IMG_2092A couple of weeks ago my precious little Bible went AWOL.

I scoured the deep recesses of my purse where it was once safely kept. When it didn’t turn up, I ransacked my classroom, my home, and my office, desperately searching, to no avail.

After a week, I emailed my friends and posted on Facebook for prayer as I continued to look…

I could’ve given up. After all, it would’ve been simple to grab another one of my Bibles…I have several.

But this one is precious.

Over the past 10 years, this Bible has been within arms reach. Ready with it’s Word of Truth, encouragement, strength, and more…

I even turned it into a sort of autograph book, starting with a sweet inscription from my mom who gave me this Bible as a gift.

Not finding my precious Bible wasn’t an option…I continued to look EVERYWHERE.

When I finally found my Bible under my desk at work, tears of joy flooded my eyes! I text my friends, emailed my prayer sisters, and posted my joy on Facebook and Twitter.

To be honest…I would’ve thrown and all out PARTY..

As I hugged my precious little Bible, God spoke to my heart clear as day.

You are more precious to me than all the Bibles in the world!

I was immediately reminded of the words found in Luke 15.

In this Chapter of the Gospel of Luke, we find three parables; The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, and The Lost (Prodigal) Son.

In the first parable, a shepherd loses one sheep out of one-hundred. To be honest, he probably could’ve let that sheep go and had been perfectly fine watching over the other ninety-nine. I somehow doubt the loss of one little sheep could’ve affected the shepherd financially. In the spring, more would be born and the lost one replaced. Yet, this shepherd cared enough about every single sheep in his flock, to go searching for one stray. It didn’t matter what others may think about the value of the lost sheep, or even how valued the sheep felt about itself (if sheep had a sense of self worth).

This same message is echoed in the next two parables. We are precious to God. What was once lost is then found and the moment is met with more than an “eh.”

Whether it was a sheep, coin, or a son…there is an all out celebration.

Sometimes, we feel insignificant, replaceable…even disposable. We go through life hoping someone will love us unconditionally, praying we matter, and hoping our life here on earth isn’t a waste.

God comes in and doesn’t just tell us we are loved and our lives have value. He sends His Son to seek and save the lost.

When those are lost have been found, all of heaven rejoices. Let that sink in for a moment…

If it wasn’t enough to have the Lord of creation celebrate you, He starts running through heaven proclaiming to His angels,


I can picture God giving out hugs throughout heaven, with tears spilling over His cheeks “I’ve been waiting an eternity for {insert your name} to surrender their lives to me and the moment has finally come. Son, prepare a place for {insert your name} at the table and get their room ready for their arrival. I know You will make it perfect.

The angels and all the company of heaven start singing, sharing epic high fives.

This song by MercyMe called All of the Above, is another sweet reminder of how precious we are to God! How all of heaven rejoices when the lost are found!

This Christmas, share Christ! Extend an invitation to church, share a meal, or even just a cup of coffee. Remind those around you just how precious they too are to the King of kings.

I’d love to know, when did all of heaven rejoice over you? Was there a defining moment when you met Jesus or has it been an ongoing, growing relationship?

2 thoughts on “#Precious

  1. God speaks through you directly to my heart! I am awed by your words as all day my mind keeps repeating “I’m not good enough. It’s not good enough. I’ll never do enough, be enough.”


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