Three truths about Jesus’ return I learned from Buddy the Elf

elfElf is hilarious. Let’s get that out of the way right now.

This Christmas I finally got a copy of Elf and if it were a VHS, it would be worn out by now.

As I watched it for the umteenth time, these gems jumped out at me and made me think about (of all things) Jesus’ return.

1. Get excited.

Ok, I am aware that no one knows when Jesus will return (it’s in the Bible y’all). But can you just imagine if for some reason God decided to give you a heads up? Or like Simeon, God promised you Jesus would return during your lifetime?

How would you react? Would you be like Buddy would couldn’t contain his excitement, screaming at the top of his lungs? Or would it be a bit more Monty-Pythonish

2. Get ready.

Buddy doesn’t waste any time getting ready for Santa. He creates an incredible winter wonderland complete with a huge Lego creation that would take most of us half a lifetime to build (not to mention sore feet from stepping on the pieces). Of course there’s the impressive cutout snowflakes, I doubt there are two of a kind. Plus the Light Bright “Welcome Santa” sign. Buddy goes all out for his hero. Are we doing the same?

What are we doing to get ready for Jesus’ return? Are we reaching out to others? When was the last time you and I didn’t just share Christ, but actually helped someone come to faith? What are we doing to spread the joy of what Christ has done and what He means to us?

3. Get Educated.

It only takes a few moments for Buddy to realize the man before him isn’t Santa; even before he gets a whiff of beef and cheese ::bleh::. How many times have we been duped by the “Father of Lies” sitting on his throne, trying to convince us he’s Jesus. Satan is ingenious with his disguises. Fooling us…until we take a closer look.

The thing is, even if we do get a closer look, we won’t know the difference unless we get to know Jesus more and more every day. How are you growing these days? When is the last time you and the real Jesus hung out?

Let’s pretend Jesus is coming back tomorrow

and get ready today!

6 thoughts on “Three truths about Jesus’ return I learned from Buddy the Elf

  1. Heather, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! Partly because Elf is one of my all time fav movies. But also because I LOVE you…I stand amazed that I have seen this move what seems a million times and never saw any of this but God revealed it to you. Thank you for sharing with us. I will never look at this movie the same again, and you gave me challenging questions to think about. God works in you in the most creative, amazing ways. So thankful for you.




  2. I’ve watched Elf numerous times and have seen it only as a feel-good children’s Christmas story. I have a new respect for it now and plan to get my own copy. Thank you for opening your heart to see God’s story in the unexpected. Love this!


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