The Crucifixion #LivingWord

the crucifixionThere are no words in any language of the world, nor in the heavens above, to express the agony involved with being crucified. Men have tried to portray crucifixion in movies. Enhancing the screams, overflow of blood from wounds, and the sound of metal scraping against bone into a wooden beam. They try in vain.

I was already exhausted when they stripped me to be flogged. Each strike stole the very breath from my lungs as my flesh was flayed. The flogging did not last minutes, that would have been merciful. No, it took over an hour…it felt like days.

They delivered the blows slowly, making me catch my breath before raking the whip over my flesh once more. When I lost consciousness, they revived me before continuing…ensuring I felt…




Unable to rise under my own power, the soldiers dragged me to a little room to await Pilate. I knew what would come…I’ve always known. I laid on the cold earth, saving what little strength I could.

As I lay there, they struck my bare skin with anything they could find. Rods, boots, fists, spit, rocks, the hilt of a sword. They were not careful about my fresh wounds, taking pleasure in each groan and cry of agony.

Another stood to the side, carefully twisting together my crown of thorns. A robe draped over my shoulders as I was forced to sit up. Then that awful crown was p.r.e.s.s.e.d onto my brow. It’s thorns digging deep, ripping flesh and hair, creating a fresh pouring of blood down my face blurring my vision stopped only by the new robe now soaked, clinging to my body.

The crowd before Pilate cried out…

Crucify him!



The long, slow journey to Golgotha…my ears echoing with a tangle of insults piercing my heart. Until I find myself slumped on my knees before my cross, blood and sweat pooling on the ground before my eyes, hearing the screams of the other two receiving their share of nails and blood.

The attending soldiers try to pull the robe from my body, but it clings to me where the blood has begun to dry. It takes one pulling me forward while two more rip the drenched and sticky cloth from my skin. Searing pain explodes through my body, causing me to retch blood and bile. This is ignored as naked, I am thrown onto my cross.

Nails defile skin, muscle, and bone.


and again…

and again…

Each hammer strike sends a shockwave of fresh pain to every inch of me still able to feel.

The cross lifted for all to see, the jolt of it causing my limbs to convulse, bile escaping once again.

Every breath agonizes from my lungs under the weight of my weary body, the weight of your sin on my shoulders.

The hot breath of the Evil One sending an icy chill down my spine despite the heat of the day…willing me to call on heaven for rescue…

To speak…I must lift myself, pushing on my feet which protest, with sticky patches of blood trickling anew.

I long for death to come quickly, but not until my task is brought to completion.

Hours drag on like days. There is no relief for the pain pulsing through me with each beat of my heart.

The heavens offer no  comfort. I hang here…

betrayed by my friend

abandoned denied by my Disciples

forsaken by my Father.

Mustering what little strength is left in me…




And I would do it all again…because precious handmade child of mine…




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5 thoughts on “The Crucifixion #LivingWord

  1. Only those who were nailed to a cross understood the pain and agony. How MUCH He suffered so we could be adopted into God’s family. How MUCH He loved each one of us.


  2. No words to speak….

    Simply thank you for taking me back to that day and reminding me how loved we are!!!

    He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!!!!

    Easter Blessings to you,


  3. Oh Heather, I can’t comprehend such love, but I’ll spend a lifetime trying to grasp it. Thank you for using your writing talents and your deep heart to convey this in such a powerful way. He has risen indeed. Love you!


  4. Oh my goodness Heather! Wow! What you have written leaves me breathless and speechless. Thank you for this. You have helped me realize (not that I need more help, but maybe my soul, deep down inside hasn’t truly been filled by this amazing, indescribable (you did an excellent job!) love that Jesus has for us. You have truly blessed me. I appreciate your contributions so much.

    Love in Christ,



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