#FriendFriday – Meet Gretchen and her Jamberries

way backGretchen and I have known each other since before the dawn of time, way back when we lived off iMesh, AIM, and $.10 texts (which no one used because we were poor college kids, so we actually CALLED each other).

I first met Gretchen at Living Praise auditions which was the traveling praise team for Concordia University in Austin. We became instant besties! Since we had the same major, we share the same passion for God’s Word and had classes together. We also had a love for theater and were in a dozen plays together while at Concordia.

Alas. Due to the nature of church work, much like going through Basic in the military, when we all graduated, God sent us to the corners of the earth. In our case, it’s almost literal! I ended up here in sunny South Florida, while she gets to freeze her butt of in Homer, Alaska! We both love where we live and every three years, we have an opportunity to meet up again at the National Lutheran Youth Gathering. It is my joy to share Gretchen with you today and something we both LOVE…Jamberries…


meet GretchenLet me start off by saying I am not a girlie girl. I’m 34 and I rarely wear makeup except for church on Sundays and other special occasions. My hair is usually up in a ponytail or straightened. My day to day clothes are jeans and a t-shirt or more recently workout clothes (ie, yoga pants). When I do get a snazzed up, everyone seems shocked. I never did my nails.

First of all I never could seem to get them dry enough to avoid the fingerprint marks or hitting them on something and causing them to have big gashes in them.

Secondly, they never lasted more than maybe 24 hours, 12 was more likely. The chips in them would start right away and flake off, leaving me then to pick at them. I had a gel shellac manicure once by a church member of mine and that lasted 7 days (supposed to last 14) and that was nice but the cost to get it done was just something I couldn’t afford except for the most special occasions.

I was introduced to Jamberry Nail Wraps at a friend from college’s online party. I thought, “This looks neat, some of those designs as so crazy though,” but I decided to take a chance. I admit, it was odd to have something on my fingers that first application. I felt a bit vain too because I was constantly admiring my nails.

I was falling in love.

I didn’t have smudges or flaking like I experienced with polish, and the price was very reasonable when I can get 2 to 3 manicures out of one sheet, and I almost always buy them 4 at a time, giving me a bigger discount. I liked that I could have pretty nails even if the rest of me didn’t look all that put together.

This is Heather's 14 day trial.
This is my (Heather) 14 day trial. I LOVE my Jamberries! Only takes me 30min to do all my fingers and I can stop at ANY moment to help/play with Stacy or whatever else I need to do! Can’t do THAT with polish!!

I liked how they lasted between 7 to 14 days for me, lasting longer the better I got at applying them. I continued for 9 months to be a loyal customer and friend, because I’m that person you want to invite to your parties, I always buy something to help out my friends.

In March, I decided to have another party (both in home and online) for the new catalog. The in-home party gave me an excuse to have my girlfriends over and the online party would give me a chance to interact with a lot of friends at one time. I wish I had time for more one on one interaction but sadly, it seems to get pushed aside as my “free time” gets depleted more and more.

My consultant Rachel had been encouraging me since my first party hosting back in September to consider joining Jamberry. I just wasn’t ready yet. When my next party was coming up, she encouraged me again to consider joining, so I considered it. We offer sneak peeks to help people decide if they want to join. It’s supposed to be for 48 hours, but Rachel graciously let me peek for a week.

Finally, once I grasped the compensation plan and other things, I said, well, I almost can’t not join. It just made sense for me. I love how Jamberry worked very hard to make their compensation plan a good one for consultants.

There are stories of how becoming a consultant has helped women to get out of abusive relationship, and others to save their homes from foreclosure. I feel that the Jamberry Home Office actually cares about its consultants and isn’t just about making money.

I’ve really enjoyed the last 5 months of being a consultant. It’s allowed me to meet people I never would have otherwise and forge new relationships. Some of the people I’ve met don’t seem to know Christ either and I love the opportunity to just be a light in their lives.

One of my hostess had just dealt with the death of her mother a couple of weeks prior to meeting her and I was able to be a sounding board for her pain, even in the midst of a party. It’s given me the opportunity to help other women discover the joy of having fabulous nails without breaking the bank.

It’s given me a little extra spending money for fun stuff and enabled me to help out a local family with medical expenses when otherwise I wouldn’t have had the extra funds. It’s given me the chance to help other women like me to have the opportunity to earn some extra money to help with expenses.

It’s helped me to learn about creating collages and other pictures, automatic posting and other internet things I never explored or knew how to do. It’s given me a wonderful team where we can help each other out and exchange ideas.

I love that I’m not on my own in this venture. And while I’m spending about the same amount of time online as before, I’m actually being productive now. I don’t find myself idle anymore. But mainly, it’s given me the chance to be a little girlie all the time, even when the rest of me is feeling fairly plain. I love that I can express myself and my personality in such a fun but simple way!

I love that now I’m doing well enough, that I can give back to my local community this Holiday season.

If you are interesting in trying a sample (enough to do two nails for most people) please fill out this form: Jamberry Sample



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