10minutes matterScenario…you’ve finished a task and you have to leave in 10 minutes. You don’t have enough time to start a new task. What do you do?

Spend the next 10 minutes on Social Media?

Work on your selfie?

This is something I face everyday at least once. I’ll finished working on a task only to find I won’t have enough time to start/finish something else before I have to leave for a meeting, teach, or just plain have to leave.
Over the past few months I’ve created a little list for myself to help make those 10 minutes (sometimes less) matter. I hope you find them helpful!

In no particular order…
  • Write a “thank you card” – Make someone’s day and write a thank you or a note of encouragement. I have a file folder where I keep my cards and stamps together to make it quick and easy to write up a couple while I wait. Then it’s a breeze to drop them in the mail on my way out. #BringBackSnailMail
  • Pray – We all do it. We tell someone we’ll pray for them…and we kinda…forget. Here’s your chance to pray for them right now! {Pairing this with the first one above would be amazing.}
  • Read an article – I am in LOVE with Flipboard. You click on different topics and Flipboard will find content you’re interested in reading! I never fail to find a gem! I safe articles I like onto Flipboards I’ve created so that I can read them again later. Plus it’s FREE, I love free. Otherwise, I’ll pop open my Kindle and read a few pages.
  • One touch de-clutter – My office is not tidy by any stretch of the imagination. Organized – yes – tidy – nope. To help keep my piles from towering too high, I set a 10 minute timer and practice one-touch. It’s pretty simple. The moment I pick something up, I am not allowed to put it down, unless it’s to put it away. It’s like having sticky fingers for 10min.
  • Write a to-do list – I love my lists, especially the satisfaction I feel when I scribble a line through a completed task #heaven. Lists help me keep track of what needs to be done and if it isn’t completed by the end of the day, it’s ok, it will get done tomorrow.
  • Defrag or clean sweep – I work quite a bit from my computer so when I know I’ll be away from it for an hour or so I set up defrag or clean sweep to run while I’m away. Restarting my computer so that it installs updates also saves me from having to stop my work to let it run.
  • Reply to emails – Sometimes I have emails I keep putting off, so this is a great opportunity to tackle the ones from my back burner.
  • Review my Pins – This is a bit more fun. How many times do we Pin 100 things and NEVER look at them again? Choose one of your boards and rediscover your Pins!
  • Shut-eye – Take a few moments to simply rest. #PowerNap
  • Back-burner – Create an on going list of tasks that have been put on the back burner. Refer to this list and complete one in 10 minutes.
  • Power Clean – Choose one small area of your home and dominate it in 10 minutes! I would suggest the bathroom or kitchen counter.
  • Hobby – This can be a challenge, but what’s your favorite hobby? take a few minutes to invest in that hobby. I love to write, so it’s a no-brainer for me to pop open EverNote and start typing away (like writing this post). I’ve also gotten back into singing, so I’ll duck into our youth room and belt out a few tunes. The challenge is pulling yourself away after only 10 minutes of doing something you love!

How about you? What do you do when you only have 10 minutes to spare?

2 thoughts on “#10MinutesMatter

  1. Wow! These are GREAT ideas. I do a few of these, but it’s great to have more to choose from when I have those spare 10 minutes …which I find myself with often. Catching up on texts and e-mails is what I like to do. I especially like to text someone who has been on my heart a prayer.




  2. Great ideas Heather and even more important message. 10 minutes really do matter…trying to remember that as we move into our summer routine, that often has a few more unstructured moments than our homeschooling year. I love the first one and echo your idea “Bring Back Snail Mail” The sticky fingers idea is a good one too…need to teach that one to my kids!


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