#MinuteMessage – #Naptime

6 thoughts on “#MinuteMessage – #Naptime

  1. Amen! This girl here has definitely been learning the need for siestas and Sabbaths. Thank you for this timeless, practical, life-giving wisdom! Love you Heather!

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  2. Heather, I love your last words, “Take a nap.” You taught on one of my favorite teachings … The stages of how God cares for Elijah and the first is to simply sleep and eat, sleep and eat. So many of us skip that stage and it is so important. Thanks for a great teaching.



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    1. So true! I’m usually not one to skip out on sleep, but I need to do better when it comes to eating well! Praying this message encourages others to take care of themselves and know it’s ok to get the rest they need!


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