The Commandments: Good Medicine


I’ve decided to be hip and do an online study, but I’m probably shooting myself in the foot here.

The first online study I’ll be tackling with y’all…

The Ten Commandments.


Everybody’s faaaaavorite topic. Rules and regulations.

Excited yet?

I know I am…seriously! {I’m a nerd, you know this.}


Perhaps halfway through I’ll rethink this whole thing and switch to something more touchy-feely, but I doubt it.

Call me weird or an overachieving Lutheran, but I LOVE the law. Let me rephrase that…I love God’s Law.

I think The Ten Commandments get a bad wrap.

It’s either thrown at someone in anger and hatred, completely misused, or worse, swept under the rug and called “irrelevant” and “old fashioned.”

God’s Law is an incredibly beautiful gift of love handed to us from the One True God, who loves us beyond measure.

Track with me for a moment.

My daughter Stacy gets sick every once in while. boo.

I remember the first time I had to pick up antibiotics from the store to help her fight of some mean bug attacking her immune system.

She was not having it. Nope. Not one bit. Full tantrum.

Did NOT want that medicine.


Why couldn’t my sweet baby girl realize Daniel and I were trying to help her? The medicine was good for her, even if she didn’t like the taste.

We had a choice at that point. Daniel and I could try again. Or let Stacy have her way.

She would’ve been happier if we didn’t make her take the amoxaphinedopameanee or whatever it was called. At least Stacy thought she’d be happier.

Daddy and I knew better. If she didn’t take her medicine, the infection would get worse and she could’ve ended up in the hospital or worse {ugh. not a fun thought}.

Isn’t that our attitude about God’s Law? We kick and scream. Full tantrum. We don’t want to take the “yucky” medicine. We think we would be a whole lot happier if we got to do whatever we wanted.

But God knows better. We know from His Word and through the cross God loves us beyond our imagination. So why do we scoff at the Laws he has given?

Well, we’re going to dig in for the next 10 or so weeks. We’ll take a look at the basics then turn our eye to each of the Commandments and figure out why we should follow them…and not just because He told us to, because we want to!

I’d love you to invite your friends along for the ride! All you have to do is subscribe, grab your Bible, a spiral, and you’re all set. Easy peasy.

Each week, I’ll have a new post with discussion questions and memory verse…perhaps a video lesson too…if I can find some quiet time to get that done.

Just a heads up. I am a die hard Lutheran chick. So, I’m going to totally throw a monkey in the middle and use the Lutheran division of the commandments.

What does this mean?

All it means is, the commandments won’t be separated the way most of you are used to. They are the SAME Commandments with different numbering.

No. Big. Deal.

Just remember, if we were Jewish we’d have an additional 613 laws to explore O_o.

My goal is to have the study ready to go by April 5th…that would be Easter Sunday. So for the next few weeks, expect a bit of silence from my little blog so that I can focus on getting things squared away for The Ten Commandments!

So are you in?

Great! Then let’s boogie!!

4 thoughts on “The Commandments: Good Medicine

  1. Yay!! I can’t wait for your bible study Heather!! I truly believe our lives would be so much easier if we trusted and followed God’s word more instead of trying to just wing it all of the time. Thank you in advance for what I am sure will be an inspiring time of learning and growing.

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