How to survive the zombie apocalypse.

zombieIf you’re like me, a little nutty, you have a basic idea of what you will do when the zombie apocalypse starts. My hubby and I aren’t far from the Everglades, so our plan is to grab our camping gear, weapons, whatever essentials we can fit in the truck, and head out into the wild to fend for ourselves.

You are welcome to join us, we have zombie grade bullets…seriously…we do.

We have this picture in our heads, largely fueled by the media, of what these zombies will look like and how they will act.

Decrepit flesh and a taste for human flesh and blood, dancing through the streets, you know the drill…


The truth is, the zombie apocalypse is upon us and millions of people are already infected.

These zombies amble from place to place. Relentlessly seeking satisfaction for their insatiable hunger.

There is a hole inside they are desperately trying to fill. Money works for a while, until the money runs out. Relationships seem to patch the hole, until the one they love lets them down. New clothes go out of style. Their beautiful home or car falls into disrepair.

They turn their blank gaze to anything sparkly, hoping to sate the hunger devouring their hearts and minds.

When all this fails, they strike at others, seeking to infect those around them in a desperate attempt to fill the deep-seated emptiness inside.

This leaves us with two vital questions….

1.  How do I prevent myself from being infected?

2.  What if someone I love has been infected?

The answers are fairly simple.

1. Take your vitamins.

Romans 8:5-6 “Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.”

Dig into His Word everyday. It could mean a daily devotion, focusing on one Scripture through Verse Mapping, reading through a particular book a chapter at a time or few verses each day, prayer, Bible study, Christian fellowship, worship, or any combination thereof.

It doesn’t have to be long, it only has to be consistent.

What this world has to offer will never fill the God-shaped hole in our hearts. Fill the hole with time with Jesus and you will never go hungry.

But sometimes…you’ll need to break out some serious antibiotics. A heavy dose of the cross. A reminder we are a fallen people, prone to living contrary to His will. This is when we are in the greatest danger of infection!

There will be days when a heartfelt confession will be what is needed to soften the areas of our heart which have become infected. Listen to those who love you, be open to correction {Job 5:17, Proverbs 12:1}.

2. Pass out the pills. {Ok, that doesn’t sound right.}


In other words, give them Jesus. When our loved ones have been infected, we have a responsibility to lovingly and gently get them turned around; Galatians 6:1. For our brothers and sisters in Christ, it is a little easier to do.

It’s our loved ones who are apart from Christ, where we have more difficulty helping them to allow Jesus to cure their life threatening disease.

My daughter LOVES her vitamins…but they are gummies (so are mine) and who doesn’t love gummies? But yucky medicine leads to a knock out drag out tantrum…sooooo…

Find the vitamins your friends will take.

They may not connect with God because they feel unlovable. Give them the cross, even if they were the only ones needing redemption, Christ still would have died.

Maybe the issue is they have a poor relationship with their parents. Show them how God is the perfect Father, giving all good gifts.

Their struggle could be with the worries of making ends meet. Remind them God provides all we need.

Take practical steps to show God’s love. You may be the only Jesus they meet.

These vitamins may bring them back to health slower than a strong dose of antibiotics, but don’t give up providing the Holy Spirit opportunities to work in their hearts. He will do the rest.

Bottom line, it’s not about giving them doses of theology or doctrine; there is a time and place for those.

It’s about passing out a straight shot of Jesus.

What would happen if we each took our vitamins everyday? How do you think the world would change? Do you think the number of zombies would decrease, increase, or stay the same?

PS. If you’re still stuck on the whole zombie-bullet thing, they were a gag gift and they are #awesome.

8 thoughts on “How to survive the zombie apocalypse.

  1. I love the part… give your friends the vitamins that they WILL take. What a reminder to love without boundaries… bringing them Jesus without them realizing it’s Him… and praying their hearts tender and their eyes become unveiled. Thank you for this post! Love you.


  2. Your are THE most creative woman I know. How you can take zombies and find a valuable, easily understandable and practically applicable spiritual lesson in them is nothing less than amazing to me!! I LOVE this!!

    BTW. Are you a Walking Dead fan????



    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are too generous sister, thank you for the complement!

      I am NOT a Walking Dead fan, but that’s because I keep picturing Stacy trying to survive with us and that’s no good. I used to LOVE the zombie movies and shows. Parenthood totally ruined them for me.


  3. Wow!
    I feel waaaay less weird!
    I posted something so similar yesterday on the same verses and have had nothing but doubt for 24 hours!
    Your post came across my Twitter feed because Wendy Blight commented on it
    Praise God! He is good!
    You have a new follower.
    You did the verses more justice. But I had the same thought.
    BTW, 1 John also talks about walking dead. Not popular in culture to say… but I personally can’t stomach the show!

    Liked by 1 person

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