Prevent a #CloggedHeart

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Ugh. Ladies, can we talk about the shower drain for a second here?

I don’t know about you, my hair is definitely not short and as hard as I try, I can’t seem to keep the shower drain from getting all clogged up with gunk. My hubby is bald, so I can’t blame clogs on him (bummer).

I think because everything goes down the drain, it’s gone and I don’t have to deal with it anymore, but then the drain starts to back up. Reluctantly, I’ll get on my knees and start pulling out disgusting globs of hair and shower yuck. All together now…

Eeeeeewwwwwwww! We didn’t need to know that Heather!

Drain-o works wonders to clear the drain, but after a few days or weeks, the clog returns and I find myself pulling out gunk all over again and dumping drain-o through the pipes. It’s stinky, hairy work. How does so much junk fit in the drain anyway?! And why does it come back up instead of heading off to some water treatment plant to be processed?

Naturally, this got me thinking about the gunk we call sin.

Sin is stinky.

Sin is hairy.

And if not dealt with properly…it will clog our heart.

I know if I put a drain cover to block hair from going through the pipes, I wouldn’t have to dig out all the gunk so often and save myself some heart ache. And it’s the same for sin. If I did a better job of placing God’s filter over my heart, sin is less likely to stink up my life.

Practically speaking, how do we prevent a heart clogged with sin?

1.  Take responsibility. I can’t blame my husband for our clogged shower, nor can we blame others for the sin we produce in our lives. When we stop and recognize how our action…or inaction is in opposition to God’s commands, then we are able to move to a place of repentance. (Matthew 7:3-5)

2.  Hit your knees in prayer. Pull out your sin before the Lord (I John 1:9). It’s messy, stinky work, but it has the power to set you free, allowing God’s Spirit to move through your unobstructed heart.  If you feel the need, confess your sin to a trusted friend or Pastor. (James 5:16)

3.  Grab the drain-o. We don’t remember every sin we commit and sometimes, we don’t consider something we’ve said or done as sinful. Regardless of whether we believe we are at fault or not, it is an opportunity to flush our hearts with His grace. (Isaiah 1:18, Acts 3:19-20, II Corinthians 5:17, and so many more!)

A word of caution…

Satan is wiggling through our pipes, pushing our sin back to the surface, forever condemning us for what we have done. He wants us to believe that our sin isn’t “really gone,” or that God hasn’t truly forgiven you for ***insert sin here***. And even though God forgives us completely, we dig through our shortcomings and allow that stinky sin back in our lives.

Be assured! God forgives completely and will never run out of grace to pour through our #CloggedHeart! If you have any doubt…you may want to revisit #GoWest #MyChild.

Are you suffering from a #CloggedHeart? What step do you need to take toward being free?

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