Our loved ones don’t know they have been kidnapped.

Our hearts are broken. How do we cope with the loss of friends and family we have loved so dearly? We thought they were safe. How could this happen?

The emptiness left by their absence consumes the deepest part of our soul. It’s nothing like losing someone because they’ve moved or been called home heavenward.

We hit your knees over and over. Relentlessly pounding the door of heaven.

Dear God…bring them home. I can’t bear the thought of _______ being lost to us forever. Please God, please…

What makes these gut wrenching prayers even more painful…our loved ones don’t even know they are being held captive.

Most suffer from stockholm syndrome, unable to recognize any danger. Their captor has so thoroughly convinced them of his love, they call him father.

The knots in our stomach are the only thing keeping us from retching. “Father? Puh! The only love he knows is the love of self!”

We try in vain to break his hold on their heart. Our attempts seem to fall on deaf ears, but we persist.

We cannot afford to fail, there is too much at stake.

How can we battle against a thief who’s tactics change so drastically from one person to the next?

Brute force has never been needed, only a deception perfectly tailored to their heart.

Candy or a sob story about a lost puppy may work for a gullible few, but his arsenal is endless.

With some he draws away with wealth or temporal happiness. Others require a connection with mother earth or the cosmos, relying on his perception of truth to dictate their sense of inner peace.

Their lives “lack nothing” and have no apparent reason to leave their father behind.

Trying to convince them they have been kidnapped is about as constructive as beating your head against the wall to rid yourself of a migraine.

It’s almost easier to rescue those whom have been beaten down and abused by their so-called father. Ones who stay close to him out of fear, guilt, and shame. They can’t see his lies from the truth, believing no one could possibly love them like he does. He poisons their hearts against the One who loves them beyond measure. Convincing our beloved, they are unworthy.

God calls us to be His rescue agents. Sending us out to every corner of our neighborhood and into the world. Trading the payment of ransom in exchange for a beloved brother or sister.

The ransom demanded is beyond what we can afford, but it’s already been paid in full.

We only have to bring them home. Though some refuse to cleave themselves from their captor we can’t give up!

No matter how many times we tell them they are free.

No matter how long it takes.

We have to seek and save the lost…

Dearest Father,

There are so many of our brothers and sisters who have been kidnapped and are being held captive by the Father of Lies. Lord, use us to bring them home! We want them to know the love You have for them is beyond measure. Their ransom has been paid and they have been set free! We want them to live in the freedom we live in ourselves. Give us strength to reach out no matter how many times it takes. Break our hearts for Your children still under the yolk of the evil one. Grant us courage to speak and show love in such a way they want to know You more. Forgive us when we have been afraid of their captor, believing his lies.


Do you have someone you love outside the fold? Simply leave their name below so that we can lift them in prayer. If you prefer, write “He knows their name(s).”

For myself, it’s my dear friend Jennie and her family.

Then go out and Do Something

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