#ReclaimingHome in the midst of a short sale.

rhAfter finishing Candace’s book, Dancing Through Life, I joined the launch team for Krista Gilbert’s book Reclaiming Home, officially hitting bookshelves September 15th. Eager to learn ways to strengthen the family bonds between my husband, daughter, and myself, I jumped into the digital pages of my Kindle.

Krista’s style of writing is refreshing and beautifully descriptive. Her faith is naturally infused throughout. I hope you’ve been able to catch the quotes I have shared on Facebook and Twitter!

I had no idea how much I would need the encouragement and practical advice Krista had to offer until my husband and I decided it was time to sell our one bedroom home. It has served us well for 5 years, but if want to expand our family; we need a new place to call our own.

However…we owe more than our home is worth and neither of us brings in enough to build up our savings so that we can sell and move into a new, bigger home. Which means, we have to short sell.

Short sales are a common occurrence apparently, but it doesn’t mean its fun. They aren’t overly complicated, but there is certainly a ton of paperwork; bank statements, tax returns, hardship letters, and about 20 other pieces of paper to be signed before moving forward.

Putting down, Reclaiming Home my husband and I feverishly spent a weekend packing our belongings into boxes so that we could make it presentable to potential buyers. Luckily, we are suckers for shows like Property Brothers and Buying and Selling, so our place is pretty well staged.

Part of the process is called “depersonalizing.” This entails packing away all family photos and personal trinkets so that when buyers come through, they can see the home as a place for them. The trick is still making your home a welcoming place someone would want to call home while removing items that have made it home for you.

It is a little depressing. Our walls don’t hold the same warmth they did before.

Now that our home is on the market, every morning, we go through the routine of picking up any clutter we created the night before (mostly the few toys we kept for Stacy), remake beds, empty trash, and clear dishes from the sink. (We’ve done more cleaning in the past two weeks than we have in the 5 years of living here!)

It’s been an exhausting process and there is no telling how long it will last before our place is sold.

Reclaiming Home

How do you reclaim a home you have to sell?

Daniel and I know our home isn’t dependent on the pictures hung on the walls. Home is the three of us.

Krista’s book is better than a Pinterest board filled with family activities. I may only be half-way through its pages, but each page has given me practical ways to invest in my family and my marriage so that we grow stronger together; especially during this time of crazy packing and uncertainty.

Practical application is one of the reasons I look forward to finishing Reclaiming Home. Some books you pick up, read, enjoy, and never read again. Even a good book can be read once and put aside.

eh bkI already know Reclaiming Home will be different. These are lessons worth relearning on a regular basis. And I love how the chapters are almost stand alone. I can read any one of them based on what I need to revisit; whether it’s Reclaiming Marriage, Time, or Imperfection. I can read what is needed for any season of my family’s life.

Right now, our family is going through a time of transformation and I hope it will be a butterfly experience. We are cocooning our lives into little cardboard boxes, ready to be placed in storage, and are about to be hemmed in on all sides as we move in with my in-laws until my husband and I have enough to buy a home to fit our family’s needs. One day, we will emerge ready to fly once again.

Instead of focusing on the book as a whole, I will hone in on Chapter 9, Reclaiming Traditions. I imagine over the next year of living with my in-laws, we will need to rediscover or even recreate traditions our daughter will remember and cherish.

What is a family tradition you remember as a child that you continue with your family or hope to share with your family?

I loved baking cookies with my mom. From scratch no less! Though Stacy is little, she and I have already baked together numerous times. I am amazed at how much she has enjoyed baking at only 2yrs old! We don’t bake every week, but it is something I try to do with her once a month as we start a tradition of sweet time together with yummy cookies!

To purchase Reclaiming Home through Amazon, click here.

This post was inspired by Krista Gilbert’s new book, Reclaiming Home: A Family’s Guide For Life, Love & Legacy. Pre­Order for lots of fun goodies, including a printable calendar with activities for your family, conversation cards, a celebrate banner, 4 videos on reclaiming your home and marriage, and a “Making a Difference” Printable.

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