Letters from my Father’s Murderer

Smaller sizeCould you forgive the person who murdered your father and then become FRIENDS with that person? I doubt Laurie Coombs thought this would be possible, but through God’s power, grace, and the Holy Spirit, that’s exactly what happened.

I first met Laurie in the summer of 2012 at the She Speaks Conference in Concord, NC. When she told me the story of her father’s murder and the subsequent letters between her and his murderer, I could hardly believe my ears.

LCWe were both attending the She Speaks conference with a similar hope…the hope that a publisher would be interested in our book proposal. I had no doubt in my heart and mind Laurie’s testimony was one everyone should hear.

I could hardly put Laurie’s book down, every page turn lead closer to a relationship only God would reconcile. Words like “astonishing,” “gripping,” “page turner,” “inspiring,” and “simply incredible,” all came to mind as I read, but none capture the awe-inspiring power of what God can do when He is in the middle of a broken relationship.

And let’s face it…how much more of a broken relationship can you get with the man who murdered your father?

If you have ever had to offer forgiveness…or humbly receive forgiveness, Laurie and Tony’s testimony is a MUST read. It would not only encourage your faith but help you see things through God’s eyes.

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4 thoughts on “Letters from my Father’s Murderer

  1. Heather, thank you for sharing Laurie’s story. I can’t wait to share her story and book on my blog. Having been the victim of a crime myself, I am even more in awe of her ability to not only forgive but walk in relationship with her father’s murderer. Such a powerful and beautiful story of forgiveness and grace.


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