#GoWest #MyChild.

compassImagine you are sitting at home and you decide to travel North. You keep going until you reach the North Pole where Santa says hello and offers you a cup of hot cocoa. You accept cheerfully, a bit bewildered, and continue on your way…only, you’ve run into a little problem. You can’t continue North. South is your only option.

North and South continually meet up with one another.

If you went South instead, you would reach the penguins who would give you high-ones and send you on your way. But you would reach the same dilemma. Once you reached the South Pole, you would have no choice but to go North.

So you go back home.

Let’s instead travel West. Keep going and let me know what happens while I snag some coffee.

Have you reached East yet?

Nope and you never will.

I’ve read God’s promise in Psalm 103:12, which says, “as far as the east is from the west,” but I didn’t fully understand the profound truth in this verse until a few months ago. I never sat and thought about why God would use East and West, rather than North and south.

When I took the few moments it took to figure it out, my heart leaped for joy. I always knew what the verse meant, but I didn’t always know why it meant…what it meant. Know what I mean?

gowestOur sin is gone, wash away and He will never throw it back in our face and condemn us for what we have done. All because of His Son Jesus who lived the perfect life, died in our place, and arose on that glorious day, bringing us back to life with Him!

I hear Him say, “Go west, my child! You sin is gone!”

What verse or passage have you read a zillion times but it didn’t click in your heart until the zillion-and-first time?

4 thoughts on “#GoWest #MyChild.

  1. HEATHER! I looooove this post! I have NEVER considered this. This is such a game changer! Thank you for this life-breathing truth. There truly is no condemnation!

    The one verse that I read over and over but never digested is Genesis 6:20. Whenever I have read the account of Noah, I’ve always thought, “Great for him. I wouldn’t have had that kind of faith. I would be too overwhelmed trying to catch two of e-v-e-r-y kind of animal.” But Genesis 6:20 says, “Two of every kind of bird, of every kind of animal and of every kind of creature that moves along the ground WILL COME TO YOU to be kept alive.” It changes everything when I focus on God and His abilities instead of me and my very limited (in)abilities.

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  2. Oh my goodness. I can’t even wrap my head around how profound this is. Wow, Heather! God gave you THE coolest revelation. Even though I would love a few penguin high-one’s, I am so overwhelmingly comforted by the truth that my sin really is immeasurably, incomprehensibly that far gone. This is one of those life altering pieces of truth that I will keep with me always. Praising Jesus and heading west together with you. Love you.

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