Preparing a place…{Take 2}

Why is this “Take Two”? I originally wrote this post last night and finished it this morning. I saved it {yet again} and clicked preview to make sure everything flowed. I was excited to finally be back writing after being away for over a month!

I hopped over to the preview page to discover nothing. Going back to my draft…again there was…nothing.

Every word.

Every picture.

Every sentiment.

Gone…just gone.

I came unglued at the seams. Bursting into frustrated tears, I had a mini mega momma meltdown as I cried. {I knew it was not the end of the world, but tell that to my raging 8 month preggo hormones!}

Saving my work meant nothing, everything had mysteriously disappeared, save for one little line I’d copied moments before:

“I have been so focused on preparing a place for BB in our home…another place has been neglected.”

In five weeks, my husband and I will finally welcome our first child into our home. We of course have been busy getting our home prepared. Daniel built BB’s dresser and a glider for me. I have been trying to figure out where to put everything in our little one bedroom condo. We both have stared bewildered at some of this baby gear trying to figure out what it is or how to even put it to use!

Within the past month we have been blessed beyond words with the kindness and doting of friends and family. Several sweet ladies have given BB beautifully handmade blankets. We have had one celebration after another. My mother-in-law threw the sweetest baby shower complete with a surprise visit from my family who all live out of state. The youth group I lead, created the coolest diaper cakes at the baby shower they threw. Then my dear co-workers surprised me with yet another shower.

In all the excitement and preparation, another part of me was neglected and that part was beginning to starve.

*My time with the Lord had gone from eagerly awaking and spending over an hour with Him to a quick read through of a daily devotion minutes before having to leave for work. My prayers have become rushed and almost halfhearted…so many to pray for, so many needs. It has turned into just one more thing to get done amidst everything else. It all happened so gradually that I hardly noticed the change coming over me.

The thing is each of us is in danger this time of year of the same kind of starvation.

Richard Roeper “Even though we’re a week and a half away from Thanksgiving, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”

Daniel and I were walking around Walmart on Monday picking up a few things and were completely surrounded by Christmas. Lights, a fully stocked selection of fake trees, wrapping paper, ready-to-go gifts, and huge inflatable lawn ornaments…including a 6’ Frosty complete with camo and hunting rifle {guess those naughty reindeer better watch out!}.

Every year as the holidays approach it is so very easy to be sucked into all the preparations and excitement. So much so, the one place that truly needs the preparation is completely neglected. Our hearts…

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We are surrounded by opportunities to dig into God’s Word, to spend time with Him in prayer. Not only during time set aside, but throughout our day.

So no more excuses for me, no more giving Him my halfhearted leftovers. My alarm has been reset to 6:30am once again and I am once again digging into His Word. It all starts with getting connected in a Bible study.

I am joining two Bible studies and if you don’t have one at the moment, I would LOVE for you to join me in one or both of these…

  • Today my sweet friend Wendy Blight is starting her study called “Living So That.” What I LOVE about Wendy’s studies is her ability to help you truly dig into His Word. I’m not going to lie, her studies take time and a bit of work, but I can also tell you, that work is well worth the reward! To check out her new study you can watch this little VIDEO or you can jump right in by clicking HERE. All you need for this study is your Bible, internet access, and journal for your answers. We’ll be done in time for Christmas.
  • The other study begins November 25th with Melissa Taylor as we study Pastor Steven Furtick’s book Greater. I have the joy of being a part of the leadership team for these online Bible studies, so I have already read the book and it’s incredibly powerful! Melissa’s studies are easier to go through than Wendy’s, but no less powerful. This study is split, taking a break for Christmas. Click HERE to learn more and sign up. You will need your Bible, journal, and to purchase a copy of Greater. You can pick it up at your local bookstore, download an electronic version, or purchase it online. If you purchase it through Proverbs 31 Ministries, you help to support their ministry {plus during the month of November, all of their products are 25% off.}.

So how about it? How’s your heart these days? Does it feel like it’s going to burst in your chest, or are you like me…feeling more than a little parched? What are you studying right now, I would LOVE to know!

Let’s encourage one another as we prepare a place for Him this year…

*God does not require us to spend hours and hours with Him each day, He can move mountains with only a few moments of precious time with you. I personally crave that extended time with Him. Your time with God is just that…your time with Him, allow Him to lead you to what is needed to fill your heart…not me, nor anyone else.

8 thoughts on “Preparing a place…{Take 2}

  1. Thanks!! I know that I should do another study, but I am not buying Greater, because I am unemployed so I was skipping that study. So to hear about the other study, well I will need to check it out.


  2. Love hearing from your heart again, sweet Heather. I have missed it. Thank you for this great check-up/reminder to encourage us to be in the Word…especially this time of year. Preparing our hearts for HIM. I am so thankful you will be a part of our Living So That study. And thank you for sharing our study with your friends!!

    Blessings to you and BB



    1. Thanks Wendy. It feels so good to be back…even though I’m sure in five weeks EVERYTHING is going to change again, LOL. Hopefully though I’ll get myself back to where I need to be in the Word and with Him.

      Love you!


  3. We cannot be reminded enough how life-breathing… life-sustaining… life-giving… being saturated in God’s Word is! Thank you beautiful friend! Yes… preparing my heart… knowing you’re next to me preparing yours 🙂 And YAY for Wendy’s study! I love it! I love you sis!


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