Leap of Faith…

How many of you have ever been on a boat when the wind and the waves have kicked up? Have you ever tried to “step out”? It’s not as easy as it sounds! Peter couldn’t have simply stepped out of the boat, not with the waves rocking it the way they were and the wind fighting against the sails. When Christ called him to “Come,” v.29 Peter would’ve had to brace himself, grasp the side of the vessel, and swing his legs over the side, hoping a wave didn’t kick and knock him back. Talk about a LEAP OF FAITH! I can just picture him taking a breath and jumping over the side, and hitting the water. His knees bend naturally, but he stays there for just a moment, expecting to continue through the water. Then, slowly, he begins to rise, firmly standing on the water. Can you imagine that first step? One step…two…three…four…how many does he take? Press rewind for a moment…

Earlier that SAME day Jesus fed a crowd of over 5,000 men, women and children with five loaves of bread and a couple of fish. After an exhausting day of travel and teaching, Jesus needed time to be refreshed, time to be alone with His Father. He sends the Twelve to cross the Sea of Galilee ahead of Him. I’m not sure how the disciples expected their teacher to get across on His own, but I imagine their faith in Him was riding high after collecting twelve baskets full of leftovers from the five loaves and two fish! It was sometime in the later evening between 6pm-9pm when Jesus sent them on their way. As they crossed over, the wind began to pick up and fight against the boat, pushing it back toward the shoreline. Four of these men were professional fisherman, men who knew these waters better than their own home. They knew every sandbar, every shoal…and they knew just how dangerous this sea could be with it’s unpredictable squalls.

Hours and hours pasted by as they fought against the wind and the waves. “During the fourth watch of the night,” v.25, which was anytime between 3am-6am, Jesus decided it was time to catch up with His disciples. I have no doubt that Jesus, the Lord of all creation, could mange a boat on His own. Instead, Jesus takes a stroll. I can only imagine what the Twelve must have thought seeing this figure slowly approaching! They have been fighting to cross the sea for over six hours, their muscles are exhausted from the strain, the eight who know very little about sailing are doing their best to stay out of the way of the four but are desperate to help, their fear growing with the swell of each wave. Jesus speaks words of comfort and, of course, Peter is the one who steps up to the plate.

One step…two…three…wind…four….five…six…waves…s-s-seven…Peter takes His eyes off the Lord, he forgets the miracle witnessed only hours earlier. Instead, he sees the wind and the waves crashing around him, he knows the danger is real. He tries to run to Jesus, not out of faith, but consumed by fear. Each step is like he’s running into the water from the shoreline, sinking deeper and deeper until only his head is above water, calling out to Jesus, “Lord, save me!” v.30. Christ reaches down, drawing him from the depths, standing him firmly on the surface once again. As they return to the boat, the sea returns to it’s state of calmness.

What many people remember is how Peter lost sight of Jesus and sank into the water. What many people forget is that he had the courage to do the impossible. He took that leap of faith. Yes, he lost sight of Jesus as he allowed himself to be overwhelmed by the chaos surrounding him, but he started out strong. How often do we find ourselves in the same situation? We feel God calling us to do something, or He provides us with an incredible opportunity. As we step out confidently, knowing that if He is the One calling us to “Come” then there is nothing we cannot do…but…as we continue moving forward, the devil distracts us, the world around us falls into chaos or we lose sight of our goal, instead we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by things that will not help us move forward.

God has given my husband and I an incredible opportunity to be parents. Right now we are feeling confident. We are doing what we can to prepare our home for BB; while I make sure I eat, rest, and take the vitamins I need in order to give BB the healthiest start possible. I have no doubt we will both have a day {or two} where we feel completely inept as parents and wonder why God asked us to do something so impossible. On that day, we will need to call out to the Lord, asking Him to save us.

What opportunity has God been offering you? Is he calling you to write? To take on a business venture? or Is He simply calling you to set-aside time to meet with Him each day? When He calls us to action, He will equip us for the task, from start to finish.

Father, You call each of us to something we know is impossible, but with You ALL things are possible! Help us to keep our eyes fixed on You. When we feel our feet begin to slip and ourselves beginning to sink, lift us up once again. Help us to rely on the strength which comes from You, knowing our own will never be enough. Thank You for calling us to do great things, help us to trust in that call. Amen.

6 thoughts on “Leap of Faith…

  1. Heather, what wonderful words you shared today! No one said leaps of faith were easy … especially Peter. 🙂 Blessings!


    1. Thanks Donna! Silly me I didn’t bother to edit it until after I posted it…I just went back in and fixed at least a dozen errors, LOL! Got to LOVE Peter! Brash, bold, and head over heels for Jesus.


  2. In the past I’ve wondered what Moses’ first steps were like as he stepped into the Red Sea not positive that it would part. THANK YOU for this Heather. You bless me beyond measure with your wisdom balanced with your approachable, tender spirit… xoxo


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