Feed your Spirit in 3 Simple Steps

If you are joining me from this week’s Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies’ Living So That Blog Hop, welcome!!

Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. ~Romans 8:5

How do we feed our Spirit and combat the flesh especially when, like Paul, we struggle to do what is right?

For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing! ~Romans 7:19

God gives us so many different ways we can feed our Spirit and fight the flesh. Here are just three…

Prayer1. Feed your Spirit with prayer.

This isn’t complicated. In fact, God makes prayer an incredibly simple, yet powerful gift for His children! Through prayer God grants us strength, encouragement, and aligns our will with His. Jesus prayed throughout His ministry and probably the most potent moment of prayer was the night He was betrayed; Matthew 26:36-46. Here he too was strengthened for what was ahead, aligning His will with the Father’s and not His own.

A few facts about prayer:

  • We can pray at anytime, anywhere. Remember Jonah? Y’all he prayed while in the belly of a great fish O_o. God isn’t confined to our little church buildings (no matter how big your sanctuary is, God is bigger).
  • Prayer helps change the way we think. When we focus on God, our hearts can’t help but align itself with what pleases Him. (Don’t think about a white elephant.) Philippians 4:7-8
  • We can pray about ANYTHING. That means anything from needing strength to forgive or help getting through traffic without turning in to a psychopath. If it matters to you…it matters to God.  Philippians 4:6

woman holding the bible to heart2. Feed your Spirit with God’s Word.

God’s Word is an incredible love story and from cover to cover it is filled with examples of how God desires us to live as His children. Sometimes those examples are in the form of what not to do, but through Christ, we have our perfect example.  If you don’t know much about Jesus, I recommend curling up with one of the four Gospels which go through the birth, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus. This may help you choose which to read:

  • Matthew: Written mainly to the Jews, uses the Old Testament and Jewish customs to help explain that Jesus is the Messiah. (This on is my fave.)
  • Mark: This was written more for the Romans, doesn’t contain or explain many Jewish customs, and starts with Jesus’ ministry (skips His birth). Focuses on His divinity and what He did.
  • Luke: Luke wrote this one for his friend Theophilus and, as a historian, Luke makes everything easy to understand so that we will be encouraged in our faith.
  • John: Ok, this one is probably the easiest Gospel to understand since John kinda focused on reaching out to those who don’t know who Jesus is to begin with. (If you’re sharing a Gospel book with someone who doesn’t know Jesus at all, this would be the place to start.)
  • Before you start thinking something strange, like I’m super smart for knowing all that, I had to look at my Bible notes to make sure I had the information correct (plus it’s something I teach on a regular basis). TIP: Take a look at the introductions at the beginning of each book of the Bible. Don’t have introductions? No worries, visit your local book store and check out the study Bibles.

Another way to get to know God’s Word is to hide it in your heart…in other words…memorize His Word! Here are a dozen ways to get you started: Memorizing God’s Word and Verse Mapping.

Surround Yourself3. Feed your Spirit with fellow Christians.

Remember as a kid all those lectures about “peer pressure” and avoiding the “wrong crowd?” Yeah…about that…it’s true. We have this habit of emulating those around us. So, like the poster I have in my classroom says…”Surround yourself with who you want to be.”

Participate in worship. Get yourself involved in a Bible study. Join a fellowship group at church, or start one of your own!

Let’s never underestimate the power of Christians getting together.

  • When we fall or succumbs to sin, others can help us get back on track with God.  Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
  • It’s not just about strengthening each other spiritually, sometimes what you need is help with the physical. Acts 2:42-47


 It’s your turn? How do you feed your Spirit? Is there something you do for each of the ones above or do you have three different ways you combat the flesh? I’d love to hear from you!

10 thoughts on “Feed your Spirit in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Heather, I LOVE this post. And I really enjoyed reading the differences in the Gospel books. Thank you for your ministry… Hugs… Xoxo


  2. Thank you, Heather! I agree with your three simple steps to feeding our spirit and liked how you connected them all with the words “Get connected with.” I also liked what Jillberan added with Christian music feeding her spirit. I think the reason it does is because it is rooted in God’s Word which always feeds our spirit.


  3. this is a great study. I just got done reading the 2nd chapter and I had to buy a notebook and start writing everything done I want to remember and I have highlighted in the book, which I try not too incase someone may want to borrow it. I just can’t help myself. This book has touched my heart. I love how God uses others to get what He wants you to learn….


  4. I listen to Christian music a lot. I may hear someone say a word or a phrase and it makes me hear a song which brings me to a bible verse. Happens a lot faster than I can type☺️ It also happens in reverse. I am also on our church prayer chain. We receive many prayer requests for many different reasons and that begins my quest thru my study bible (thank you heather and Daniel) which brings me to a verse which then reminds me of a song which will usually stick in my head for days🎶 And I branched wwwaaayyy out of my comfort zone to teach an adult bible class on Hebrews (thank you Wendy Blight). As you can see I have a lot of help and support along the way. I could not do any of this on my own. God has lead me to those who can help me learn to strengthen my praying. And He has lead you to this blog which will lead you to even more resources and support. To God be the Glory


  5. I especially love and appreciate your 3rd step, I think we tend to forget that God created us to be in fellowship and made us to function as one body doing so many awesome things for His glory! Thanks for sharing, I can see your heart to help people understand and turn to the Bible and that brings me such joy! Keep going girl, you are clearly called to it!


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