Hey! There’s a BABY in there!

First things first. No, I’m not pregnant. Moving on…

penguinsDaniel and Stacy were watching Penguins of Madagascar the other morning. Adorable and funny movie if you ever get a chance to watch. In the opening scene we have penguins marching in a line through the snow.

Our three heroes step out, trying to figure out where everyone is marching to when an egg knocks them over, rolling down the hill. Skipper calls out, “Hey! Did anyone see that?! That’s an egg! Well, isn’t anyone going to save it?”

To which another penguin retorts, “You know we lose a few eggs every year. It’s just nature.”

Skipper replies, “Well I defy nature!” While sliding on his belly at full speed to save the egg.

You can watch the clip here, it will take 10 seconds:

My daughter, with out missing a beat cries out:

Hey! There’s a BABY in there!!

Y’all, she’s TWO years old (two-and-a-half to be precise). Even at two years old, she understands the value of life. Stacy didn’t define the unborn penguin as disposable, she didn’t even care the egg was animated. All she cared was that someone would save the egg and the baby inside.

I’m sure many of us want to call out those same words to anyone faced with the decision to choose or reject an abortion. To choose or reject life.

We want to cry out: Hey! There’s a BABY in there!!

My heart breaks for any woman who feels that ending the life within them is the right course of action. I’m not here to point fingers or to hand out judgment. It’s not my place. Yes, I know what Scripture says about how precious life is to God. Scripture also tells us we all fall short of the glory of God and every life is worth saving.

What kind of people do you picture standing in line at a clinic anyway? Someone who doesn’t care about the life inside? Drug addicts or prostitutes?

Not hardly. That may represent a small portion of the waiting room. I expect that the larger portion is filled with the high schooler that lives down the street, the woman three cubicles down at work who had too many drinks at happy hour that day and is wallowing in regret, that college girl who can’t see how having a baby fits into her plans, that woman with the strained marriage who can’t see any hope for her child, that single mom who already struggles to pay her bills…

This is such a hard conversation! Such hard thoughts to sift through. I pray that God will help me to see them through His eyes.

Instead, I invite you to see them through the eyes of Christ. Chances are, there is someone in your life who has had an abortion and you don’t even know. We need to remember, they are precious children of God in need of His love and healing. Yes: we need to save the babies. 100%. But we also need to reach beyond our judgment to the bleeding hearts around us.

We may never know the circumstances that leads a woman through the doors of a clinic. Neither do we know their personal convictions.

They may know it’s not right, but may feel it’s necessary.

Regardless of the circumstances, I confidently and humbly believe that life is a gift from God. Life is worth saving. Not only the life of the unborn child, but of their mother and father as well

What do we accomplish by yelling and screaming at them? Don’t you think they feel enough pain and torment without hateful, disgusted looks? Signs of mangled, aborted children? Signs painted red with lies like, “God hates you!”? (side note: most Christians do not act like this, but I have seen first hand these signs of hate rather than grace.)

I weep for them. I weep for the Body of Christ. Tears fill my eyes with the way some of us treat each other. Do I agree with abortion? Never! But the way we as a people of God react to our brothers and sisters must be in alignment with Scripture. We are to love as God loves. WHILE WE WERE YET SINNERS, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8) It is by GRACE that we are saved… (Ephesians 2:8-9).

Sadly enough, we will not be able to change the minds of everyone. What we CAN do, is to love them like Jesus.

Love them the way He loves US. Pray for them. For their restoration. For their healing. For God’s kindness to lead them to repentance

Remind them of the core Truths we ALL need to remember:

– Not one of us deserves forgiveness, yet it is freely given by Christ. Romans 5:8

– Imperfect humans are in no place to throw stones. John 8:7

– No matter what you have done, or what has been done to you, you are a beloved child of God. Isaiah 43:4

– We can NEVER be separated from the love of God. Romans 8:39

– When one part of the Body of Christ is hurting, we all hurt. 1 Corinthians 12:26-27

– We are equals within the Body of Christ. Romans 12:3

If you have had an abortion, on behalf of the Body of Christ, I ask you to please forgive those of us who have passed judgment for what you have done. We know it doesn’t make up for our behavior, but we pray it would bring a layer of healing into your life. Please know that if you have confessed your sin, that you are forgiven too. (1 John 1:9) God loves you so abundantly He willingly sent His ONLY Son to die for you. What has been done, is done. Nothing can change that, but you can be free from your past with the forgiveness available through Jesus. In Christ you can be free from the condemnation you feel. It does not come from God and it should not ever come from your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Broken into BeautifulIf you find yourself in a place of hurt from the choices of your past, I encourage you to pick up my dear friend Gwen Smith‘s book Broken into Beautiful.

If you know someone who is need of healing, would you do me a favor and share this with them? Let us stand up and be the Body of Christ. Let us stop tearing hurting hearts down and instead let us point them to the Hope of Jesus – and encourage and build each other up in the faith.

23 thoughts on “Hey! There’s a BABY in there!

  1. Wow. What a beautiful and multi-nuanced post. I stand with you in this apology on behalf of all Christians. Your heart is sheer beauty. Please give your Stacy hugs and kisses from me. and haha PS.. your email notification made my heart stop for a second 🙂

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  2. Heather, your creativity astounds me, sweet friend! You took a kid’s movie and a child’s simple statement and turned it into on of the most profound, incredible grace-filled messages I have ever heard on abortion and the secret pain behind it. You have such a gift!!!!

    Love you,


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  3. Thank you for reminding us all that it is by the GRACE of God and the gift of his son, Jesus, that we are made clean, not by shouts and screams or by doing just the “right” thing. We are all sinners and are forgiven when we repent and believe. How fortunate we are … We are to love one another. That simple, though sometimes it is hard to accept for ourselves. Blessings to you!

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  4. Awesome truth behind beautifully written words. So many people hurting today because of their past and yet unsure of how to forgive, let go and receive God’s grace. Would love to read and share this book with several I know could use it. ♡♡♡
    Thank you for sharing!

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  5. This is a very powerful and true post. Praying that the Lord will fill me with his compassion and eyes to see those in need. I fail him so often and he is so faithful to continue to hold his arms open for me. I want to do the same for others. Thank you for your post, it really reminded me that I have been forgiven and I need to forgive and not condemn or judge others. God bless you as you seek to glorify him.

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  6. What a great blog post!! I have failed God so many times and still do. He still loves me unconditionally! Thank you for such a great post.


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