Happy New Year!

Ok, I know, I know, we haven’t even hit Christmas yet and I’m already celebrating the New Year. This season is rushed enough without me jumping ahead…but I can’t help it. I am so stinkn’ excited about this new year!

There’s something exhilarating about the feeling of a fresh start, a new beginning. It invigorates my soul and my resolutions for next year have me so giddy I’m starting them today!


One…loose these sticky pounds that have been lingering passed their welcome. NOT easy. In fact…I’ve put on 6lbs, so now I have 15lbs to go instead of just the 10 I was hoping for. My goal is to be able to keep up with my daughter…though she may be the reason I am able to lose those pounds in the first place. As an added bonus, I’ll be able to fit in my fave jeans again…it doesn’t help that I am currently eating some homemade guacamole and tortilla chips…

Two…my one word for this next year is “commit.” This goes along with my verse for the year; “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.” ~Proverbs 16:3 NIV If you’ve never chosen a verse or word for the year, I encourage you to give it a try. This past year, my word was “create” and I used “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” ~Psalm 51:10. Choosing a verse and a word has given me focus. Not that I’ve always been faithful to keep that focus, but I’ve enjoyed creating this year. Next year I hope to commit everything to God more completely. You can learn more about choosing your One Word HERE.

Three…the first thing I hope to commit to Him…is reading His Word…His entire Word. Y’all, I’ve tried this before…several times. It’s not that I don’t love His Word, and once I get past Leviticus I feel pretty darn good about myself; if you’ve ever read Leviticus, kudos…you totally understand the accomplishment! What gets me is all the shiny stuff around me…like Candy Crush, Pinterest, or Stacy {my daughter for those of you just joining me}. Lord help me…I’ve been sucked in…it’s like shiny, glittery quicksand! The more I struggle to get out the more I get sucked down; UGH! BUT…

I have a plan…literally…

Ok, y’all know I love technology and making it work for me; well, I’m going to put it to good use so that I can actually read through the Bible this year. I already have the Bible Gateway App which I use to read the Bible when I’m a lame-o and leave my Bible sitting on my desk…under a pile of mail. Now I’m going to use one of their handy dandy reading plans and commit to reading through the Bible in a year. You can pick a reading plan too of course 😉.

I’m going with the chronological reading plan; did you know the Bible isn’t in chronological order O_o? Anyway, you can choose one of the other plans if you’d like, or you can join me in my endeavor. My super awesome hubby is going to read along with me; we’ve decided to read together during dinner…

This then leads me to my fourth and final resolution for the New Year…

Fourthblog every day. Ok…TOTALLY joking here. I’m lucky if I can get to my computer every two months, let alone every-single-day! Chasing a baby around and getting everything done I’m supposed to, takes time. {Life…best when lived.}

That being said, I would like to post a blog once a month at least…but only if I have something worth sharing; last thing I want to do is waste your precious time having you read my dribble. I’ve been working on my Living Word: David and Goliath and Living Word: Hope is Dead posts off and on for the past two months…still nowhere near complete. I hope they will be the first ones I get to share next year.

Fifth…yes, I know I said the last one was the last one…but this is a simple resolution. Upgrade to a tablet. Purely for the sake of writing…I promise…no Candy Crush will be installed. The laptop I’m writing on is slower than my phone…scary.

What about you? What are you most excited about for next year? Do you have any resolutions you can’t wait to start?

For those of you simply aghast that I have skipped a Christmas bloggy post, what is your fave family Christmas tradition?

In my family, we put a navel orange in each person’s stocking. This isn’t an uncommon tradition in some places, but the reason is different. During the Great Depression, this was all my family could afford. We continue the tradition in order to remember that our gifts from God come in all sizes. The greatest gift came in the form of a tiny baby in a smelly stable, who then rescued the world from eternal death.

Leave a comment below and I will give away something fun this weekend. Not sure what actually…but I feel like giving something away…what should it be? starbucks

A $10 gift card to Starbucks? LST

A copy of Wendy Blight’s latest book Living So That? {I’ll pre-order a copy to be mailed to you.}

Hmmm…maybe both?chickens

Or perhaps, I could buy some chickens in your honor? {Seriously.}

I’ll let the winner choose. Share this post on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, and get extra entries…{Comments should be in by Saturday afternoonish.}

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Heather, I LOVE the feeling of new beginnings just like you! I’m looking forward for God to reveal a new reading plan for me this year. Last year I did a Bible in a year plan. I still have a couple weeks, but it has been such a blessing. Of course we will ALL celebrate the moment we can open the cover to Wendy’s new study, “Living So That”!!!! Thank you for starting the celebration. Love you!


  2. I’m looking forward to the start of the new year. This year has been hard for us do family medical issues so looking forward to a new start.


  3. Heather, can he bible app be put on a tablet? My hunny bought me one for Christmas. I am so not computer literate. and if you are up for the challenge to read the bible all the way through, I’ll do it too. sort of as an accountability partner. What do you say? I enjoy your posts when you can. You go enjoy that baby. Have a very Merry Christmas.


  4. Every year our pastor gives us a Bible reading calendar. We read the Old Testament through once, New Testament and Psalms twice and Proverbs 12 times. The first year it was a bit overwhelming and intimidating, but now after doing this for close to 7 years I’m grateful. You will be blessed in this endeavor!! And so will your little lady!! I’m amazed at my 10 year olds knowledge and understanding of the Bible, but we’ve been reading through it every year at breakfast since he was 3. So encouraged that His Word does not return void!! I’ll be honest though some mornings it’s chaos around our table (the kids are 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10), but again I cling to His promises and trust this is a wise investment of our time. Merry Christmas and Happy NEW Year!!


  5. I know that big changes will he made in my life in 2014. Not sure what all they will entail but trust that it will all be part of God’s plan. I read the Bible from front to back with Pastor Biar years ago in a Crossways class. I bought a Chronological Bible a couple if months ago. I need to make a commitment to read everyday. Usually I am too exhausted when my Grandson goes home. I will commit to reading the Chronological Bible to Kaleb while he has his lunch. I like your idea of a word and related scripture to focus on for the year. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family Heather.


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