Lent, it’s more than giving up

AWI’ve been giving up something for Lent for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it’s the usual, chocolate or something I eat/drink too much of anyway.

Sometimes I take on something…but I can’t remember what I’ve taken on in years past, so I must not have done it too well or picked something wimpy.

This year I decided to make it count.

For Lent I am giving up two things; coffee and beer. If you know me at all, I LOVE my coffee!

Pastor Kirk is already worried at how I’ll survive without my three or more cups of coffee I drink each day.

And they aren’t the little cups either. We’re talking, biggest cup Keurig can fill…I drink at least three a day, plus whatever I have at home before I leave for work.

But Lent is more than giving up something. Lent is an opportunity for us to draw closer to Christ, to reflect on the things we have done so that when Easter rolls around, we can rejoice completely in the free blood bought forgiveness Christ has earned for us on the cross.

This year, I want to take on something that will have an impact that stretches beyond these next 40 Days {46 days if you don’t skip Sundays}.

I had a little trouble choosing what to do, on top of what I already do. Then it hit me.

I want to strengthen my marriage. I want to be a wife who honors her husband and makes him feel like a king.

I know what you’re thinking…it’s not an overly spiritual goal. However, I do feel it is in line with His Will as I seek to be the best, God-honoring wife I can be to my hubby.

That’s all it took to get my brain running full steam ahead…or is it the coffee…hmmmm…


I created four areas I want to explore and added 10 items under each one. I don’t have to do them in order, but I’m printing the sheet so that I can keep track and cross them off as I go along.

Here is the list of 40 ways I want to show my hubby how much I love him. I stopped at 40, but believe me, I could’ve added at least a dozen more {especially under the Fun column…which seems to have found its way into other columns as well…teeheehee}.

The nice thing is, my hubby doesn’t read my blog, so I don’t have to worry about him getting a sneak peek at this list.

40 ThingsY’all, I don’t know why my picture is so blurry, but if you click the picture, a larger, easier to read version will open in a new window. Feel free to use it for yourself or come up with your own list.

I know not everyone who reads this is married, but that’s alright! Just avoid most of the “Fun” column for now and create something different to work for you this season. Enjoy this time of your life!

PS. I have a two year old at home…so I’ll have to get creative with a few of these.

Three questions for you today…

1.  What about you? Are you giving up/taking on something this Lenten season?? I would LOVE to know what you’re doing!!

2. Do you have any more ideas to add to the list above?

3.  Where are you worshiping this Lenten season? Does your church have Lenten services during the week? Our Savior Lutheran has them each Wednesday at 12:15pm and 7:00pm, if you are in the area, we’d LOVE to have you join us!

My coffee cup is nearly empty and I will enjoy my last sips of beer as I contemplate just what exciting tidbit I will start on tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Lent, it’s more than giving up

  1. Heather, I am so amazed at what you have created in this chart. I love your heart to want to honor and grow closer to your husband. I am praying now for God to prepare his heart for this outpouring of love and nurturing and be filled in Ephesians 3:20 ways that will transform his heart. I have not always been one to give something up for lent. It hasn’t been part of my faith much in the past. But you have caused me to think and pray today if I want to do the same…not for me but for Jesus!!

    Love you!


    1. I think there have been a couple of years where I decided not to give up anything; it’s not something I ever really kept track of each year.

      Some people take on something instead of giving up something. Some will take on memorizing a book of the Bible or certain passages throughout Lent. Others choose a task like what I have above, doing acts of random kindness for their loved one, or even a stranger.

      There are so many neat ideas out there for Lent!

      If you decide God is calling you to do/not do something, I hope you’ll pop by again and let us know so that we can all pray for one another.

      Love you sister!


  2. Hi Heather. Thank you for sharing your post and chart. I think it is very inspirational. I am not married but like you said I could change the columns to fit where I am in my season of life.

    I have recently started blogging about my spiritual journey. Blogging is vey therapeutic!

    I can’t remember giving up something during lent but this year I am reading a 40 day Lenten Devotional-Preparing Our Hearts for Easter. I look forward to what I will receive from the devotional and sharing it with others.

    Again thanks for this pots!


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