My New Vue

****Updated Post: August 5th, 2013****

A few years ago my husband and I decided it was time to trade in my little red bean; a Ford Focus two-door hatchback. You see we wanted to start a family. I didn’t want to deal with a baby carrier and my little two-door, while my husband wanted something a little…sturdier to protect his family {ain’t he sweet?}. We ended up at the dealership one evening and settled on a 2007 Saturn Vue; which my youth have nicknamed the “green machine”. It was automatic…which I don’t care for, but it had decent gas mileage and was MUCH safer than my little Ford. Papers were signed and we drove it off the lot.

I was so excited about my “new” car! I’d never seen one on the road and I liked the green. The next day I drove around in my shiny Saturn and that’s when I noticed them…there were other Saturn Vues on the road! Mind you, before we bought ours, I’d never even seen a Vue! Nevertheless, there they were in black, blue, and even in the same shade of green as mine {no I didn’t think I had the only green one}.

I thought to myself, “Where did they all come from? And why are they showing up now?” That’s when it occurred to me…

They had always been there…but I’d never looked for them.

I noticed them because my mind was on my new car, so naturally the other Vues on the road caught my attention immediately.

In LysaTerKeurst’s new devotional What Happens When a Woman Says Yes to God, she reminds us of what Paul shares with us in Romans 8:5, “Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires.”

There are so many times when we try to confine God to a specific time of day. We get in our hearts that He lives in our Quiet Time area or in the pew we sit in at church. He becomes something to check off our ever mounting to-do list.

Quiet Time…Check!

Went to Church… Check!

Prayed before meals…Check!

When we’re done spending time with Him, we pack up our things and move on down the list, but we forget one fundamental characteristic of God.

He is omnipresent. This is a fancy way of saying, He’s everywhere at all times!

When we look for Him throughout the day we will see Him. Does that mean He’s showing up more often or that until that point He’d been hanging out in His garage? No. We’ll see Him more often throughout the day simply because we have made ourselves more aware of His active presence in our lives.

There is a little prayer that I read in Wendy Blight’s book Hidden Joy…she got the idea from Beth Moore. I have written on an index card and have it taped on my wall above  my desk.

“Lord, make it my deepest desire to seek You daily, and may my seeking You grow stronger as You reveal Yourself to me. Amen.” Hidden Joy by Wendy Blight pg 111

I encourage you to get a new “view” of God by looking for Him throughout your entire day. In the grocery store, sitting in traffic or car line, at the movies, sitting at home with your family, at work, or anywhere you find yourself.

Write this prayer on a few index cards so that you are reminded to look for Him every time you turn around. You could even reword this prayer and make it your own. When we are able to see God a bit more clearly…it makes it a whole lot easier to see ourselves through His eyes.

15 thoughts on “My New Vue

  1. I am in LOVE with this post… The Vue analogy makes so much sense! Yes, I’ll be seeking Him like treasure. Thank you beautiful Heather!!! Xoxo


  2. Heather, what a wonderufl prayer and thought-provoking words today. Thanks so much for breathing His life so beautifully. Hugs!


  3. This is amazing! The Lord has been speaking this to me as well. I drive a bus for a living and have a three hour wait every other day of the week. i usually take this time to read pray and listen to praise music and enjoy the fellowship with the Lord. But when I leave that place I feel that I am alone …..even though I know better. The Lord has been speaking to me that He really is beside me every minute of the day. He is there and WANTS to be there involved in my day to day life. I have realized today that I have checked time with him off so that I could move on with my day. Oh Lord Help me! Maybe thats why I am tired and overcome with indecision . So praise God when i get up from my laptop today He will GO WITH ME!!!!! Thank you so much for the reminder!


  4. Thanks for posting this today. I wrote the prayer down and will carry it with me every where I go. I am also beginning to ask What Would Jesus Do? When I have something that comes up.


  5. Wow….so true. I reallyyyyyyyyyy needed to hear this Heather. Thank you for stepping in this week to lead us. I am extremely thankful and blessed for these online Bible studies and for all of you precious women who take time out of your own lives to share your experiences with us and help lead us all on these amazing journeys. Hugs 🙂


  6. Heather~ your post really made me think of how I can be guilty at times of confining God to specific times of the day. Being aware of His presence throughout my entire day has been a goal of mine. Thanks for sharing that prayer, I am definitely going to use it!


  7. I definitely “get” the open your heart to God and listen for Him all day. Now I just need to practice it. This very action is what is being spoken to my heart this week. Be blessed sister.


    1. One simple way to put it into action is to think of an object or characteristic of God look for each day or a week.

      For instance, you could look for hearts and let that remind you of God’s love. Each time you see one, say a little prayer thanking Him for His unconditional love. You might be surprised where a random heart may appear! A crack on a wall, a stone on the sidewalk, or even a water stain on a desk. He’ll show up in the sweetest little spaces just bc He wants to connect with you!


  8. Heather:
    Thank you for reminding us that when we are so consumed with our own details, that we do not see others who have the same issues, until we say “Yes God” and become the “radically obedient woman” (Lysa Terkeurst).


  9. Don’t you love God’s sense of humor!?! Using a Vue to change your view to see more of Him. 🙂

    It also reminded me of Brandon Heath’s song, “Give Me Your Eyes”

    “Give me Your eyes for just one second
    Give me Your eyes so I can see
    Everything that I keep missing
    Give me Your love for humanity
    Give me Your arms for the broken-hearted
    The ones that are far beyond my reach
    Give me Your heart for the ones forgotten
    Give me Your eyes so I can see…”


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