But in God’s Word, we’re reminded trials will come and here Paul instructs us to endure them. Mom, when trials come don’t avoid them, run from them or through them – endure them.

3.  Do the work of an evangelist.

What does an evangelist do? Tell people about Jesus and as a Mom that is the most important thing we can do for our children. Remember friend, we tell them much more with our actions than our words! So read them the Bible stories, but live out your faith. Allow them to see you reading your Bible, let them read your prayer journal, ask them for forgiveness and share Christ’s love! If you want them to be obedient make sure they see you obeying God!

4.  Discharge all the duties of your ministry.

Do the work, all of it. As Moms, we must persevere and be diligent. This is isn’t easy, but it’s possible – see Phil. 4:13. The job never really ends and if we’re going to do it well, we must continually be in touch with our Heavenly Father who will equip us for the task He’s called us to. Abide with Him with my friend!


I pray you are encouraged in your role as Mom today!! It is a privilege and truly a high calling, but friend let us remember it is a responsibility as well…may we not take it lightly or for granted! Mom, your ministry matters!!

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord thank you for creating me to be a wife and a mom. Help me see these roles the way you do…ones of eternal importance. I ask for your help in keeping a clear mind…help me stay calm in moments of frustration, focused in times of stressed and prayerful in all situations. Lord, hard days will come, difficult situations are a part of life and trying moments are daily present help me endure them all. And Father I pray for myself as an evangelist, help me live out my faith in my home, draw me closer to Yourself and help me share You, starting with those who are in my home. Lord, you have given me work to do, my ministry, help me do what You created me to do. In Jesus’ Name, Amen


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One thought on “#FriendFriday – The Ministry of Motherhood

  1. Jill and Heather, thank you both for your ministries. You show me what it looks like to be faithful with the “few” things (that’s a lot of “few” Jill!) before taking upon the “much.” Jill, this wisdom is so rich and I’m blessed because I witness you as your husband’s suitable helper and your kids’ faithful and faith-filled Mom! I will treasure these pearls from you! Xoxo

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