Need-You-NowI have always loved music from Plumb so naturally when I heard she was publishing her first book, I counted down the days until I could download it to my Kindle.

I have to share with you why her book is the BEST one I have read all year and why you need to hit your nearest bookstore and get a copy for yourself, RIGHT NOW.

I didn’t really know much about Plumb’s personal life before reading Need You Now. Oh, I knew she was sold out for Jesus, her real name is Tiffany, she’s married, has three adorable kids who go to a Montessori school (not that I have any clue what Montessori is all about), and she has the most hilarious Tweets/Posts ever!

All of that is surface stuff. Yet, the music she creates is on a level so deep, it cleaves the soul. I cannot tell you how many of my days have been rejuvenated because of one or more of her songs cascading Truth into my heart. It was because of her dynamic music I knew I had to read her book.

I didn’t read it, I devoured its pages in only a few short hours.

As I dug into Need You Now, I found myself laughing out loud…though at one time I was trying to put my daughter to bed, so…it came out more like a gotta-hold-it-in-don’t-pee-snort. I even discovered we have the same taste in music (I thought I was the only one who knew Out of the Grey!). The deeper into its pages you delve, the deeper Plumb’s conversation with her readers develops.

It felt like she and I were sitting across a table together over tea and coffee, sharing our lives. Not every writer has the desire to open their hearts so completely with the stranger on the other side of the page. And not every writer can produce that kind of connection with their audience.

Tales of poop, farts, Root Beer, pfft, and pants-splitting gave way to a story of absolute brokenness, hopelessness, Diet Dr. Pepper, and redemption. One that had me wiping the snot and tears running out everywhere. When I put down Plumb’s book, my heart radiated joy. A joy that can only come from hearing how God and God alone can bring restoration to the most seemingly impossible circumstance.

The last thing I want to do is give you a watered down version of Need You Now. Plumb’s story deserves more than any summary could offer because I believe this book can and will have a powerful effect on your faith.

So I will do two things… One, share a few of my favorite quotes…which will be very difficult because almost every page is highlighted. Two, I want to give away a copy of Need You Now (print or digital).

1. Quotes from Need You Now (Kindle Edition)

My relationship with Him is not about the dos and don’ts that I embraced as a child. It is simply about responding to His love for me in a way that never wavers. It is my bedrock. It is the thing that every other part of my life hinges upon: my music, my friendships, my marriage, my love for my children, and my parenting, but also the way I treat the cashier or the server or the person who hurts me. In Him is my true home, where my identity is found.

He is never put off by our weaknesses or our shortcomings. I have learned that when we have to fully lean into Him that we become more than we could ever be on our own.

We dream these little dreams that we clutch so tightly with both hands, and He says , Nope . That dream is too small. Think bigger . He dreams bigger. He dreams better. He dreams the dreams for us that we can’t dream for ourselves.

Sometimes pain or fear or an obstacle faced together can separate you from the one you love. Other times it knits your hearts closer, tightening the bonds that have already begun to form.

There was an ominous three-second silence. “Uhhhh, no.” (Once you get there…you’ll understand why this is so awesome!)

It is His hope and truth that fills them. I may have held the pen but the lyrics are inspired by Him. He is the one who is saving their lives.

2. Giveaway This giveaway has ended.

Leave a comment sharing one or all of the following:

  1. A time where God brought restoration to a situation you thought had no hope.
  2. Your favorite Christian artist or song. How have you been brought closer to Christ?
  3. Your favorite book this year and why.

Bonus entries if when sharing this post on a social network using #NeedYouNow and @PlumbMusic; leave a comment letting me know you’ve done so, honesty policy.

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10 thoughts on “#NeedYouNow

  1. I Love the song Need you Now and Overcomer! They both have touched me so. I have cared for both of my parents this past year. My dad has Alzheimer’s, My mom just passed away on November 6th from Lewy Body Dementia. While the times have been tough and will continue to be, God has brought hope, restoration of family, and peace to me through this time. He has taught me so much and my trust is in him as I need him now more than ever!!!!!!


  2. I have SO many favorite songs, but one of my favorites right now is He Said by Group 1 Crew. I feel like it fits perfectly for where I am at in life right now and is a great reminder that God is with me no matter what I am going through!!


  3. My hubby was laid off this year more than ever and things got ever so bleak. Our water was shut off, our electric was shut off. Tv, DVD and router for internet all decided to die all on the same day. God was faithful. He figured out the details and used people around us to help us get things back on track. we may not have the blue ray or TV we had but the kids have something to watch their movies just the same.

    I don’t know if I will spell her name right but Francessa Batacilli? her songs just reach way down into my soul that I never knew existed.

    as for a book I read I would say Limitless Life. I may be a missionary in a poor third world country but I have 7 children I can share my Jesus too. I need to be better at sharing instead of being o secretive about Him. I lean on Him, cry to Him, and pour out all my worries and flaws, but I do it in private and I think I need to do more in front of my kids…


  4. I love “Just As I Am” because it reminds me that I don’t have to be cleaned up before inviting Jesus into my life, I get to invite him in just as I am and He will help with the cleaning up job.


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