Philippians 4:13 anyone?

As I have been answering this week’s homework questions for Wendy Blight’s Living So That online Bible study, this jumped out at me…

Share a memorable time in your life when you were watchful and experienced answered prayer.

The most recently answered prayer happened yesterday morning, but began on Monday…

On Monday, I told a few people that Daniel and I had decided to go with a natural, no meds birthing plan. It was met with genuine concern from friends who love me and questions of why I was insane enough to even consider going without an epi. It wasn’t just one person who reacted that way, even my doctor {who is an amazing person} gave me the, “there’s no reason to go natural,” speech.

Though I was confident this was right for BB and me, I was feeling very discouraged. I wrote to my Philippians 4:6 prayer group, looking for support, even if they disagreed with our choice. I mentioned holding onto Philippians 4:13, then I went to sleep praying and knowing that my beautiful sisters would be praying too.

In the morning I opened their emails from my phone. The very first person to respond mentioned having issues with the epi with her first born. For her second, she went natural and used Philippians 4:13 as her breath prayer during the experience. That would’ve been enough for me, but God chose to continue affirming, answering, and encouraging me using Philippians 4:13.

When I got to my computer to check the rest of my email, the folder which filters the emails from my prayer group, had 13 messages…the name of that folder is Philippians 4. Once again, Philippians 4:13 was staring me in the face. I was just beside myself. As I answered those emails, the number went back down, but one of the others in my group was also answering at the same time, which kept pushing the number back up to 13!

God kept on going… Every grading period, I give my students a paper with their memory work for each week. I created this list long before school started in August. On Tuesdays they have to write their verse from memory.Well, my 7th and 8th grade classes had…you guessed it Philippians 4:13 as their verse for the week!

You’d think that would be enough, but for God, who just loves Ephesians 3:20! As I sat down last night to read this week’s homework for Living So That by Wendy Blight, guess what verse was listed, not once, but twice in her post? Yep…Philippians 4:13!!

God didn’t have to any of that. In the grand scheme of things, this was nothing earth shattering. However, God’s love for us knows no bounds. He doesn’t just care about our BIG prayers, even little things like this tug at His heart. He didn’t see how “big” or “little” this was, He only saw one of His children in need of strength and encouragement.

In His wisdom, He sent what was needed, things He set into motion months ago. He knew what I would need yesterday. In this case, it was a simple verse popping up over and over and over. I simply had to keep my heart open so that I could understand the significance of seeing that verse and embrace that precious blessing from above.

So how about you? Do you have a memorable time when God answered your prayers in a special way? Even if you aren’t doing Wendy’s study, I’d LOVE to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Philippians 4:13 anyone?

  1. Heather, even though we talked about this yesterday, I LOVE seeing it in writing. God wants to answer our prayers; He wants us to see Him at work in our lives and in our prayers. Thank you, thank you for this precious reminder that when we pray, we then need to LOOK everywhere for Him to be answering them!!

    Love you and BB,



  2. Heather… I love stories like this. It makes me feel like we’re living in biblical times (aside from all the technology we have 🙂 ) God is so real… I can’t help but think He has a huge smile on His face as He leaves evidence of His answers and we SEE THEM and thank Him! You are such a role model in the way you seek the Lord… you eagerly await knowing He’ll answer… and you thank Him when the answers come. I LOVE YOU! xoxo


  3. Love this post Heather! Love it when God chases us around with scripture…truly He is trying to tell us something! On a side note as a Mom of 5 it is possible to go the no med route! I’ve done it 4 times and am thankful. For our number 3 they finally gave me an epideral to move the process along…that worked but I ended up with spinal headaches, which were terrible!!! Praying for you as you near the big day!!!


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