For those of you joining me for Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies’ Living So That by Wendy Blight, here are some highlights from what I’ve learned so far from this Bible study. Hopefully you’ll share with me your favorite parts by leaving a comment below or a link to a blog post you’ve written about Living So That.

If you aren’t joining us, it’s not too late and hopefully this post will encourage you to jump in and dig into the Word with over 12,000 women around the world!

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Part One: Introduction

Memorize God's WordIf we can so easily remember catchy lyrics and memorable movie lines, how much more should we seek to remember the precious words of our Lord and Savior?” Pg3 Living So That by Wendy Blight

Ugh! How true this? I could probably rattle off the entire movieThe Princess Bride without skipping a beat. The Bible?

Well…Not so much.

I have a handful of verses memorized and I’m fairly familiar with many Bible stories {the fat that I teach Religin and lead a youth group helps}. This is definitely is an area where I really would like to grow.

Perhaps I should memorize a whole book of the Bible like Jonah or one of the short Epistles in the New Testament. While I figure that out, I’ll be memorizing the verses Wendy provides at the beginning of each chapter and Verse Mapping each one as well.

If you need some help memorizing His Word, here are a dozen different tips to get you started: Memorizing God’s Word.

Part Two: The Law

Call me crazy, but I LOVE God’s Law. Maybe it’s the Lutheran in me or the goodie goodie who is also a recovering people pleaser {I also prefer Lent over Advent}.

Any way you slice it, God’s Law is amazing.

I know when most people think of the Law or rules, they think of being punished for doing something wrong, but it’s so much more than that.

Yes, there are consequences for our sin, because our sin separates us from God.

But His Law isn’t just about doling out consequences. It’s also about guiding us back to the path of righteousness so that we may have life and live it to the fullest. Let me explain by breaking down the Law here for you; go a little LCMS on you for a moment.

God’s Law does three things for us: Instructs, Condemns, and Protects.

Instructs: The Law tells us what God expects all of His children to do…or not to do. He doesn’t have to explain why He has given a command…He’s God and lucky for us, God is love. This means we can trust that the Law He has given is trustworthy.

Condemns: The Law shows us that we are sinners in need of a Savior. Without the Law…we would have no need for Jesus, simply because if there were now Law, there would be no consequences.

Protects: Now this is the part so many people forget about when it comes to God’s Law. God didn’t give us His Law so that He could go around punishing us for our sin; He doesn’t take joy in that. The Law He provides us is given so that we can be protected.


Think about the 10 Commandments. Who’s life has been improved due to murder, thievery, adultery, deceitfulness, casting God aside…? No one!! How amazing is God that He would so graciously give us rules that are intended to keep us safe, living a life full of joy just as He intended?!


The passage above from page 15 blew me away! And frankly, it speaks for itself.

Part Three: New Life

As much as I love the Law, it simply pales in comparison to the new life we have in Christ.

We read the story of Lazarus this Sunday in worship and I just loved reading through it again. What a beautiful picture of the new life we have in Christ through our baptism!

new lifeAn incredible gift comes with that freedom, one that leaves me speechless and dumbfounded. We are given God’s Holy Spirit to dwell with in us. Y’all…that’s GOD living in US. Why on EARTH would He WANT to do that????

I mean, even on my “best” days I still sin, disobey God, and live contrary to His will. Yet He allows His Spirit to reside in this “temple.” That just makes no sense to me. But that’s the beauty of God.

It doesn’t have to make sense.

He loves us and desires a personal realationship with each of us.

So how do we grow in a relationship with God? We must feed our spirit! Of course, going through a study like this does just that, but so does prayer, reading His Word, participating in worship {notice I said participate}, and surround yourself with a fellwoship of believers.

I’d love to hear how you feed your spirit when you’re not doing a Bible study.

{I have just say, I LOVE how Wendy pauses in the middle of this section to give thanks to God on pg 18.}

Part Four: Holy Living

Holy living…sounds easy, but man oh man it’s hard! It’s like what Paul writes in Romans 7:18-19:

For I know that good itself does not dwell in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing.


Key word here…SURRENDER.

We’re not too good with doing that. We have this nasty habit of wanting to love God gain heaven…and do whatever we want.

Of course, God wants more for us and as Wendy reminds us on pg 28, God gives us three precious gifts in Christ. Go check them out, highlight them and praise Him.

Part Five: Prayer

Prayer is another one of those gifts from God that I love. The Lord of all creation, the Alpha and Omega invites us to talk with Him.

Anytime – Anywhere

Prayer isn’t confined to church on a Sunday morning as you kneel, head bowed, eyes closed, and hands folded. Why? Because God isn’t confined to any place or time and gives us no rules for how we should sit or stand for prayer.

You can pray in your car…please don’t try folding your heads and closing your eyes while driving. This isn’t a Jesus take the wheel type of moment.

Jesus gave us amazing examples of when, where and how to pray. We see it all throughoutthe Gospels. Wendy points them out in this section.

Jesus also made conversation with the Father an imporatant part of His life, taking time away from others to commune with God. He received strength, comfort, encouragement, and guidance. God offers these to us through prayer too!

All too often, we allow the busyness of life to get in the way…partly because have forgotten how to say “No.” Sure when we were 2yrs old it was the only word we knew, but not so much any more.

So let’s practice right now. Say it with me…”No.” Good job! Now you are free to say “Yes” to what God has called you to do…


Satan knows how to steal our joy. Make us soooo busy we forget or simply don’t spend time with God.

Don’t let him get away with that. Replace your kneejerk “yes,” with a, “Let me pray and check my calendar, before I commit.” This way, you are surrendering your schedule to God, allowing Him to fill your life with the “yeses” that align with the Calling He has placed in your life.


At the end of this first chapter, I find myself excited and spiritually filled. I’ve already started digging into chapter two, I can’t help myself! I hope you’ll share how God has revealed Himself to you in this chapter!

6 thoughts on “#JesusCameSoThat

  1. I am a bit behind as I am on devotion 4 for this study. But 4 has actually stopped me In my tracks in that I realize that there has been and still is a trial that I have just been going thru the motions and not understand and accepting them as a part of my life for which God has a plan. The has been trial: In 2001 I had a pulmonary embolism. Now ironicly I was a leader at a youth retreat – I love youth ministry- and injured the tendon behind my left knee. I did what the dr ordered stayed off it. Elevated it and used heat and ice to take down the swelling. What the dr didn’t tell me was that I could develops a blood clot that could travel to my heart and or lung To my heart I would probably die. To my lung I could die. 6 days later a clot did develope and did go to my lung. I felt horrid (the dr said the pain was dying tissue believe me not something I would wish on an enemy). The hospital I was taken to is a training hospital and because I was not presenting with any big symptoms – dizziness short ness of breath high heart rate high blood pressure – they started with the worst case scenario and found the clot. It actually was funny. After they found the clot they told me to move slowly get Ion a wheelchair instead of walking and to remain still and calm. Yeah. Right. So a week I the hospital on blood thinners and another 6 months on Coumadin (Coumadin is actually rat poison and as such I had to have weekly blood tests to ensure the amount was exactly what I needed) I am fine. Though I was also told that the first pulmonary embolism is a given the second could kill me. Aaaahhhhh what joy! (Sarcasm emphasized ). So what does all this have to do with living so that…… Well I never doubted that I survived because God wanted me around a while longer. Great doctors supportive family supportive congregation. But the survival rate of a PE really drove home reality. So much could have happened in those six days. One wrong turn and that clot would have gone to my heart and I would not be writing this. So trials come so that my confidence in my faith is strengthened and I will be able to go forth and help others such as myself. I have accepted my humanity and mortality regarding the PE and that another one could happen and again God’s will will prevail. This trial affected only me. My current trial potentially affects children and that trial I have not yet accepted myself. But that is for another day. My prayer for you is this. Dear Heavenly Father our lives are in your hands our faith is on our hearts. You alone know what you need of us and you will deem us worthy and give us the strength to persevere to the glory of your name. Amen


  2. Wow! Heather what amazing teaching!! Girl, you have a gift. Thank you for supplementing and expanding on the lessons in LST. LOVE everything you wrote.

    And, Susan, thank you for your powerful testimony and reminder!!

    Blessings to you both,



  3. Heather, I loved this blog post! It’s very insightful. I like that you mentioned the part about remembering songs, movies ect. This part in the book hit home with me as well! I read the bible from cover to cover last yr, a challenge issued by our Pastor to the congregation. I thought, NOW I will be able to remember a lot more verses! Well.. I remember the stories & parts of the verses, but not nessecarily what book they come from. I’m glad to hear that there are others like me that just don’t have it all down yet! I also help with teens, & participate in the choir which help me tremendously! Song seems to be a way to make things stick with me! Thank you for sharing your tips & your thoughts on the current reading! Catching a “birds eye” view of others thoughts helps me think of things in a new way & remember it better!
    Irene – P31 OBS participant


  4. Really blessed by your comments today, Heather. I am memorizing Ephesians very slowly, something I have never tried before. What it has done is make me slow down and really think about what the Bible is saying to me and feeding my soul. I use Matthew Henry’s Commentary to supplement much of my Bible reading for greater perspective on verses I read. What also feeds my soul is The Lord bringing to mind some of the wonderful old hymns that have so much spiritual power in them! (I am older so I still love the hymns of yesteryear). As a line of a hymn comes to mind I take note of it and then go online and google and get the complete hymn and read that. I sing in a choir and He also will bring to mind lines from anthems sung in the past which is such a blessing also.


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