As I drove home from work today, I reflected on the immense blessings God has continually poured out in my life and the life of my husband. I have been at a loss as to just why God would keep giving and giving.

Let me share just a few of these blessings that have occurred within the last month or so…some seem small, while others are just plain huge…

  • Daniel and I are expecting a healthy baby in December.
  • When we needed a little extra income, God provided me with an opportunity to earn a little money by helping others with their blogs, Facebook Pages, and Twitter. {Services}
  • The staff at work all received a 2.5% pay increase this year, the first time our pay has moved in five years since we endured a 5% pay cut. Being in ministry isn’t easy, but it’s worth it!
  • A friend and client of my husband gave us so much baby gear that I’ve had a hard time putting things on our registry.
  • This same friend wants to invest in my husband and help him start his own business.
  • I’ve been having intense back pain through out my pregnancy and a sweet friend offered to pay for some prenatal massages, which have been a great help. Plus, the masseuse gave me a very generous price cut and comes to my house.
  • I was speeding, which I am not proud of, and instead of a $500.00 fine, the police officer simply gave me a citation for around $100.00.
  • On more than one occasion, God has provided the money needed for a bill just before it was due.
  • I had to cancel my Monday night Unglued Bible study, which I was sad to do, but saw it as God’s way of giving me time to rest.
  • This weekend, my dad, grandmother, aunt, uncle, and sister all surprised me at my baby shower. I had NO idea they were coming!
  • My sister and I went shopping on Sunday and she bought me the cutest clothes I can wear now and even after BB is born. We had such a wonderful time together!
  • Yesterday, my husband asked God to provide him with extra work this week so he could provide for his growing family. Within two hours, he received a call from a brand new customer who wasn’t even sure how he got my husband’s number! My hubby had extra work last night. Today, his boss told him he would be getting a pay increase which will be applied to his pay check immediately.
  • Today I received my first rejection letter from a publishing company. Sounds sad, but I am THRILLED! The fact they took my proposal and considered it for publishing means the world to me! Plus, with preparations for BB and work, I simply haven’t had time to focus on writing {Y’all may have noticed that by the decline in regular posts!}

So, you may be wondering, why I am at such a loss right now. You see, I have many friends who are struggling. I’m no stranger to hardships, you can see that just by visiting my home page, but some of  my friends seem to have intense hardships…one right after the other. As I was driving today I kept asking myself…why me Lord? Why do You see fit to bless me like this?

Why have You chosen to pour out Your blessings into my life so abundantly, filling my cup to the point of overflowing, while my friends’ cup seems to be running dry? Oh I could quote a dozen verses about His lavish love for all His children. I have written posts on how our pain has purpose. All I would need to do is point to the cross and explain how He poured out His Son’s blood for the sake of every single one of us. That even if you were they ONLY person in the world who believed and were redeemed, Christ would still have died for you. I could easily go on and on about His abundant grace…

I have no answer for this post, I’m not even sure how to phrase the question to where it would make sense…Instead I will end with a prayer…

Lord, thank You for the blessings You have poured out onto Your people. Your grace and provision has been more than palpable in my life…yet I see other faithful, dearly loved children who seem faced with only struggle after struggle. Why? Yes, I know Your plan is perfect along with Your timing and I’m in no place to question Your will for my life nor the life of my friend’s. I know You love them beyond imagining…Lord would You take some of the blessings You have given me and pour it out on others? Show me what else I can do to pass on the grace You have given me so that others may be equally blessed. Amen.

11 thoughts on “Undeserving

  1. Sometimes the hardships are to draw us ever closer to God, perhaps this is just a season where God wants your friends very close to Him right now. You know that its a Growth process through the hard times….it will eventually get easier for your friends. Simply be there for them, and pray them through it. But don’t forget to enjoy your blessings in the process.


  2. I remember once when our pastor challenged us. He said if we ever ask, “Why me?” in complaint, we’d have to also ask, “Why me to live in a free country? Why me to have food everyday? Why me to be chosen by You?” Boy… when I see both sides… the abundant blessings… and the gut-wrenching heartache… I am literally silenced. These days I’ve been loving “1000 Gifts” by Ann Voskamp to help me with my perspective. Thank You Abba. Thank you Heather for sharing this! I love you.


  3. I love your heart and I love your blog keep blogging keep writting i can see God shinning through you in your blogs girl 🙂 blessings brittany OBS


  4. Heather, I love your post. I always say ‘Why me, Lord?’ Sometimes it is due to trials and sometimes it is due to blessings. Either way, all I hear is…. “Because I love you!!” And my heart smiles.

    I have something to throw out to you. I know this may be a little forward and blunt and I know that you don’t know me but I have started a new business where I am representing the doctors who created Proactiv Solutions. They have started a new Anti-Aging line and they are looking for reps to get the word out there. You know people. You would be good at it, I think. All you need is a few minutes a day, a computer, and a phone. I would love to help you earn a little more money while I’m doing the same. Again, I know this is forward and blunt but I would love for you to check out my website at http://www.jandk.myrandf.com or http://www.jandk.myrandf.biz. — God bless you and your growing family.

    (To all others, if you are interested, please email me at jandk@myrandf.com. I would love to add you to my team and help you grow yours.)


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