#TechTuesday – YouVersion Vs. Biblegateway…the Ultimate showdown!

YV vs BGWe’ll explore not only the Apps but the websites for both YouVersion and BibleGateway.
Let’s begin with websites…

While I prefer the YouVersion App when I’m on the go, BibleGateway is much easier to navigate when I’m looking up verses on my desktop.

Both websites: www.BibleGateway.com and www.Bible.com

  • Offer parallel reading where you can place two translations side-by-side and compare verses (A handy tool).
  • Give you an opportunity to listen to the audio from many translations.
  • Provide shortcuts so that you can share the Bible on your Social Media outlets or email.
  • Let you highlight and make annotations on verses. You have to have an account in order to do either (accounts are free). I have to admit, YouVersion makes this option more obvious than BibleGateway; I discovered it by accident on BibleGateway!

Break down of some differences:

  • BibleGateway saves the translation I use so that I don’t have to change it every.time.I.visit. YouVersion; however, defaults to KJV…even though my default is set to ESV. Minor distinction, but it can become annoying when you want to jump in and start read ing. #firstworldproblems
  • BibleGateway makes it easy to search for verses or topics in one place whereas YouVersion requires you to use the drop-down menu when finding a verse, but has you use the Search bar for finding topics. This becomes important when you want to look at several different verses at the same time.


  • BibleGateway gives you access to Commentaries, some of which are free, others…are not. YouVersion does not have Commentaries, what they have are Community Notes. These are comments other people have made about that particular passage or if you click on a verse the notes are narrowed down to that specific verse. Personally, I prefer the Commentaries over the Community Notes, though it is wonderful to connect with others who are exploring the same verses I am and reading their thoughts on a passage.

BG     yv1

  • Both allow give you access to a variety of Reading Plans. YouVersion lets you continue reading from the website whereas BibleGateway only gives you access to Reading Plans from their App (which I will cover below).
  • BibleGateway’s homepage brings you to the Verse of the Day and I quite enjoy jumping directly into His Word, I then can type in what I need into the Search Bar and off I go!. YouVersion gets a little confusing. First of all, you don’t go to http://www.YouVersion.com it’s actually http://www.Bible.com. (YouVersion.com leads you to information about the App.) Bible.com opens in the Bible, but again, I have to adjust my translation.
  • Finally, BibleGateway seems to log me out every time I leave, whereas YouVersion leaves me signed in. To be honest, this doesn’t matter to me, because I don’t do much that would require me to log into BibleGateway anyway and it only takes a moment to login (faster than resetting my translation in YouVersion).
Let’s move on to the Apps!! Where YouVersion comes out head over heels above BibleGateway (sorry BG…you know I have nothing but love for you…but your App leaves me wanting).

Both Apps:

  • Offer parallel reading where you can place two translations side-by-side and compare verses (A handy tool).
  • Give you an opportunity to listen to the audio from many translations.
  • Provide shortcuts so that you can share the Bible on your Social Media outlets or email.
  • Let you highlight and make annotations on verses. You have to have an account in order to do either (accounts are free).
  • (Sound familiar?)

And here come the differences

  • YouVersion opens the Bible right where I left off and opposed to their website, actually remembers what translation I chose.
  • BibleGateway opens to a home page with their Verse of the Day and menu along the side.

2015-10-30 12.25.55

  • Though both Apps give you an opportunity to share verses, YouVersion goes one step further and lets you create an image with the verse!!!!! Sometimes you get lucky and the verse you chose has a cool image already created for you! You can share the images pretty much wherever you want and they are saved under your profile so that you can access them later as well.
  • Ok, this next one is the whole reason I choose the YouVersion App over BibleGateway every.single.time. The Reading Plans. Let’s say I want to read the Chronological Bible Reading Plan. Both Apps have the plan; great! However…if I miss a day or two or a month, YouVersion gives me the option to “Catch Me Up” by letting me “Shift Dates Forward.” This way, I don’t have to remember where I left off. BibleGateway…doesn’t do that at all. As you can see by the images, BG starts the plan on whatever the current day is instead of starting me at the beginning!!! This is wonderful if I happen to start on January 1st and don’t miss any days. In order to go back, I have to scroll through the dates to find where I left off. I can’t even hit back or forward like I can on YouVersion to go back a day or forward a day. Sorry BibleGateway, but you make it hard to love the Reading Plans with you :(.

2015-10-30 12.34.11

  • YouVersion has other goodies as well. Such as Video Clips, access to Live Events, and connecting you with friends and other readers to create community and discussion. Plus, you can access these goodies on both the website and App.


Final thoughts. When it comes to reading the Bible online, I recommend going with BibleGateway.com unless you intend to make notes and share from the website, in which case, YouVersion (Bible.com) may be your better choice. However, the YouVersion Bible App, in my opinion, is hands down the better choice for reading the Word on the go!
The-Bible-App-for-KidsBonus App: YouVersion also has an incredible interactive Bible App for kids!! I LOVE this App (maybe even more than my almost 3yr-old daughter). This App brings Bible stories to life and YouVersion continually adds more stories and updates the previous ones as they refine the experience. I highly recommend downloading it whether you have kids or not! Shoot! I even use it with my middle school students every once in a while and THEY love the App too!! Visit: www.bible.com/kids for more information or download it in the App store (it’s FREE).


What about you? What do you prefer to use when studying the Bible?
I also still carry my compact Bible with me and as I read I always want to share so having the YouVersion App makes that possible for me when I’m on the go.

2 thoughts on “#TechTuesday – YouVersion Vs. Biblegateway…the Ultimate showdown!

  1. I LOVE #TechTuesday!! This is an AMAZING post, Heather! I’ve always been a fan of Bible Gateway, but I definitely had trouble with the reading plan. I just downloaded the YouVersion app, and I’m so excited to start using it! I also just downloaded the kids app, and perhaps I’m in love with the Bible stories already (adulting like a boss). Thank you so much. Love you xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thanks for the review! – I was seeing if anyone else had compared these two side-by-side….Nice job. I really like YouVersion, however, I really stumble over them not offering commentaries or more in-depth resources to study (Strongs, etc) the words. About the only thing you can do with the text is highlight or add your own notes. Bible Gateway is my go-to online site. But YouVersion is a nice app format, no doubt. Just looking for that perfect Bible app that offers a good format and good study options.


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