Five easy ways to share Jesus

Over the past few weeks we have all been buying, buying, buying, so that we can give, give, give. 

Not a bad thing.

But what happens now?

pile_of_wrapping_paperNow that all the wrapping paper has been crumpled and tossed in an over flowing garbage can. Now that the Christmas tree has been removed of it’s baubles and kicked to the curb for bulk pick-up, or ground up for mulch.

Once our gifts have lost their shine, what do we do?

The world tells us to replace our old things and keep up, but it’s like trying to tread water in a whirlpool.

Our tablets are obsolete now that the newer model has come out. Those jeans we bought a few months ago, are now out of style (or if you’re like me, they no longer fit due to holiday goodies). We out grow our toys and they “need” to be replaced with something “cooler.

What can we possibly offer others knowing it will never last?

We still have Jesus. He is the gift that lasts. He will never be out of date, out of style, or lose His fit.

But what does that look like? How do we give someone Jesus? Do we just hand them a Bible and say, “hey, you need to read this, it changed my life.”

If we are completely honest with ourselves, there are few among us who have actually read the entire Bible. In all likely hood, the Bible would be placed on a shelf to collect dust until someone came along to show them where to start.

Here are five easy ways to actively share Jesus:

1. Scripture. Handing them the Word of God right off the bat isn’t a bad idea, but let’s be intentional. Handing someone a 1,500 page collection of books and telling them to “just read it” would be a challenge for anyone! Even if they loved to read…the Bible isn’t in chronological order. So share with them: What part of the Bible changed your life? Are you currently doing a reading plan? Ask them to do it with you!

2. Prayer. Offer to pray for them. Take it a step further by praying with them right away. Be sure to check in on how things are going with their request. You can ask some one in person, send them a text, or put an offer out on Facebook/Twitter simply saying, “How can I pray for you today.” In fact, you could do that RIGHT NOW! Here, I’ll even make it easy for you:

Click to tweet or copy and paste on Facebook or in a text: How can I pray for you today? Reply or send me a DM.

3. Invite. Did you know there is worship every week at church and not just on Christmas and Easter? Keep inviting throughout the year. Something like: “Hey, we’re going to such-and-such church on Sunday I think you would really like the choir/pastor/drama group/praise band/cute guy who sits in the third row. We could have a BBQ at our place afterward or go out to lunch.”

4. Testify. Similar to “What part of the Bible changed your life?” but more like the director’s cut with bonus features. Why do you follow Jesus? How did you come to faith? Was there a singular moment in your life when you believed or has it been a life long process? Why is your faith important to you?

5. Love. This should be number one really. Love those around you as Christ loves you. His love for you isn’t dependent on your behavior or what you can do for Him; therefore, we should also freely love those around us.

Stay connected to God. Keep growing in your faith so that when God presents you with an opportunity to connect Him with a new heart or even a heart that has been a bit bruised in the past, you can respond with Jesus. Above all, remember that even when you are unsure of what to do or say, God’s Holy Spirit will speak through you; Matthew 10:20. So how about it. Who will you reach out to today and introduce Jesus? Which of the above will you use? Or do you have something else in mind? I would LOVE to hear how Christ is working through you to, “Go and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19a

3 thoughts on “Five easy ways to share Jesus

  1. Simple. Easy to understand. Easy to do…if we just open our eyes, ears and heart to listen to God’s whispers. Thank you for sharing, Heather.




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