We have come to the end…of Week 6!

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Welcome back my ladies from Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies! This is our last day for Week Six, but I won’t keep you long. It’s Friday, which means Glynnis Whitwer, author of I Used to Be So Organized {the book we are studying} has a little encouragement and “home” work for us. Today I have a few tidbits from our Conference Call from Monday night with Melissa Taylor, Angie Combs, and myself.

First, are you a winner??

If you entered in Sharon Sloan’s giveaway of three SIGNED copies of Lysa Terkeurst’s book Unglued which will be the next book in our study line up, then pop over to her blog to see if you won!

The next study will begin September 23rd, which sounds like a long way off, but be sure to order your book as soon as possible. You can also sign-up for the study on Melissa’s blog, it’s up and ready to go!

Monday’s Conference Call

We had a wonderful time together on Monday’s call. I won’t be giving away too much here. If you would like to hear everything we talked about you can purchase the Conference Call Series by clicking HERE. They are only $14.00 and worth every penny! The calls are recorded, so if you cannot listen in live, you can listen online or download the call to your computer.

Angie Fabulous was our first guest and she gave us some WONDERFUL tips for getting organized when we do our grocery shopping, which I know can take quite a lot of time when you’re buying for your whole family. For instance, keep a magnetic notepad on the fridge so you can write down what you need right away. Tell your family that if they want something from the store, they have to write it on the list; now just because they put it up there, doesn’t mean you’ll buy it, but you will consider what they’ve put on the list. Before heading to the store take 10-15 minutes to organize your list. You can color code the list based on where that item is in the store, or re-write the list in the order of the aisles. Taking 10-15 minutes to organize at home, can save you 30 minutes or more in the store!

This week, I took this step one further. I took a picture of each aisle sign at my local grocery store {yes, people looked at me funny}. When I got home, I made a master list so that I know just what aisle to look for items. Since I’m techy, I also downloaded an App which allows me to create custom categories. I made one for each aisle, so now I can make one round through the store instead of two or three! {You can find this App on my Apptastic Page.}

Next up, shared with everyone ways of getting Spiritually Organized. We covered a great deal of ground together, so instead of trying to condense it all I will simply list a few posts I recommend for helping you get organized. However I do want to share one very quick point that I covered. THE RULES!!

The rules for spending time with God are very simple…there are none.

God desires, even longs to spend time with each and every one of us. Sometimes He wants focused, uninterrupted, quality time with you, but He also wants you to take Him everywhere you go. That’s the beauty of being with God, He cannot be confined to a specific time or place meaning He goes with us everywhere. Here are a few posts to help you get started as you organize your time with Him. Just remember one thing, these are all simply suggestions, use what works for you and your time with God.

Melissa closed us with such incredible advice about tackling a project from start to finish. She encouraged us to make a plan and schedule the different tasks needed to complete one project. Take things one task at a time until your project is complete. Be sure to give yourself plenty of GRACE as you tackle what is ahead of you. Sometimes life gets in the way of completing something, but then you can jump right back in taking on the next task on your list.

As I said, I didn’t want to keep you long. Be sure to stop by Glynnis’ blog for today’s encouragement and “home” work.

Next week, we are OFF! You can use that time to catch-up, begin or complete one project. You can also read ahead if you’d like…don’t worry, I won’t tell the teacher ;)!

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy this little break and we’ll see you again on Sunday the 22nd. God bless!

Final Thought…

Sometimes, getting organized means stopping everything we’re doing and rest in Him.

15 thoughts on “We have come to the end…of Week 6!

  1. I was unable to listen to the conference call until yesterday…it was filled with wonderful, wonderful tips!! I especially loved what was said about having a back up plan for interruptions. That was so me this week…I am so thankful I listened to the call yesterday because I was able to give myself grace because I was “interrupted” and started to get down on myself because it took me longer to do some things I was working on. Sometimes interruptions are necessary, ESPECIALLY if they are people. I believe satan has enticed us ladies to be so busy, and then we don’t want to allow these interruptions. Philippians 2:4 Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others.

    Thank you, Heather, for sharing with us. You are such a blessing!! 😀


  2. Thanks so much for taking over this week and thanks for your comments during the call. I’m so glad that next week is our week off, since I’m going to be away for most of it. My husband takes his laptop everywhere, so I knew I’d be able to read the blogs, etc., but I was afraid I would get further behind in implementation than I already am. I know —as Melissa says, grace—grace—grace and time—time—time. What a great experience this has been! Catch you on the 22nd.


    1. Yes indeed, grace.grace.grace! Remember, you don’t have to get them all done at one time. Pick your favorite projects, or the ones you want to start first, then plan out how you want to get them done. You can do it girl!


  3. Yay technology! Thankful for being able to download and listen to the conference call from Monday! AMAZING CALL! Thank you ladies so very much!!!!! Melissa, thank you for sharing about when you were nervous when spending quiet time with Jesus, I’ve been struggling with that myself. I’m beginning to feel the ease of being in His Presence and it really is becoming a friendship and not a “to-do-ship”. Heather and Melissa, thank you for the reminder that this is an individual experience and flexible to our needs, sometimes it is hard to keep it simple in mind and heart. Also for the great reminder tips for prayer! Angie, thanks for the great organizational tips, I’m going to start coding my list. I know I will be going back to this call again and again… thank you! God Bless!


    1. I just love the conference call’s Melissa organizes for us, I can hardly wait until the calls for Unglued!! Being able to download them so that we can listen over and over. I am thrilled that you enjoyed the call from Monday!


  4. hi there, THANK YOU, heather, so much for sharing what was covered on monday’s conference call! i haven’t been able to take part in them so i am throwing you kisses–mwah! mwah! i love your idea about taking pics of the grocery store aisles. y’know, sometimes between juggling the coupons and making sure i have each item needed for a ‘deal’ and attempting to be Jesus to the grumpy fellow shoppers, if i didn’t have my list…well, we’d be taking lots home that we do not need to! so thanks for that “techie” hint. and all those notes about quiet/devotional time…just lovely!
    we SO appreciate you showing your love towards melissa and taking care of us this week. may God bless your heart big-time! ❤


    1. I just shared a few tidbits from Monday’s call, but we covered so much more! You can always visit the P31 Shop and purchase the entire series for only $14.

      I definitely love how Melissa leads these studies! She truly is a gift to thousands of women! I’m glad I could give her a break while she works hard preparing for She Speaks :D.


  5. Thanks so much, Heather! I’ve been soaking in all the info from the study and just this week started doing some physical organizing in my home and it feels GOOD 🙂 I love every chapter, the community, and the calls. I missed the first part of the call Monday so need to download that…can you tell me where to go and how to do that? Thanks! Shelly 🙂


  6. Looking forward to a week off! A lot to digest…just going to marinate in what the Lord is showing me to implement from the study….let the Holy Spirit counsel me on who, what, where, when& how. Been going around this mountain long enough! Enjoyed your direction, god bless.


  7. Thanks so much for helping Melissa out this week. I appreciate you girls so much! I love Glynnis’ book and this study. I really need it. I made some progress cleaning out files yesterday and have plans in my head for organizing my quilting area. Those plans actually including getting rid of some things. Oh my, did I just say that??? :). I also unsubscribed from some newsletters and will be deleting more of them. My inbox is soooo cluttered. Thank you so much. May God bless your ministry in a big way.


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