30 Minute Challenge

****Updated August 5, 2013****

All quotes are from Glynnis Whitwer’s book I Used to Be So Organized.

Setting Reasonable Expectations for Yourself.

When I read the title of this chapter my heart immediately perked up and said, “Uh, Oh…I think this one is going to be a dozy for us, Heather. You got your highlighter ready? Good…let’s do this!”

Sure enough, as I read each page God was speaking His Truth straight into my heart and my heart responded with, “Ok, God…I think I’m actually hearing You this time.”

Glynnis shared how her priorities changed with the birth of her three sons. I empathized with her as she recounted how, even with her three sons, she kept the same expectations on herself. This hit home for me…

I am now 13 weeks pregnant and let me tell you that first trimester had me WIPED OUT! I would get home and promptly fall asleep for a few hours, wake-up, eat, and go right back to bed. Despite my exhaustion, I still wanted to do everything I was used to doing. I felt horrible guilt for having to disappear into the bedroom again and again to sleep, not being able to spend that time with my husband. Night after night, my hubby would have to be the one cooking diner {though truth be told, he cooks more than I do anyway}. Laundry got pushed aside…longer than usual. Even without kids, our home started to get a little messier each day. Mind you my husband has never complained and he always helps around the house, but after a day of working on boats in the Florida sun, he’s exhausted when he comes home too!

In addition to that, I used to get up each day between 6:30-7:00am to start my TAPP {Quiet Time} with God before having to be at work by 9:00am. And believe me, I would keep going until 8:45am before rushing to get dressed and run out the door…luckily I work literally five minutes from work. Once again…with my exhaustion, I could not peel myself out of bed to save my life by 8:45am, let alone spend the same quality time with God as I had. And once again I felt such horrible guilt for not having that time with Him. He graciously reminded me over and over that I was already busy and what I was doing was very important. The expectation to get up early each day was one I had placed on myself. Regardless…I missed that time with Him…

My hormones um…heart would flip-flop between feeling guilty and simply not caring, letting my pregnancy be my excuse for not putting my dish in the dishwasher instead of leaving it in the living room or missing my Quiet Time completely.

I wondered if this was what it would be like for my whole pregnancy…something had to give…

“There may be nothing you can change about your situation, but you can change your expectations.” pg 57

My husband didn’t expect me to keep up with everything and take care of our very demanding child. He never made me feel guilty for letting things slide around the house and if he sensed that I was tired but just stayed around for his sake, he’d tell me to go get some sleep, give me a hug, and send me away. In the mornings, I’ll come out to find a plate of eggs or other breakfast item for me to eat. I had to change my expectations of myself to fit my new situation…the same went for my time with God.

“You can delegate responsibility for many areas of your life…But you can’t delegate responsibility for your faith or your health.” pg 57

Needless to say, getting up at 6:30am wasn’t an option for me and in the evenings I wanted to spend time with my husband {for what little time I was actually awake}. Now in the mornings, I stay in bed and read my devotions, pray, and/or read a chapter from the Bible. I don’t journal like I had been. Remember the Scripture index card from yesterday? It’s one more way to spend time with Him all day and is an opportunity to be filled with His presence. In a little bit I’ll talk about our 30 Minute Challenge, but that’s another way I have been able to spend time with Him, not as long as I am used to, but still giving that time solely to being with God. Glynnis gives us a great list of suggestions for time with God on pages 58-59 which I’m not going to list here, but I hope you will take a look.

She continues, by encouraging us to take care of ourselves physically well. Eating healthy {hiding my chocolate frosty from Wendys}, getting enough sleep, and exercise. Those all make perfect sense, but what wasn’t on my radar was setting aside time to think! I had to read that section twice. It’s only a page, but it’s not something that I would have thought of doing!

In the midst of our crazy, over-scheduled, running-on-empty, and overwhelming lives God invites us to rest in Him. I can’t help but return to the quote from Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life that Glynnis references in Chapter Three which says:

“If you can’t get it all done, it means you’re trying to do more than God intended for you to do.” pg 39

For me, this has more to do with how much I expect of myself while being pregnant, while for someone else, it may mean that you are saying “yes” when “no” is required or there is another life change that requires you to shift your personal expectations. Regardless of the specifics, Glynnis leaves us with a wonderful message of hope, a message she had to learn, and is passing on to us, her sisters in Christ…

“I wish someone had told me that God would not forget me, that I was right where he wanted me to be and that I should relax, accept my new normal, and see the opportunities he had placed in front of me.” pg63

God has not forgotten you…that is impossible. He created you and not only knows you by name, but cares about what is happening in your life. Take some time, ask God to help you see what, if any, expectations you have placed on yourself need to be adjusted.

“Life has changed. Demands have changed. You have changed. God hasn’t. His promise and vision for you is intact. Rest in that truth.” pg 64

30 Minute Challenge

This “challenge” is very simple and I have found it to be a HUGE help when setting expectations for myself that are reasonable.

I am one of those people who either gets super focused on a task or hopelessly distracted.

Oooo, something SHINY!


I have a simple way I help keep myself focused when I’m at work or at home and I have a list of tasks ahead of me. This is something I started only a week ago, but my productivity has just gone through the roof!

First, I make a list of what it is I want need to do, in whatever order I happen to remember! I usually have a “main” task with a few other “little” tasks that go along with that main one. Here’s my work list from Tuesday:

My home list may include:

  • Quiet Time with God.
  • Cleaning both bathrooms: wipe down the counters, clean the mirrors, put cleaner in the toilet and scrub them, and shake out the rugs outside.
  • Washing dishes or emptying the dishwasher {whichever needs to happen}.
  • Pay bills.
  • Write thank you cards or other notes.
  • Call family members.
  • Sweep/mop.

Second, I grab my timer, which is conveniently on my phone and set it for 30 minutes.

Third, I pick a “main” task, press start on my timer, and get going. It’s that simple. When I finish a task, I have the satisfaction of crossing it off and yes, if I accomplish something that isn’t on my list, I write it down just so I can cross it off.

There are four simple rules that I have given myself for this challenge.

  1. During those 30 minutes, I can’t work on anything else {if my work phone rings, I of course answer it}, but there’s no checking my email, Facebook, Twitter, or anything else while I’m working on that single set of tasks.
  2. At the end of the day, I keep that list and use it to start my list for the next day. Sometimes I will start fresh, but mostly I use my list from the day before to get me started.
  3. After 30 minutes I take a quick break to see how I’m doing, walk away from my desk, get a drink of water, maybe a little snack, or dash to the restroom with my Scripture card. {This is especially helpful for me since I’m preggers and I need to do those things anyway.} After my quick break, I may return to the same task or decide it’s time to move on to the next one. I do schedule a 30 minute slot to check email, Facebook, Twitter, and other things too, but I have to be careful not to overstay my time on those!
  4. Lastly…NO GUILTY FEELINGS! {Not always easy, especially if I feel like I wasn’t as productive as I could have been.} However, I’m not allowed to feel guilty if I don’t complete everything I’ve set myself up to accomplish. Often times, I will remember more than I can possibly do in just one day or other important things will happen that interrupt my momentum! {Like yesterday morning when I ended up having to chase this guy out of our Conference Room {seriously}. Or when a volunteer needed some guidance on her VBS station.} Plus, some of the items on my list may end up taking more than 30 minutes.

Setting my timer and getting to my tasks has really helped me set reasonable expectations for my time, energy, and to-do list. I hope it will help you as well!

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58 thoughts on “30 Minute Challenge

  1. Oh Heather, you just wait! When that precious baby arrives soooo many things are going to get pushed aside, lol! I had the same problem. I was so sick with morning sickness throughout my whole pregnancy that I couldn’t do much and slowly but surely my sparkling house became less and less sparkly but little did I know that was God’s way of preparing me for when I had to take care of baby girl’s needs instead of rinsing that dish. And even now 9 months later I still find it hard to get much done while she’s awake.


  2. If I blogged, I’d have a column like yours on the side that says, “When They Write, I Read” because you’d definitely see your smiling face there 🙂 Thank you yet again for timeless wisdom. I love the 30 minute challenge. I can think of many ways to use it! Sweet dreams to you on your next guilt free nap 🙂 xoxo


  3. I love the idea of your 30 minute challenge. I’m not sure, though, how to incorporate it into my day. With three kids at home (ages 10, 7 and 4) I know my 30 minutes would be constantly interrupted. I always have a to-do list made for the day so I’d love to be able to tackle it in a productive way like the 30 minute time slots.


    1. I’m not sure if this would help at all, but could you include your kids in those 30 minutes somehow? Perhaps while you do one thing, your kids do something specific during that same time. I don’t know your children, so I really don’t have any 30 min suggestions for them. Maybe something like these though…

      ~ Color
      ~ Read
      ~ Play a game together
      ~ Play with shaving cream, play-dough, decorate sugar cookies, or some other activity at the table {cover with a plastic table cloth if needed}
      ~ Do a puzzle, if they get it easily challenge them to put it together upside down {when they can’t see the picture}
      ~ Watch a VeggieTales video or NEST {NEST has wonderful Bible Story DVDs, they come with a GREAT activity book, AND they have an interactive “quiz” they can take after the video is over to see what they remember. Your 10yr old, I would think, could lead the other two in the quiz part.}

      I hope these help a little…

      Do any other mommies out there have suggestions for keeping children of multiple age groups active for 30 minutes? I know for younger children, you may need to provide two 15 minute activities instead.


      1. My kids (14, 12 and 3) are limited to an hour a day of video games. When one plays, they all tend to watch and help each other out. For me that would be a perfect time to set my timer. Other suggestions would be story/reading time. Split it up into 15 minutes sessions and have one of the older children read to the younger for 15 minutes then switch. Like Heather said, enlist their help. The four year old can help by matching socks, folding wash cloths and kitchen towels. When cleaning make it a game. Give each kid a small basket or box, set the timer and have them go through a room and pick up everything of theirs that is out of place and put it in the box. When the timer goes off set another and race to see who can beat the timer putting the items away. Have a few special toys that only come out when mommy has her timer going. Maybe some playdough that only comes out when you have to make phone calls. With the 10 and 7 year old explain to them what you are doing and that during that 30 minute time they should only interrupt if it is an emergency. At those ages they should understand. Remember that we are leading by example and the patterns of organization, and respect you are establishing now are those that will remain with them for years to come. My only other suggestions would be to try to find a time slot everyday where you can say to each one of them, “Okay, this is YOUR time with mommy today, what do you want to do?” I was once told that we didn’t get to where we are in a day, don’t expect to get to where we want to be in a day either. In other words, take it one day at a time and as Heather said, “No guilty feelings!”


  4. Heather, you always have such a practical look at situations and I love how you don’t beat yourself up about needing more rest at this point in your life. God knows exactly where you are and He is well please with you. Loving your site.


  5. Hi Heather! I’m so glad U posted this. Just found out we are pregnant after our first 2 chapters and the exhaustionhas kicked in!! We have 3 other wonderful gifts and they keep me busy too! But ive been feeling guilty of course since I’m falling behind on everything! Love your words!! 🙂 god bless!!


    1. How exciting Nadia!! Congratulations!! I have been blessed by an INCREDIBLE staff who encourages me when they can tell I’m a bit wiped out. Praying you let yourself get the rest your body needs, after all you are HARD at work girl!! I don’t know how moms can be pregnant and have other kids to chase around too, I can’t image the dynamic that adds to trying to rest up! best wishes and I hope you are getting plenty of help from your hubby, friends, and family as you go through the uber tired time! 😀


  6. using a timer is a great idea – i actually have 3 in my house (to cook, to take a nap, and to take a bath); however – i never think to do that when on the computer, trying to multitask and clean 3 areas at once,…I need to use my timers in another way – thanks!


  7. Chapter 5 hit home with me b/c when I had my child, which is 4 now, I would go to the store expecting to be able to shop as I once did but at times leaving the store with nothing I planned on getting because my little precious child was not cooperating. I was frustrated and even today I never looked at why until reading this chapter. I didn’t change my expectations on my life after my marriage or having my child..I expected my house to stay clean and my life to be just like it was. This chapter took me back to reality.


  8. Until I read your post today about how being pregnant has changed your situation, which then should change your priorities, I hadn’t thought about how my having fibromyalgia has changed my situation. I’ve thought about each of my 4 children (and their differen phases) have changed my situation, how my divorce and being remarried has changed my situation, how going back to work and then switching to working from home 3 days a week have changed my situation, but until today I hadn’t thought about how this diagnosis had really changed my situation. When I have a flare up (as I am currently am experiencing), I cannot accomplish the same number of tasks. My body aches all over, I can’t exercise as much, I need to stop and rest more often. And yet I let myself feel guilty that I can’t do as much as I can when I am NOT having a flare up and functioning “normally” (Are any of us ever normal???). I need to learn to adjust my expectations of myself and my abilities when my health changes.
    This chapter really hit home for me as well, since I still expect my house to be organized. I have 4 children and one of them is a spirited 2 year old boy. NOTHING is ever clean unless I clean while they are all sleeping and then get up before they do and look again at what I cleaned the night before. This cycle of cleaning just for my children to demolish my efforts only minutes (sometimes seconds) later is is huge source of stress and anxiety for me. I didn’t grow up in an immaculate home. So why do I hold myself to that standard?


    1. Thank you for sharing girl! Please do not chastise yourself for not having an “immaculate” home. Remember our memory verse 🙂 God looks at your heart girl. Thank you for sharing how it’s not only children that can change your situation but your health. Give yourself grace because God does. When He looks at your situation, He looks at how much you love your sons and take care of the woman that He has called you to be. Shake off man’s standards and listen to God. Find peace in Him and know that you have one of the greatest gifts-to nurture your children! I believe in you girl!


    2. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this Mommaski :D! It’s so true! Many things in our lives require us to change the expectations on ourselves. My step-father has FM and I remember days where he couldn’t even leave the bedroom because his pain was so bad. Often he would still push himself to do what he was used to, but I imagine that would only make him feel worse! I am glad to hear that this chapter has opened your heart to see that when you’re not feeling up to par because your FM is flaring up, you don’t need to feel guilty for NOT getting “everything” done that you set out to accomplish. Rejoice in what you can do, praise God for every victory :D!


  9. Heather,
    Thanks for filling in this week. I’ve enjoyed all you’ve had to share. I to make a list but I absolutely love the 30 min. timing. I have a few projects to do and can’t wait to try this out. Thanks Sharon


  10. Absolutely amazing ~ I love the 30 min idea ~ So much in Chapter 5 stood out to me and I’m going to implement some. I loved being thankful for five things each day. Drinking water (I use to be really good at this) and reading the Bible before bed. Have a marvelous day


  11. Hi Heather, I appreciate what you had to say. I have an extensive to-do list on my Cozi calendar on my pc, but it seems I just keep moving things to the next day and not actually getting them done. I’m going to try your approach – write it down on paper, set a timer, actually do what I need to, feel good about what I accomplished. Thanks again for the practical advice!! I’m going to subscribe to your blog. Congrats on the baby!


  12. I just laughed when I read this “Oooo, something SHINY!”. I am so easily distracted also! I find a timer very helpful as well, particularly for those elephant sized tasks. Too big to do so I would never get started otherwise, but 15 minutes or half an hour at a time on the timer and it disappears in no time at all.


  13. What a great idea. If 30 minutes is too much time, I guess we could always adapt the time, such as 15 minutes. I’ve done that before where if I clean for 15 minutes I get 5 minutes on facebook. Positive reinforcement helps, ha ha.


  14. Heather! Your posts have been amazing all week! Thank you so much for blessing us with your insight and wisdom. Girl! Each one of those quotations has jumped out at me through the pages of this book. Since I don’t have children, I can’t say that any precious munchkins have caused me the guilt that has occupied most of my life over an incomplete to-do list. Instead, it’s the move I didn’t expect or the relationship that I should have steered clear from or the health crisis that left me saying “How did I get here?” But, it’s so reassuring that God is there.

    I must admit there have been many times that my circumstances nearly broke me. However, I am so grateful to you for sharing your story and for Glynnis’s words at this time in my life. First of all, the memory verse for this week stands out in my head. God knows my heart and it doesn’t matter what my life may look like to others. We can all serve God even in our weakest moments. However, I have realized this week that I need to be more prayerful about what God has entrusted to me-my faith, my health, and being the best I can be for Him NOT others. Often, when others tear me down, I begin to change my expectations and my To-Do list around their “kindly” advice. In the meantime, I feel as if I’m on a hampster wheel and not achieving anything. However, what I give to Him, noone can take away. My purpose, my joy, my peace, my day-He begins to order my steps and things begin to make sense again! And, I am able to serve and love according to His standards not my own.

    Thank you for the 30 minute challenge. I’m so glad I’m not alone-Like you, I’m either hyperfocused or distracted to the point of having to make a To-Do list to find the other To-Do list. I think the most important thing I have learned is that God knows and sees our hearts. He knows when our health is sub-par. He wants us to rest in the fact that His glory can be revealed even when we feel at our weakest. However, He wants us to realize that we can not glorify Him while living with guilt. He wants us to feel free with the knowledge that we can have peace because there is no circumstance too difficult for Him. We need only be prayerful and “do” what He has entrusted us to do that day as effectively as we can. To be honest with ourselves and with others but most importantly with Him.

    Love you girl! Thanks again for an awesome message and application!


    1. I just LOVE what you said there, “He wants us to realize that we can not glorify Him while living with guilt.” That is so true! He may convict our heart for a change, but does not condemn, those are two completely different things. Love you girl!


  15. Heather,
    Thanks so much for this! Love the 30 minute idea! Going to start using this at home.

    I remember my first trimester very vividly, naps I took at work (thank heavens for a great employer) and the ones I took as soon as I got home. (Unfortunately, I also remember the 24 hour morning sickness…). I had no idea a little one could take so much of me! Little did I know how much more he would take after he was born! It’s been a fantastic roller coaster ride!

    My precious boy is 9 years old this Saturday, I can hardly believe it! He has brought us such joy and laughter! I don’t know how qualified I am to give advice, but here’s a little bit: The time will pass quickly – enjoy it, and when you’re not enjoying it, remember “this, too, shall pass.”

    Also, people will ask you almost immediately if the baby is sleeping through the night – you know what? They’re not supposed to! I had all the energy I needed for those middle of the night feedings – not sure if it was from the nursing and my body adjusting, or just God giving me a break. Maybe both! But He has made our bodies perfectly to do what needs to be done as long as we take care of ourselves!

    Take care, sweet sister, and good luck with your little one!
    Kelley V


  16. I feel my situation differs from many in this study due to my stage of life. I am a retired English teacher, a widow, and have serious health issues. I can recall those busy days with young children in the house. But now my children are grown with children of their own. My greatest challenge is a lack of activity. I struggle to determine what my life should look like in God’s plan and purpose. Thank you for the 30 min challenge concept. Several tasks ha e waited weeks for my attention. Praying this will give me the jump start I need. Recognized and appreciated all of the quotes you shared. a related portion that you didn’t include spoke strongly to me: “I was worried and anxious because I couldn’t get my old life back” (63). We must focus forward and accept the changes in our lives. I realize my energy has been misdirected and intend to press forward and upward (Phil. 3:13-14). Thank you Glynnis and thank you Heather.


    1. When I talk to my youth about what they want to do when they grow up, a common answer is, “I don’t know.” In turn I tell them they may not know because they haven’t had a chance to TRY something that will turn out to be their passion. I feel this can help you too. Each week or month even try something completely new, something you’ve never tried before. You never know what you might discover as your new passion in life! I’m not sure what limitations your health gives you, but perhaps some of these ideas might help…

      ~ Volunteer to read stories to kids in daycare, a few times a week.
      ~ Visit a soup kitchen and help cook, clean, or whatever!
      ~ During the school year, become a mentor.
      ~ Learn to play an instrument.
      ~ Join a prayer shawl ministry or quilting ministry.
      ~ Some churches even have a ministry where they write books in braille!
      ~ Take a class for painting, acting, sculpture, photography, writing, anything!
      ~ Write a children’s book and make the illustrations yourself, just for the fun of it!
      ~ Buy a cookbook and try every recipe {Ever see Julie and Julia?}
      ~ Volunteer help single moms go grocery shopping; you could go with them, watch the kids {during nap time is helpful}, or go to the store for them.

      Sometimes we find God’s purpose for our lives by trying something completely new :D. Blessings sister!


      1. Thank you so much for the wonderful suggestions Heather. I have been on a new drug for two weeks, a hormone blocker. It has really messed with my thought process and put a big crimp in my productivity. Both results frustrate me. I like the idea of trying something completely new. Dr. suggested moving the medication to bedtime. Hoping to perk up my mind and my days. Bless you and thanks again.


    2. Dear Deanne, I too am in a different stage of life than most in the study. I am 57 and married only 4 years to my first (and Last LOL) husband, I never quite know how to say that without it sounding like there is a line of other men waiting to be my husband) anyway…. I am living in my husbands house that he shared with his wife and three children for 27 years. His wife passed away 4 years before I met him online. His children are all grown up now, one is living in CA while the other two are living in the house with us. going from being 54 and single all my life to an automatic family in one fell swoop has been challenging like nothing I have ever encountered. BUT…. I love them all and KNOW I am here for a special purpose of God. He has shown me the plan in many ways. I am loving the wisdom in this book and from the blogs. My biggest challenge is the fact that I am living in a house with three adult males that have not learned how to pick up after themselves and some days it drives me to DISTRACTION. So I need to get my priorities straight and right now that has to be that I connect with my heavenly Father every morning to stay focused. This study is helping me get back to this basic fact….. God is so gentle with me…..AMEN?


      1. I am 68, with three grown kids and three grandkids. I was a widow after a 44 yr long marriage to a pastor. I have been remarried over a year to a man, also a widower like your husband. I am living in his house also. His kids are of course grown, and none live with us although one son lives next door. I am a child of the suburbs married to a steady, hardworking Daniel Boone type. He seldom wipes his feet either. We have a wood stove which provides most of our heat in the winter and smells great but makes a mess. I came with one cat to add to his four, who have never heard the word “no” and shed A LOT. They are sweet but messy. I too have found that my first priority is to organize my prayer life. I have always been so concerned about how my house looks: it seems God has quite a sense of humor LOLOL!

        I will pray for you if you will pray for me.



  17. Thank you again Heather. It is a wonderful suggestion. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Many blessings to you and your family.


  18. This is my third time for starting to not just read but study ‘To-Do’ the diet plan as outlined in Dr. Oz’s ‘You On A Diet.’ I’m on the introduction and still stuck on the term ‘elegance’. He says we’re going to lose weight with elegance and I’ve no idea what that means. I’ve already spent a couple months on this and pretty much drove my family nuts until they said ‘enough on elegance already’! Just Do It!


      1. Yes that was encouraging. It is very important to successfully eliminate the waste, especially from the body. I have my own successfull stories of doing the paper work and being left in the dark. Of having no place to go but here and some guy dressed like a devil is saying …you can’t do that here… so what if he was the pastor, he still looked like a devil to me and we’re taught not to listen to devils. Yeppers, I successfully started a huge clean up campaign at that place!


  19. i have heard about the “timer method”, but no-one ever wrote about what it was like to actually DO it. Your message also had lots of details which answer the questions I have before I’ve actually asked them. I made myself a long “to-do” list on Monday and I was still working on it, without using the timer, but chipping away at it. I was feeling guilty that,on Thursday, I still had not gotten more done, so this message was timely indeed! Thank you so much for today’s message. Can’t wait to try it! Of course I want to subscribe to your blog! After what you have given us this week, who wouldn’t?


    1. I’m sooooo glad my details helped you! I tend to give a MILLION details when I write, in the hopes of answering questions before they even pop up. Best of luck getting your to-do list done and REJOICING in what you have accomplished 😀


      1. Well, after an extremely busy week, I finally got to try the 30-minute challenge and I LOVE IT! I never realized how much I could do in 30 minutes! Thanks so much!


  20. Just for the record, I am generally not such a wet blanket. I was a single mom of three for 14-1/2 years, and we have many special memories. With God’s help and some great grandparents, I was blessed to have three wonderful young adults at the end of the process. I am also blessed with two wonderful grandchildren and expecting another in the fall, all girls. The busiest times are often the most precious looking back.


  21. This has been my favorite post so far! I should really try the timer method. I’m so easily distracted, but I think that there is a timer on my phone.

    I shared my thoughts about expectations with my small group, but thought some may understand it here as well. I hold myself to VERY HIGH expectations. They haven’t changed, but they need to be tweaked. I acquired cerebral palsy the day I was born. In the last eight years, I have been diagnosed with epilepsy, a mood disorder, and PTSD (from a hurricane). I went from being a A student to not being able to complete a class. My life changed. My attitude didn’t. I still held my standards, even though I couldn’t complete tasks for daily living. I need to make the adjustments, but for some reason I think if I give into this ‘stuff’, I’ll somehow be less than the person I could be.




  22. Heather, I LOVE this 30 minute idea. I have my to do list but get so sidetracked when I start something. (I’m with you – Ohhh – something shiny!!) I think setting a timer for 30 minutes and not letting myself get sidetracked will help a lot. I’m going to try this at work! Thank you! BTW: Congratulations on your pregnancy – what an exciting time in your lives! Blessings to you and your husband (and baby!)!


  23. Thank-you, Heather, for such a practical way to tackle the dreaded to-do list! I’ll be trying it out starting tomorrow morning…um, haha, after some quiet time with God of course! 🙂


  24. I love the 30 minute idea. Often I look around, see so much to do, and just sit back down in my chair to facebook, etc… it can be so overwhelming… I will be trying the 30 minute idea over the weekend – for the whole family (my kids are teens, so they can do this too!)


  25. Heather…I loved your idea and I don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner…I am totally a list sort of girl! I have had all these things rattling around in my head and when I made my list, I was shocked at how long it had gotten without me realizing just how many things were actually rattling in there!! Anyhow, I got a bunch done and I knew right from the start that there were too many things to do in one day, but I am surprised at how many did get done and I will continue on with it today. I hope you had a great nap yesterday…guilt-free! Growing a baby is a lot of work! 🙂


  26. I do a similar thing…when I cross off X number of things I get to spend 10 minutes doing something I love / want to do; read a book, catch up in FB or twitter. I set my timer for the break and then hit the list again. Makes getting things done at home easier…but it’s easy to hit “snooze” on my breaks!


  27. I love your 30 minute challenge, Heather. As I read your list from Tuesday, that could have been my own list 10 years ago! 😀

    I had to reread Chapter 5 and your post again this morning, and I am EXTREMELY thankful I did. I have always been a list gal, but with our house all torn-up from painting, I’m a little overwhelmed on just where to start: I had finished my kitchen and was in the process of reorganizing my kitchen when my hubby kind of came in and “took over” my painting project. Now, I’m NOT complaining that he did, because I am VERY thankful he did…but now I’ve got 4 rooms in disarray, and not sure where to start. I’m trying your 30 minute challenge with today’s list, because tomorrow we finish painting the last 3 walls.


  28. Heather — You did an amazing job this week — THANK YOU!!! 🙂 LOVE the way you are so transparent!! Very encouraging!! 😉 Your thirty minute challenge is a super idea. God showed me earlier this week just what I can get done in a minute. I put my coffee in the microwave to heat it up — hit the one minute button and decided to be productive while my coffee was heating. Sounds silly, but I was quite surprised at what I was able to accomplish!!! (I can’t wait to see what God will guide me to get done in thirty 😉 Have a great weekend!!


  29. Dear Heather, thank you so much for the thoughtful blogs this week and your transparency about how this study is impacting your world. 🙂 As you are growing a whole new person inside of you, remember that it’s a gift and a miracle to behold! God is orchestrating the entire knitting together of one of His precious children with your help — that’s BIG work and it will take BIG energy from your physical/emotional/spiritual being to assist Him. Be open to the lessons He’s teaching you along the way during this special time, as He’s preparing you to become an awesome Mom. In the last trimester, He’ll show you that you actually CAN function on interrupted sleep and it’s not so terrible after all. 🙂 So excited for your journey…and praying for your strength, peace, rest and joy….


  30. In chapter 5, Glynnis has some questions for us to think about – i’m struggling with the one quesiton about “what are your inner motivations for your emotional responses.”….anyone have any insight into have one begins to think of answers for that? Thank you!


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