Lifted Up!

“The president probably won’t release a statement calling us the greatest anything when we die…Nobody will post a blog entry about our lives…” pg 7 Greater, Pastor Steven Furtick

Today I plan to do just that…

But, first I have to announce the winner from Monday’s Let. It. Go. giveaway. The winner is:

  • Chrissy Gunning on November 26, 2012 at 8:23 am

Congratulations! I will contact you so I can get your information and you can get your copy of Karen’s new book!

Alrighty, so here’s the skinny. In addition to Wendy Blight’s Living So That Bible study, I’m enjoying Melissa Taylor’s online study of Pastor Steven Furtick’s newest book Greater. This week she gave us three blog topics for today’s blog hop and this the one I chose…

Write a blog post lifting up someone in your life or a person from Scripture who inspires you to live greater!

Ok, I’m not going to write a post about someone who has already passed away; rather I want to lift up someone who inspires me today. Let me tell you…it wasn’t easy to choose either!!! There are so many men and women in my life who inspire me it was a bit of a challenge narrowing it down. In the end, two people in particular rose to the top and one amazing group.

  1. My super sexy husband Daniel {It’s ok, I’m allowed to call him sexy}.
  2. My sweet friend Wendy Blight {Sorry, calling you sexy would just be awkward…}.
  3. My incredible Philippians 4:6 prayer sisters {What would I do without y’all?}.

Daniel Bleier

Aside from being my super sexy husband, Daniel absolutely inspires me! I would just love to tap into his determination and drive. Holy cow, the things I could accomplish if I had just an ounce of both from him! Then there’s his sense of humor…usually at my expense of course…he keeps me young. Oh I just wish I could share some of the hysterical things he’s said. I keep warning him not to make me laugh too hard, I am after all rapidly running out of bladder room with this little one getting ready to say “Tada!” in just 3 weeks.

Most importantly, he constantly reminds me to trust in the Lord. He reminds me with more than mere words; it’s how he models that trust each day. There have been more than one occasion during the last 9 months where I’ve had a mini, “oh my gosh, we’re gonna have a baby and we can’t afford one” meltdown. All it takes is a firm embrace from my love and few simple words of encouragement to bring me back around.

I can’t imagine why God would choose to bless me so much with such an amazing husband, man of God, and bestest friend in the whole wide world!!

Wendy Blight

“Hi, my name is Heather Bleier and I am addicted to Wendy Blight’s online Bible studies…and I have no intention of breaking this addiction.”

What can I say about Wendy? She seriously has a tenacious spirit which God has aptly used to not only dig deep into His Word, but share that Word with thousands of others. I am constantly amazed with the Bible studies that pour from her precious heart. One of the things I love most about them is that she is not satisfied with simply scratching the surface. With all of the studies God has laid on her heart, He uses her gift for research and burning desire for answers to bring others into His presence in a fresh and lasting way. Wendy truly inspires me to grow continually in my faith, plus she makes me fight for every point on WWF ;).

My Philippians 4:6 Sisters

You may or may not remember meeting my precious sisters last year in my post I’ve Got Mail. We’ve been together for almost 2 years now and I can’t imagine what I’d do without them. This sweet circle of women gathered from literally around the world for one singular purpose, to pray and encourage one another via email. Thousands of emails have flown back and forth as we have lifted each other up during very difficult times. We have cried together, prayed together, rejoiced together, studied together, and some of us have been able to actually meet face to face!

These sisters of mine inspire me to pray without ceasing. They have offered godly wisdom that has helped me to be a better wife for my hubby and to press into Jesus more fully.

What about you?

So what about you? Is there someone in your life who inspires you to be greater? Inspires you to draw closer to the Lord?

Leave a comment below with a few words about how they inspire you and you will be entered to win a copy of Lysa TerKeurst’s book Unglued {I happen to have an extra copy.} Share this post with others and you will gain even more entries, just let me know in your comment where you’ve share it {Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc…}

8 thoughts on “Lifted Up!

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you have such a tight group of friends to pray with you and carry you through difficult times. I started my blog in hopes that I could create a similar community and find a new accountability partner. You are very blessed to have a wonderful husband, a rich group of OBS sources, and a community of friends to pray for you and with you.


  2. Heather, what a beautiful post. Your gift to express what you feel in your heart is truly amazing!!! Thank you for the kind words you shared about our on-line Bible studies. They mean so much to me!! Teaching is my greatest joy next to my family, and I am so thankful He has used that gift to speak into your life. You have taught me so much as we have walked through the Word together. One day, I see you doing this same thing!

    I too love our prayer group and am so thankful the Lord brought us together through the Word!! How can you go wrong when you knit together the Word, Prayer, and sisters in Christ. 🙂

    Love you,



  3. I don’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you and what you have taught me over the last couple of years (almost). I truly have learned more from our prayer group than I did in the 37 years prior to knowing all the ladies. Thanks Heather!!!
    I babysat my niece last night and I can’t wait for you to experience your own bundle of joy. Of course it will be 1000x greater because he/she will be all yours.

    Love ya girl!!!


  4. I’m inspired by my INSANELY amazing (yes, sexy) husband. He is proof positive of God’s love for me- there’s nothing I could ever do to have deserved him. He constantly shows me what true faith looks like. He’s a warrior. He’s wise. He’s crazy. He cracks me up and always lifts me up.

    I’m inspired by our Philippians 4 prayer warriors. I’m a fellow Wendy Blight OBS addict. (What the heck is WWF- sadly I Googled it and only found the wildlife panda people.)

    … And I am highly inspired by Heather Bleier! Your teaching… your friendship… your humor… your wisdom… your love for Jesus… Thank you sweet friend for YOU!


  5. Heather,

    I am inspired by three individuals.

    First, the man I have been a 29 year Bride to!! My hubby! He is an overcomer. Through the blood of Jesus he has overcome a twenty year pornography addiction. He always has taken responsibility for his actions and is never shy in saying I am sorry and I love you!! He is a walking testimony of God’s restoration and healing grace!! He inspires me to overcome those “pet sins” in my own life. He is an amazing Dad to our five grown children and Pampa to our three grandbabies. He has taught in public education for over 25 years and those kids are his kids!! He loves the “under dogs.” Even though he looks like this rough and tough athlete, he has the most sensitive heart I know. And more often than not, I see tears running down his cheeks whether he is proud of his own children, one of the kids he teaches or something simple touched his heart! He has this wild sense of humor which makes every day and adventure. He is a true example that life is not about ourselves but others!
    Secondly, my life was forever inspired by my folks. Both of whom are sitting at the feet of Jesus today! My Mom lived the last 20 years of her life with the awful disease known as bi polar, but yet she loved her Jesus and believed that was her lot in life. She was never judgmental and always chose to see the best in others. I strive to see others the way my Mom saw them! Always the best!
    Than my earthly Father! He loved the Lord with all his heart, soul and mind! And it showed through his love of others. He spent his life caring for others and anonymous giving when he saw a need. In fact, he would help others before get something for himself.
    How bless I am and my children are because of the legacy of faith my folks left!
    Thanks for asking me to share those who inspire me!
    Best of luck on that precious baby! What a fun time in life!!


  6. loved your list! how fun! i love wendy blight to.. i had the joy of being in her She speaks eval group once 🙂 I also was in Melissa taylors the year before that.. loved them.
    I think my biggest inspiration is my twin sister michelle. She truly is the most selfless person I know. For example I am currently trying to raise money for my next mission trip through my ministry to Haiti. My sister knows I am always looking for a new way to fundraise as I am constantly raising support for the ministry (and God is soo good and He always provides)! She didn’t have much money but she had the idea to invest and make homemade bread to sell. Keep in mind she has a very active 4 year old boy and a 2 month old baby and she wanted to do that for my calling! How amazing. So far God has used that to turn her investment into 400 dollars for my trip. How cool is God!


  7. I love your post! I recently did an online bible study for Unglued, did you? I loved it. It was my first one. You have an awesome circle girlfriend! My hubby is my inspiration as well and it’s a wonderful thing to say now because we were once on the brink of divorce. Thanks for turning me on to Wendy Blight..maybe I can catch her next OBS.


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