Tune Out!

Apparently I wrote this on my phone months ago…I had to try and find it online to make sure I didn’t write it somewhere else!

Tune Out the world so you can tune into the ones you love…

It’s no secret, our lives are getting busier each day. Our children’s schedules are no better {Ok, Stacy still sleeps quite a bit…but before long she’ll be wanting to borrow the car!}. Between school, work, activities, friends, and more, it’s no surprise that family time is becoming harder and harder to squeeze into our week. Time with our family is precious. Before we know it, they’ll be grown up and gone. It’s never too late to tune out the world so we can tune into our family.

Schedule one Tune Out each month with your family; two if possible! For one-two hours have a media Tune Out. Turn off all electronics, place cell phones and other distractions in another room. If needed, schedule your TV to record any shows or sporting events to watch at a later time. Pre-plan an activity for the evening. Parents can plan the first one, then rotate with your children and let them plan the Tune Out.

You may want to sit down as a family and brainstorm some ideas to refer to later. Here are quite a few to get you started.

Free or pretty cheap Tune Outs:

  • First things first, make a Tune Out basket for all of those electronics! Make sure they’re off or that thing will be vibrating like CRAZY the whole time!
  • Play a board game or interactive video game.
  • Do a puzzle together, need a challenge, turn the pieces upside down.
  • Bake something yummy together.
  • Put on a family talent show.
  • Eat dinner together, sounds like a no brainer, but sometimes once or twice a month is all you can get these days!
  • Plan a dream vacation whether you plan on going or not!
  • Look for free community events to attend {leave non-essential electronics at home}.
  • Do a family devotion.
  • Look through old photo albums and share family stories; There are so many times families don’t hear these great stories until a wedding or funeral!
  • Teach your children an important skill: sew a button, do a load of laundry, cook a simple meal, write a letter, manners, tie a tie or put on simple make-up.
  • Geo caching – an exciting way to treasure hunt and it’s world wide!
  • Grab a tote bag filled with park goodies such as a blanket, frisbee, football, tennis ball, or anything else you can think of and hit the local park! Have a picnic, go for a hike, toss a ball around, or enjoy the playground.
  • Head to your local bookstore and browse DIY books or other sections to get some creative family ideas.
  • Bowling or mini golf.
  • Craft projects {great for sending to grand parents}.
  • Create-a-pizza; gather pizza supplies and a variety of toppings.

…Schedule these nights in advance and then protect them like they’re made of gold!…

You can apply the Tune Out to dates with your spouse as well. Most phones can assign ringtones, have one set for your home phone in case the babysitter calls. Turn off all other notifications. Need to save on babysitting? Swap nights with another couple. Watch each others’ kids once a month so you can have a cheaper date night. My friends watch each others children over night so each couple could enjoy a mini retreat!

How about you? What are some fun things you do with your family? your friends? or your spouse or loved one?

6 thoughts on “Tune Out!

  1. Love this list! Some of the things I’ve done already just me and the boys. Look forward to talking DH into joining sometime 🙂


    1. I’m the guilty one in the family. If my phone makes a noise my curiosity goes through the roof! Turning on the “Do not Disturb” feature has a made a WORLD of difference for us :*

      ❤ Heather


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