Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner

Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner: The Transforming Power of God's StoryIf you know me even a little, you probably know one of my favorite authors is Wendy Blight. We are always inspired by those who have overcome insurmountable odds and Wendy’s testimony of God’s powerful work in her life is no exception.

Barely two pages into the first chapter we find Wendy in the darkest of places. The victim of a horrific crime. Wendy was raped.

Wendy was a victim of rape by a masked and armed man in her apartment.

I knew what I was getting into when I ordered my copy of Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner in 2010. At the time, I had hit a rough patch with flashbacks of my own and I was looking for something to help me cope. Finding Wendy’s book was like finding a jewel in a tar pit.

You see, no one really talks about, let alone writes about, sexual abuse, assault, or rape. These are hard topics to broach and frankly. They suck.

I picked up Wendy’s book with the hope of healing. I was not disappointed.

Wendy would be the first to say the healing doesn’t come from her or her book; she’s totally humble in that way. Healing can only come through the power of God. Which is precisely why the tagline for Hidden Joy reads: The Transforming Power of God’s Story.

I remember seeing the cover for the first time and the image hit me square in the chest. Perhaps it’s because I have the same sweater, but more likely it’s because so many of my days were spent sitting, wondering why. Trying to process events no one shouldn’t have to. I can’t describe the emotions evoked simply by the cover alone; kudos to the cover artist.

Wendy’s testimony starts in a place no one wants to find themselves and thankfully it is not where we stay in Hidden Joy. Each chapter brings another layer of healing. Healing which came over the course of years for Wendy, yet pages for the reader…and myself.

What I so love about Hidden Joy are the last few chapters, really the entire second half of the book. Here Wendy shares practical ways to strengthen your faith through time with God. In addition, each chapter has its own set of study questions, prayers, and Scripture.

If you could see my copy of Hidden Joy, almost every page is dog-eared, highlighted, marked up, and scribbled over. The only other book I have in such a poor state is my Bible. Even my Kindle version is filled with markings…no dogears of course.

Experiencing devastating circumstances in your life are not a prerequisite for reading Hidden Joy. What you will find in its pages is encouragement from God no matter what you face in life and opportunities to strengthen your relationship with Him.

How about you? Is there a hurt from your past in need of healing? Or would you like to discover powerful ways to strengthen your faith?

Leave a comment below and for every 10 comments (one per person), I will giveaway one copy of Hidden Joy. This means the giveaway never ends!

Click here to purchase Hidden Joy through Amazon.


Connect with Wendy Blight

Wendy BlightWendy has published three other works Living So ThatI Know His Name, and an ebook called All Things Wise and Wonderful a study on the book of Proverbs. You can read my reviews of both Living So That and I Know His Name on my #BookReview page.
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32 thoughts on “Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner

  1. Heather, I am so honored that you would share my story and my book with your friends. Thank you!!! I pray the Lord will use this post to bring hope and healing to women who need it.



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    1. Trinisita, you have such a beautiful name. Thank you for sharing this with your friends. They and you will love Heather’s posts!! I hope you come back again and again.



  2. Having been through emotional abuse, and was raped in my 20’s I suffered from depression for many years, I have victory through my Lord Jesus Christ, he sang songs of deliverance to me, when I didnt have any hope, and I know he was an ever present help in time of trouble. My message to others is, there is hope, if you fully give everything up to him. I am not a victim but a victor. Blessings.

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  3. I have been stuck for over 3 1/2 years now and can’t seem to get out of this deep dark hole. I would love to learn how Wendy was able to find hope and healing. .

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    1. God’s Word is the answer, sweet friend. Read Psalm 40:1-3, God gives us steps on how to climb out of the pit, I followed them and healing, restoration and a new call on my life came. There is Hope in God and His Word. Seek hard and you will find it!!




    2. Heavenly Father,
      Thank You for the perfect timing of Heather’s post, Wendy’s testimony and Your love. It’s the perfect crossroads. Jesus, You have come to set the captives free. Please bring this sweet friend freedom which is found in Your love. Thank You in advance for the fact that you have begun a good work in this friend and You will be faithful to complete it until the day of Christ Jesus. It’s in His name we pray, amen!

      I love you Heather and Wendy!

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  4. Heather, I love Wendy’s writing and have been wanting to read this book but haven’t done so yet. Winning a copy would push me to read it now and share it with others!! Thank you for providing this opportunity.

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    1. Amen and amen!! Teresa, I love meeting a fellow believer who has found their hope and healing in Jesus and the Word. Thank you for stopping by and sharing the hope you found!!




  5. Would love to win a copy of Wendy’s book. I read “Living So That” and it changed the way I read scripture. I mark it every time I see it and it has added another dimension to any study I do. Can only imagine that “Hidden Joy” is just as wonderful.

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  6. I have days when the devil reminds me of my past or should I say torments me with it. After being molested and raped, I never felt good enough. I always blamed myself for everything that ever happened to me. Then the Lord led me to the story of the woman at the well and how he knew about her past, but still loved and forgave her. He showed me that I am worthy to be loved.

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  7. My daughter was a victim of abuse by a close family member who is no longer in her life. She was young but that has been several years and she grows stronger each year. I would love for her to read this book.
    Nicki H


  8. I read Living So That about a year ago and learned so much. I still think of that book each time I read the phrase “so that” in God’s Word. My husband and I are going through a particularly rough time right now. Perhaps Hidden Joy could offer us some insight and help bolster our hope. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

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