Come Back Down

The trek wasn’t very long, but the road was rough. They each sat rubbing their aching feet, dislodging grit from their leather sandals. Jesus simply walked ahead, leaving the three tending their feet. Jesus stood before them breathing in deep, whispering to His Father. The three began to doze, leaning against a boulder and one another. They didn’t notice the transformation happening right before their sleepy eyes.

Christ began to glow, the brilliance mounting every moment until His countenance was more dazzling than any flash of lightening. Still sleepy, the three stood upright, sandals tumbling from their lap. The intensifying light forced them to shield their eyes; even still the light pierced both flesh and bone straight through their being. Only a paper thin outline of Christ remained, barely discernible. Collapsing, the three struggled against the light. Then it was gone.

Remaining prostrate they slowly opened their eyes, hardly believing the sight before them. Still blinded, they looked to each other for confirmation. There standing with Jesus, were Moses and Elijah. Peter arose taking a few lopsided steps, one sandal still on his foot, voice mingled with exhilaration and fear, “Lord, it is good for us to be here. If you wish, I will put up three shelters—one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.”

The voice of the great I Am resonated from the heavens, seemingly filling the entire space around them, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!” The power of His brought Peter back to His knees in fear, trembling as if his very bones were being shaken from their place.

Christ gently touched his shoulder, “Get up,” He said. “Don’t be afraid.” They stood, holding one another for support on wobbly legs, sucking in deep breaths. A few intensely quiet moments passed. Their master, with His face like the ember of a flame not fully extinguished, simply turned and led them back down the mountain.

From The Transfiguration

This weekend I attended my very first She Speaks Conference put on by Proverbs 31 Ministries. I met women I have been connecting with for over a year. We met with tears of elation as our hearts finally collided in person. We laughed at how different we all look in 3D instead of our one-inch avatars.

As I walked the halls jubilant conversation mingled with quiet prayers. Oh, the precious sight of women in twos and threes huddled close together. Hands clasping, arms embracing as fragrant prayers wafted to heaven’s throne.

Our hearts traveled the full sphere of emotion in our Spirit lead sessions. God graciously increasing the bounds of our hearts to fully take in His anointing.

We longed to stay in this place, surrounded in this fellowship of sisters, crazy for Jesus. But staying isn’t an option. We must make the trek back down off the mountain. Breathless from the experience, hobbling from our aching feet kept in cute shoes, yet filled to the point of bursting. But we don’t leave alone.

The Master leads the way and He will show us the next step. For some it will come as a powerful, undeniable revelation that will shake you to your core, while others will hear only a whisper, spoken directly to their heart. Whatever He reveals no matter the size, be faithful within the boundaries He has given you before you ask Him to expand your territory. Remember, those who can be trusted will little, will be entrusted with more. He will not lead you astray. Follow His commands and right now His command is to come down off the mountain and love His people.

For those who attended She Speaks, what do you believe God is calling you to do as your next step?


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8 thoughts on “Come Back Down

    1. Amen to beautiful Donna B’s comment! I keep hearing Lizzie’s voice in my mind saying, “Get off the stage!” Less of me, more of Him!

      Heather, the way you wrote about the transfiguration painted a vivid picture. You hit on all of my senses. Thank you. And thank you for the way you tied it into the She Speaks experience. You have blessed me (and all who read this) beyond measure.


  1. Heather that is so beautiful! You are truly inspiring and gifted with encouragement…..I wish that I could have spent more time with you at the conference but the connection in the airport was an awesome experience I will never forget! I know GOD have great plans for you and I know that you will be faithful……and yes…..truly it is difficult to come down off of that mountain! I pray that our paths will cross again! Pray for me sister, that I will have such purpose and drive for the love of our master! Lisa


  2. You know what’s really funny…..we have chosen the same blog background!! I like all of you side things though…..haven’t gotten that far! have a blessed week Heather!


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