This will bring you to your knees…


My husband and I have an affinity for saltwater reef aquariums. We’ve had everything from a seven-foot, 200gallon custom tank, to a 10gallon little sweetie which graced our counter-top. At the moment we have a humble 20gallon reef atop a stand my husband crafted with his own hands.

Layering the bottom of this tank is a fine black sand. It is simply breathtaking compared to the regular beach sand or even the white sand we’ve used in the past. There is a sparkle which catches my eye each time I walk by…and what girl doesn’t like a little sparkle in the midst of her day?

The profound number of grains is wondrous to me, each one hand crafted by God. There are more than I can possibly count, yet the sand takes up little space.

But the picture above…isn’t sand.

What you are seeing is a single frame from the largest photo ever taken. For my fellow tech geeks, it took a whopping 4GB to save this picture.

To put it into perspective. Most pictures are roughly 1.5MB. You could save 2,288 pictures on a 4GB Flash Drive…or one incredible picture of a galaxy far, far, away. I’m talking 2.2million light years away.

In other words, don’t bother booking your next vacation to Andromeda, it would take you 2.2million years to get there…if you were to travel at Warp 1 {light speed}.

Techno babble aside. Look at the picture again. Really take it in for a moment.

Every single pinpoint of light…is a star.

I could remind you the same God who placed every one of those stars into the sky is the same one who…

has given you His breath of life,

keeps a record of your every tear,

knows the number of hairs on your head,

has a plan for your life,

gives you strength when you have none,

offers peace in a world filled with turmoil,

calls your heart home,

hears our every prayer,

loves you so much, He willingly gave up His ONLY Son.

I could remind you of each one and more, but I want to go in a different direction here.

Please take 3.5min to watch the unfolding of the complete Andromeda picture.

If you click the little ytat the bottom right of the video, it will fill your screen. Worth the extra click if you ask me.

Why should this bring you to your knees?

I pray the shear breadth of the above gave you the answer, but just in case it didn’t…here’s why…

God did not have to create the wonders which surround us.

What purpose does Andromeda serve us? Nothing. It cannot prolong our lives, increase our resources, or improve our quality of life.

Andromeda has no impact on our daily living. And I would venture to guess, only a handful of us even knew Andromeda existed before viewing this video!

So why even bother placing it in our universe? Why not simply give us the Sun, moon, and a couple of “you are here” stars and be done with things? While we’re at it, why bother creating half of creation to begin with?

God knew it would bring YOU joy.

It’s that simple. He loves you with a height and depth going beyond redeeming us from our sins. He has placed every grain of sand on the beach and every star in the sky so that…

We would have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10b

It’s not enough for God to save our souls and call it a day. He wants us to enjoy the fruits of His labor.

When creation takes your breath away, it’s God’s gift to you. I am confident, when we take joy in the world around us, His heart soars. Imagine the pride you feel after someone you love opens an unexpected gift especially chosen for them.

Now multiply that my 2.2million and we might just get a glimpse of the pure elation of God when His children take in the gifts He so freely lavishes on us!

Y’all my heart is singing! My knees are buckling! Every fiber within me praises His Holy Name!

Praise God not only for what He has done for our eternity, but what he does in our temporary.

Sweet Papa,

There is so much I want to say, but your love has stopped my lips. My mind cannot wrap around the right words to express the joy You have brought into my life. Instead, my heart is pouring out to You through tears flooding my eyes and dribbling down my cheeks. You do so much for us. So much we don’t need, but out of love and shear enjoyment, You choose to lavish gift, upon gift onto your children! Even those who do not know Your Name can’t help but wonder…how can these wonders be?!

Lord, give us Your Words, give us Your heart, so that all my know Your great Name and the reason for the joy which fills our souls to the point of bursting. When all words fall flat and are replaced with the purest tears and laughter at Your wonders, fill our mouths with Your own words!

Amen and AMEN!

Whew! I need a tissue! FOR REAL Y’ALL!

What is something you can think of which brings you great joy…but doesn’t serve any real purpose?

For me. Coffee and the color purple. Sure coffee can keep me awake, but I still enjoy decaf just the same. Of course, purple is the greatest color created by God, second only to blue and red…for obvious reasons.

4 thoughts on “This will bring you to your knees…

  1. Phenomenal post, Heather. I really don’t have words for what my heart feels in this moment. I think watching this made me ponder more than ever before the immense vastness of our God and His creative power beyond anything I could ever comprehend. I had a similar feeling as I was at the beach speaking this weekend. The power of the waves, the softness of the foam, the brilliance of the sun as reflected on the water. It took my breath away. Love you for drawing me nearer to the magnificence of my God today.

    Love you,



  2. Thank you for this post Heather!! God timed it perfectly! We homeschool and have been learning about stars, constellations and all that so this fit right in. My kids loved the video! As did I…our God is amazing!
    Have you ever seen a video by Louie Giglio titled “How Great is our Good” – kind of leaves your head spinning, but paints a picture of our powerful God.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Heather, I’m rendered speechless. Thank you for opening our eyes to the unspeakable awe factor of our God… and just how is it that He still numbers the hairs on my head? Truly magnificent. xo


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